Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

We were in class and I haven’t dreamt of anything but I still have the fever and the headache and my veins are pulsing and burning and I feel thirsty more each day.

I turn to see Grayson walks in the class and he just stares at me and the burning sensation gets worse and I tighten my thighs together and I love my breath… Oh my god, I seriously feel like he just took my soul away from me because I can’t even breathe and I think he is feeling the same.

Holy **** my body is craving him. I bite my lip and the room turns probably 100 degrees hotter and I start squirming.

“Hey you okay?” Julie asks me and my eyes widen.

“Ugh…um..Yea.” I clear my throat and I grip my arm and I squeeze it hard as I meet his gaze again.. I force myself look away or else I might do something stupid in the room.

The whole class I felt his eyes on me and it was making me go insane in the inside and I just couldn’t study and I kept gripping onto my sleeve. **** I can’t do this! I stand up and run outside and the burning is turning into ice.

I take off my jacket and throw it to the ground but it isn’t helping me I untie my tie because I can’t breathe at the moment.

“Kamaria?” **** no!

“No! Stop right there!” I yell at Evan.

“What’s wrong?” He asks worried and I start walking away and the heat is getting worse.

“Kamaria! Stop.” He yells at me and I stop and we are at the bottom of the stairs and next to the woods.

I slam my hands on the stone wall and Evan is just starring at me,

“Stop, please!” I say through my teeth.

“What are you feeling?” He asks me.

“Burning!” I slam myself on to the wall and claw it with my nails.

“Like ice?” He smirks, why the **** is he smirking.

“Yes! It’s eating me alive..” I run my hands through my hair and actually pull it.

“Does it get worse if I get near you.” He says seductively and I moan.

“Stop!.” I beg him.

“Why are you fighting it?” He asks me.

My body is on fire, my heart is beating faster than anything I have ever felt and I just want to him so bad! My skin feels so sensitive and Evan leans on the wall next to me and is starring at me with lust and I just can’t anymore..

“Let go…” He whispers in my ear and he bites it and that’s my undoing and I grab him by the collar and slam him onto the wall and he grunts and I smash our lips together and I am not kidding but I wanted more.

The kiss felt so hot and sexy and both our bodies were on fire and he bites my lip so hard and I moaned really loud and his grip around me tighten and I love it.

We were literally like animals. I feel his blood pumping through his veins and I start kissing and sucking on his neck and he starts moaning and he starts doing circles with his thumb on my waist.

“Bite it..” He whispers and I couldn’t handle it I actually bit him and he rips open my button shirt and his hands move onto my skin and I am literally shivering and sweating from the heat and he moves to my neck and he sucks on my skin and I gasp and pull on his hair and slam my hand on the wall behind him and he smirks and actually bites me..

We both stop and stare at each other and we are both breathing harder than anything. This is way better than I thought. We feel perfect together, he knows what I want and I can feel what he wants. It’s like we were born to be together.

Someone clears their throat and we both jump and he hides me behind him and we see it’s Julius and he does not look happy…


“Kamaria go home…” He is sending me home?


“Go home!” He yells and I sigh and hold my shirt together.

“Evandor follow me. ” His glare looks like he wants to kill him…

“See you later princess.” He wipes his lip and he had blood on it.. What? What did I do? Did I bite his lips so bad that it drew blood?

Wait I can’t go home, I don’t have a ride… Um I’ll go to my dorm. I start running to the dorm because my shirt is ripped and I make it without problem. I change my shirt and I throw myself on the bed.

“Holy ****!” I breath in and out.. I have no idea what happened. One minute I was fine next I was in heat and the other I was eating Evan…

I look back at the things I did and that wasn’t me.. I swear I have never even kissed anybody but here I was like a pro. What got into me? It was like someone took over my body and acted like an animal on a hunt for prey and I wanted them. This isn’t me. What’s happening to me?

Wait Evan was my first kiss…

“Miss Kuro…” I look up to see Julius and I groan.

“Yes, Headmaster…”

“What did I say?” He asks still very angry.

“I know, but I didn’t have a ride…” I frown as he just makes a gesture for me to follow. Great I’m in it now!

I pass by Julie and Grayson and they both give me a look and I point to the phone meaning I’ll text you later and they both nod.

We get to the house and I follow him into his office and I sit down in front of him.

“Look I know it was wrong but…”

“It was your instinct I know..”

“What?” I ask him confused.

“Can I ask you something?” Julius leans towards me and I shrug kinda nervous to know where this is going.

