Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

“I haven’t seen Gray all week!” Julie sighs.

“Maybe he still isn’t feeling well.” I suggest.

“Do you think he will show up for the party, he did say he would go.”

“Um speaking about the party….”

“No! Kam you are not backing out on me!”

“I have nothing to wear! Plus I haven’t gone out to the town since I’ve gotten here and just randomly going to a random stranger’s house kinda scares me.”

“I’ll be there and plus I will go look for Gray and make sure he is coming with us.”

“Are you sure you want to bug Gray?”

“Well he liked you, how about you go look for him!” She winks at me and I blush.

“Look for who?” I turn to see Gray smiling and he puts his arm around us but he’s cold just like the Nights. I guess the whole Alaska thing is true.

“Jesus boy you are cold!” Julie jumps out of his grip and we laugh.

“Kam seems to not mind it.” He kisses my cheek and I blush crimson and Julies wolf whistles.

“Are you okay?” I ask him worried.

“Yea, I mean I felt sick. I think I got a cold or something.”

“Eww don’t kiss me!” I push him away and he smirks.

“Why not? Maybe I should just hold you!” He grabs me by the waist and hugs me and I try pushing him off but all of a sudden he freezes and yet again I feel the tension…..That fire and it’s igniting me as well its like if we were batteries and we both start a little spark and it ignites our hormones.

I look up and his eyes are black and I’ve only seen those eyes on Evan when he wants to play with me….He’s starring at me like if I was his next meal..

“You okay?” I whisper but he frowns and pushes me away and he holds his head.

“Look I’ll just see you guys later.” He says angry and he grunts and walks off.

“Did I do something?” I ask Julie and then I felt the burning sensation start again and this time I can’t help but clench my fist because I know exactly who causes me to lose control..

“Kamaria?” I turn to see Evan starring at me with angry eyes.

“What do you want?” I force myself to say because I don’t want to show he causes me so much fuss and makes me lose control over myself.

“Can I talk to you?”

“Why? You’ve been avoiding me this whole week.” I snap at him and he smirks and waves off Julie and she does.

“I’ll see you later at the dorm.” She runs off.

“Really? Why do you do that?” I turn to face him and he actually smiles like he wants to laugh, nice to know I cause him laughter.

“Do what?” Oh he’s acting so innocent, I really wish I could knock down his ego a few notches.

“Intimidate people..”

“Do I really? Do I intimidate you?” He moves in closer to me I swallow really hard because the closer he gets the more the fire starts in my stomach and my heart starts beating faster and my knees start shaking like an earthquake.

“N…NO!” I stare into his eyes of lust and dominance.

“Really? Then why can I hear your heart beating fast and your clenching your fist.” He whispers into my ear and his voice is so seducing and warm and confident.

“What did you want to talk about?” I push him away and his eyes go back to angry, gosh this boy is more bipolar than mother nature.

“Let’s talk in private. Unless you’re scared to be alone with me again.” He winks at me and I make a disgust face.

“Lead the way.” I follow him and we end up at the end of the bridge where nobody is at and I look around and it’s actually a very pretty place because you can see the whole town and the water and the pool and the campus.

“What are you doing with him?” Excuse me? Is he asking me about Grayson?


“You heard me, what are you two playing at?” It sounds to me like he’s jealous! Is Evandor Night jealous of Grayson?

“Are you jealous?” I smile big and he grunt getting annoyed at me happiness but I can’t help it.

“Of course not but Julius told you to stay away from him!” He snaps at me. ****! He knows about Julius.

“Julius said that I could be friends with him.”

“Yea, well that didn’t seem like just friends to me!”

“Woah! Woah! Woah! First off we are just friends, second of all who are you to tell me who to hang out with, last time I knew you were picking on me and hating me.”

“Last time I knew you hand your hands all over me begging for me!” He yells and I slap him and his eyes go pure black…I mean black where you can’t see his pupils.

“**** you! And **** off and leave me the **** alone!” I scream.

