Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

“Just drink it my daughter, you are in pain. The fire will stop as soon as you give in and stop fighting it. It’s your destiny.. ” I see red and I know my eyes are red just like that demon but I can’t help it. I grab the girls neck and my fangs pop out.

“Stop..” The girls begs but I just stare at her and smirk wickedly, “Please.” She pleads.

“I’ve pleaded all my life and yet they don’t stop..” I whisper into her ear.

“Don’t do it.” She begs me but I laugh.

“I can’t.. your blood.” I grab her head and smell the blood,” It smells so delicious! I can’t help it.”

“No..” I take a bite and the girl starts fighting me but I suck her blood and I close my eyes and a tear rolls down my cheek and the evil shadow laughs.


I can’t stop and the girl is fighting me but I can’t stop I squeeze her hard and the taste of her blood is almost like candy and fine wine. I moan.

“Finally! Feel the power!” He yells and I sucked everything out of her and I breath deeply and look up all I feel is blood dripping off my face the girl is lifeless….

“I am finally free!” He laughs and I look down and I see my hands covered in blood and see the girls face.


I wake up screaming and in pain. I look around and I start gasping for air.

“She did it didn’t she Evan…” I hear julius say to Evan.

“Yes, she did it. There is no turning back now.” He whispers sadly.

“What is happening to me?” I yell but they can’t hear me. I feel poison and darkness go into my veins and it’s destroying my insides and burning me and I can’t breath.

“Don’t fight it.. Kamaria you are going to kill yourself. Don’t find it!” I hear Evan say and I just can’t. I finally fall and everything slows down and I feel like I’m floating.

“Kam drink.” I sit up and see Evandor but I push him away.

“No! Get away from me!” My blood is burning me alive and I am in so much pain, it feels like someone is stabbing my throat with a knife and like if I haven eaten in days or drinked any water..

“Kamaria stop fighting it!” Julius comes in the room and I still see red.

“No! You lied to me! Why?” I scream and they sigh.

“Drink my blood you will feel better.” Evandor cuts his wrist and I smell it and my pupils narrow.

“We will leave you alone.” Julius and Arias walk out.

Evandor walks up to me and sits next to me but I scoot back.

“Please Kamaria, you are torturing yourself.” He hugs me and I can only smell his blood, it’s strong, it smells pure and heavenly. I want it!

“Go ahead.” He whispers and I slowly let my fans break his skin and he groans and I start sucking his blood and all these flashbacks of him hit me. I see him starring at me in the flower shop laughing with my mom, I also see me starring up at him..The crow! The cat! He’s holding me behind the cemetery, he hands me the gun.

He is sitting watching me sleep, him running to catch me, Him crying as he sees me struggling in my sleep, him fighting with Julius. His dark grey eyes filled with love, he’s always been there with me!

“Kamaria.. Stop.” I stop and look at him the burning stopped, he is just starring at me and I kiss him so passionately and he is taken so back that he literally tenses up but then he finally starts kissing me back..

We stop and he is just starring at me,”You. You’ve been taking care of me this whole time…”

“You saw all that? No wonder you wouldn’t stop.” He smiles big.

“Why?” My question throws him off.

“You don’t remember anything?” He asks carefully.

“Remember what?”

“Do you feel different?” He stands up and cleans his neck up and hands me a towel so I can clean up my face.

“Why can’t she remember anything? Julius said her memories would come back as soon as she woke up….” I hear him say but I look up to him and he isn’t moving his lips..

“**** what is going on?” Am I hearing his thoughts?! I smile big as I look at him and he stares at me. Maybe he can read my mind… He smirks.

“You can!” I shout and he actually laughs really hard and I pout and gasp, “Have you been able too this whole time!” I ask seriously.

“Maybe..” He winks at me and I turn red. Oh my god, I stare at him.

“Don’t worry, I like hearing your thoughts, they are very sexy.” I hear him say to me in his head.

“Stop it!” I gasp.

“Stop what?” He smirks innocently.

“You are not going to play with my head..” I cross my arms. You are such an *******, player!

“You know it’s not fair that I can’t play with your head but you can play with mine.” He pouts but smiles.

“We have to talk to Julius..” He frowns.

“Okay,” I get up and I look down I’m in the skimpy black dress.

“I should..”

“Go ahead.” He winks and he walks out the room and I get up and walk into the bathroom and turn on the water and I look in the mirror and I see stains of blood on my neck and the wound Grayson did are gone. My eyes have a red circle around it and my skin is pale but I look the same, why did I think I would look different? Maybe because in books and tv they make it seem that way?

I feel the same.. I feel stronger and my hearing is very sensitive and also my eyesight.. I see things closer if I try and I can listen to my surroundings.

“I thought you said she would recover her memory..” Evan asks.

“I don’t know what happened…She’s a vampire but her memories are gone. She acting normal.” Julius explains.

“So what are we going to do?” Evan asks.

“I don’t know, for now we have to keep a eye on her and I’ll talk to the other headmaster so we can switch her into my campus.” It gets quiet, ” Maybe he’s blocking her memories… “

“For what?” Evandor asks.

“I’ll have to look things up but…..” They get quiet. Can they figure out I’m eavesdropping on them.

“You know it’s rude to be listening to peoples conversation…” I hear Evan say and I turn crimson and go into the shower. **** I got caught.

I finish my shower and I get dressed and slowly head downstairs and Evan raises his brow at me and I blush.

“Sorry.” I look down and Julius chuckles.

“See someone is learning to use her powers.” He hugs me.

“I have questions…” I look at them and they nod and we all sit in his office.

“Go ahead.” Julius looks at me.

“Why can’t I remember anything?”

“I thought you heard our conversation…” Evan laughs.

“I did but I thought maybe it would be a good way to start off.”

“Have another question?” Julius asks.

“Do you guys know Grayson is vampire?”

“Yes, we tried talking to him but he’s so lost between hunter and vampire. ” Julius explains.

“Maybe I can talk to him..”

“No..” Evan snaps and I glare at him, Shut up! I know you don’t like him, so stay out of it!

“I said no, you aren’t changing my mind.” He says back in his head and we are just starring at each other.

I don’t care what you say, I’m not going to get away from him..

“We will talk about it later.” He blocks me out of his head.

“So I guess you guys have the connection of reading each others mind?” Julius chuckles.

“Sadly.” I sneer.

“I don’t know about you talking to him will be a good idea, Kamaria. Remember he is a vampire hunter and its in his head that he must hate Vampires.” Julius is right, then that means…

“He’s going to hate you.” I turn around and punch Evan and Julius jumps.

“Can you stay out of my head!” I scold him and he laughs and rubs his chest,

“You are quite strong little princess.”

“Shut up!” I turn to Julius and he is just starring at us shaking his head.

“But maybe I can convince him.” I look at Julius and he’s thinking about it.

“Alright. But I am only letting you because I need you to convince him to come to my side of the campus..”

“What? No Julius don’t let her!” Evan stands up.

“It’s non of your concern.” I snap back at him.

“Evandor I will talk to you later, go outside for a minute.” Julius rubs his temple.

Evandor looks hesitant but growls and walks away.

“Why do we need to change to your campus now?”

“Because my campus is a Vampire academy.” Well that makes sense… But I doubt a hunter will go to a vampire school and act nice and normal.

“I mean I can try but…” I sense a third presence with us and I sigh.

You know it’s rude to eavesdrop on people.

“You did it!” Evan snaps at me.

“Stop it, go away!” I say out loud and I feel the presence leave.. Now I understand how Evan can feel me eavesdropping.

“You guys are going to be so much fun to watch.” Julius makes fun of me.. But wait why can’t I read his mind?

“Why can I only feel and read Evandor’s mind?”

“Probably because you drank his blood..”He seems to be hiding something, “Maybe you guys have a bond? But only you can answer that question.” He smiles softly at me.

Me? Why me?

“Well I am off to the school, you can get a ride with Evan. See you at school.” Wait it’s saturday! Where’s everybody? How am I supposed to tell Gray?

“To be quite honest I think he already knows..” Evan is leaning on the doorframe.

“You are getting quite frustrating.” I state and he smirks, “What do you mean he probably already know?”

“Well he drank your blood, you guys have a bond now.. “He frowns at me, wait if he can read my mind when I was a human, that means…

“Yes I feel everything you feel.” He answers me sadly.

“So you know how I feel about Gray..” He doesn’t look at me, “But you must know how I feel about you as well.”

“To me it feels that you feel the same for both of us..” He’s getting angry.

“Stop getting angry at me. It’s not my fault I liked him. He actually treated me better than you.” I scold him and he huffs.

“Yea well go to him now and see how good he treats you now! And I know exactly how that is going to feel and to be quite honest I am not willing to feel the same pain as you. I felt how you felt that day in class when you saw him and got heated.” I frown at him.

“So you got mad and came to help me out.” I say sarcastically.

“Then you felt how much pleasure I got being with him that night!” ****! I see pain go through his eyes and he gets angry to cover it up.

“Yea, you know what. Go and **** him and don’t come crying to me when he hurts you. As of this day I am going to shut all my emotions and bond with you!” He screams and I am just starring at him and he storms out.


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