“You better leave….” He says clenching his hands and talking through gritted teeth.

“I will but remember this, leave me the **** alone and stay the **** away from me!” I point my finger at him not scared of what he’s going to do. I can hear his breathing is hard and very fast, fear comes over me but I start speed walking away and I pass Arias but he stops me.

“Hey what happened?”

“Go control your ******* brother, that’s what!” I scream into his face and he stares at me and looks at Evan and I just push him away and walk back to my dorm and I get in and slam the door that makes Julie jump.

“Oo who got into your skin.”

“The ******* of Evandor!” I punch a pillow.

“**** I heard he’s an ******* but geeze that much?”

“Yes but you know what! We are going to that party and I am going to get drunk and misbehave! We are going to act our age!” I smile wickedly and Julie winks at me as she takes out a sexy black dress for me and high heels.

“Well in order to do that we need to get you ready!” She jumps up and down and it literally take all afternoon to get me ready but I look in the mirror and I couldn’t recognize myself but I loved it! I see a spark of red in my eyes but I smirk and bite my lip.

We end up leaving to the party and it was packed already and everyone was starring at me and Julie and we both smirk.

“First shots!” She screams as we take a shot and then two more. The alcohol is actually making me calm and forget everything.

Julie starts dancing with me and we were dancing all up on each other and people start howling at us because we both were just having too much fun and then finally we drink some beer and then two more shots.

I took a body shot off of someone and bit their lip as I grabbed the lime and he winched but screamed as I finished it and I taste his blood and I growl and get heated and the more and more the music gets better and a guy ends up dancing with Julie and I was dancing by myself and I am swaying my hips back and forth and I play with my hair and I sense these eyes on me and I know who it is and tonight I am having him.

I turn to stare at Gray and I dance for him and he is sitting on a stool just starring at me and he licks his lips and I want his lips on me. I slowly start dancing for him and he knows I’m dancing for him and his eyes are filled with sensuality and hunger and he gets up and walks up to me and I feel the fire in my stomach ignite but I’m not fighting it anymore.

The monster wants to play, lets play. He reaches me but he turns me around and grabs my hair and pulls me into his neck and his breathing is hard. I grind on him and turn back around and wrap my arms around him.

The room is full but all I feel is him and I dancing and the hunger in our eyes is growing bigger and bigger.

We both lean in and our lips barely touch and I know once our lips meet there is no going back so I grab his face and tease him and his grip gets tighter and I love it because I can feel everything he desires which is the same as me.

“Stop playing.” He groans.

“I want to play.” I whisper seductively and I run my hands on his body and he catches me by surprise when he grabs the back of my head and he fists my hair and he pulls me into a very hungry and animalism kiss.

“Come!” He grabs my hand and starts leading me to the bedroom upstairs and no one has noticed and we reach the room and he slams me onto the door and locks it and we start kissing again but this wasn’t just any kiss, this was a powerful kiss but the more I got the more I wanted him, his hands, his mouth on me, on my body! The fire in us is uncontrollable.

He starts moving onto my neck and sucks really hard that it hurt but pleased me so much! I moan and claw his back and he won’t stop and I am squirming under his grip. He unzips my dress and I take off his shirt and push him onto the bed and he is just watching me intently and I slowly lower myself to the floor and crawl to him and I spread his legs and he literally pulls me onto his lap and we start making out.

We were acting like wild animals, I bit his lip causing blood to emerge and I suck on it and he growls and then grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls my head back so he gets an angel of my neck and he kisses it and moves slowly in between my breast and he cuffs one of them with his hand and I gasp.

“I need more of you..” He whispers in between my neck and I close my eyes and I feel a stinging sensation on my neck and I winch but I felt pleasure and I groan and gasp as I feel him sucking on me but this wasn’t any ordinary sucking I felt something wet run down my neck.

“Grayson.” I gasp, I’m running out of breath and I feel my eyes get heavy but I force them open.

“Gray, stop…” I whisper holding his head and I know exactly what he is.. A vampire. My heart breaks and I feel a tear roll down my cheek. He’s going to kill me.

“Grayson stop, you’re going to kill me.” I whisper but it’s like he has no control over it. “Gray, please..” I finally say and he stops and stares at me scared.

“****! Kam? Kam are you okay?”He asks worried and he lays me down and I can’t respond.. I’m frozen and scared..

“Kamaria I’m so sorry. I just… Kam.” He whispers looking at me and I don’t know what to do… We literally stay there quietly.

Thank god I didn’t pass out but I just can’t react. How do I react to this? The guy I like is a vampire and he just bit me! He ******* sucked my blood!

“Kam, talk to me.” He whispers and I finally sit up and hold the blanket up to me.

“You’re a vampire…” I whisper looking at him.



“I don’t know, this whole week has been so strange and painful for me.”

“Tell me!” I snap looking at him.

“I can’t explain it! I woke up one day feeling ill so I took a hike in the woods and all of a sudden I couldn’t see anything and my body felt weird.. It was like someone was suffocating me and I was freezing to death and I was in so much pain…my throat started feeling dry and I killed whatever was next to me. I need blood! I tried to stop but I couldn’t and when I saw you I wanted your blood… You veins and all I saw was your blood pumping through you and I couldn’t contain myself…” He looks down sad and hopeless and I just can’t help it.

I can’t help myself but I go to him and hug him tightly and he cries into my chest.

“It’s okay, I’m here.” I whisper patting his head. Why am I not scared of him? Why do I feel compassionate and love towards him, maybe because he isn’t the type of monster I thought he would be.

“I’m sorry Kam. I’m so disgraced.”

“Why? This wasn’t your fault.”

“No Kamaria you don’t understand I’m a vampire hunter.. And I can’t hunt Vampires if I am one… How can I go to my family now and tell them I’m a vampire.”

“Maybe they have answers for you…” I sigh and look down.

“God I’ve hated the Night so much for being vampires and now I am one…”

“What?” I freeze up and he looks at me, “They….they are Vampires?” My eyes get watery. I’ve been lied to this whole time! They have the audacity to tell me what to do when they were monsters the whole time!

I stand up and get dressed.

“Wait what are you doing?” Gray yells and I just run out of the house and I have no idea where I am going but I run into the woods and my vision blurs from my tears and I stop.

Why? Why god are you doing this to me! I start crying harder and I look up and I see white specs falling down. It’s snowing…

I start running again, I need answers, I need explanations! My head is spinning and I feel the bite start pulsing and I stop and winch. I try to move but I can’t and I can hear laughter everywhere and I cover my ears and I start shaking and my veins freeze up and my heart beat stop.

“Hide Kamaria!” I see my mothers death all over again and I am screaming.

“It’s unbelievable that even the purest things hide their impurities.” I see the dead fawn and the blood all over and I am seeing all my nightmares just flash by and I can’t breath my body is just on a loop.

“Help me!” I scream out but nobody can hear me. I feel my body covered in blood.

“This will be your husband…” I see the young boy.

I see the rabbit twitching and now I am running into the forest and I fall into a blood bath and all I see are human faces pop out of the blood and I start screaming and trying to come out.

“Accept it!” The shadow grabs me and I scream.

“Leave me alone!”

“You are one of us don’t you see that! Look at what you did!” He points me to the animals bleeding out and twitching.

“I did not do that! I am not a monster!” I fall to the snow and I am wearing the red dress again…

My head is spinning as I uncontrollably walk the path. I see the same girl in the white dress, Her neck has puncture wounds and my throat tightens and burning, wanting it. The way the scent lures me into it and I look at my hands they are white as the snow and covered in blood.

I fall onto my knees, I am a monster…

My throat start aching and I grab it and winch. The only way to stop the pain is by drinking her blood.

This pain, I can’t anymore. 

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