“Have you ever noticed something about yourself different?”

“Julius, I am different from everyone. I have never fit in anywhere. I mean look I can’t remember anything from 8 down and I having burning sensations, weird scary nightmares, I saw a dead animal and I tasted it’s blood! Now you tell me is that normal?” I snap at him and he stares at me.

“You tasted animal blood?” He asks surprised and I grunt.

“What are you getting at because yes I am weird and different.”

“Did you like it?” He asks me.

“No, I threw it up..”

“Hm, I see well. I already scolded Evandor because he should know better but you. You need to be more careful with the hormones, other than that you are good to go.”

“That’s it?” He shrugs.

“Really?” I am yet again shocked.

“What? Do you want me to punish you?” He raises his brow at me.

“Um no…no I’m good.” I smile big, “Thank you and goodnight!” I run to my room and close the door.

I get ready for bed and I just go to sleep.


“My beautiful daughter wake up! Wake up…” I open my eyes and I’m in my room.

“Kamaria come to me. I need you to do me a favor.” I hear the voice. I just follow the voice and I jump out the window and actually land it.

“Come here Kamaria..” I look around and it’s just the normal wood but the voice leads me in further and further until I don’t know where I am at.

“Hello?” I look around and nothing.

“My daughter.” I turn around and I see a man wearing all black.

“Can I help you?” My voice sounds hoarse.

“Can’t you feel it?” He asks and I feel nothing.


“Someone is blocking you!” He yells and I jump. Blocking me?

“What’s going on?” I ask.

“How cute, but it won’t work!” He starts yelling and I start backing away and all of sudden he is right next to me and he grabs my arm.

“You are a vampire! They are all Vampires!” He screams and his eyes turn red and his nasty fangs come out.

He’s going to bite me.

“Stop! Stop it!” I scream but he won’t let me go,

“Bring your powers to fight!” He yells.

“No!” I yell and all of a sudden this glow throws the guy back and I look around and see the owl. My owl!

I don’t waste time and run back to the house I notice Julius’ car isn’t there I’m all alone and I lock the doors and my vision starts blurring and I start breathing heavily.

I try holding onto the wall but I can’t see my eyes are burning, it feels like pin needles are being stuck in them and I fall on the floor and scream the pain is excruciating! I feel my heart stop beating and I can’t breathe. I look up and I see red.

I stumble to my room and I head to the bathroom and I look in the mirror and my eyes are red…

“The monster!” I’m a monster! No! I will not be a monster! I start stumbling into my room and I fall onto the ground and my head starts spinning.

“Stop it!” I scream holding my head and I look up but I can’t see anymore.

“It’s okay Kam.” I’m laying on my mom’s lap and she’s brushing my hair with her hand.

“It hurts.” I winch.

“But you are a strong. Look at you.” She sits me up.

“Am I a monster?” I close my eyes as she caresses my face.

“No sweetie, you are nothing like them and you will not let yourself go. I believe in you Kamaria!” She is looking intently at me.

“But this urge is strong mom, I crave it…I know I am a monster! This women is controlling me and killing me slowly.. It’s devouring me!” I don’t know how to explain to it.

“Listen to me Kamaria you are not a monster! You were born for something big and being a monster is not it. You are stronger than that women.”

“What do I do mom? I need you.” I cry.

“First I need you to stop crying and once you wake up everything will be back to normal and do not tell anybody you know!” She scolds me.

“What do you mean?”

“Kamaria you were born a Vampire…..” A what? I’m a vampire..

“But listen to me, you must not tell anybody or even think about it! Not even your thoughts are safe!”

“But why don’t I feel like one?” I ask confused.

“Because you are strong and you are pushing back on it… You aren’t letting it control you. Until you keep fighting it…you will remain human and it will hurt because it’s your destiny but remember you can change it. But I need you to stay strong and fight this urge Kamaria!” She says forcefully and I stare into her eyes.

“I love you mom.”

“Love you too.”


I wake up and I look around, I’m in my bed and it’s morning.. It was a dream. All this was a dream!

I run to the bathroom and look in the mirror, my eyes are fine.

“Oh my god!” I run my hands through my hair, I don’t even know what’s real anymore. I lost reality with fiction..

“God what is wrong with me?!” I yell and Julius knocks on the bathroom door and looks worried.

“You okay?”

“Yea, I had another bad dream.. Can I hug you?” He’s taken back by my question but opens his arms. I run into his arms and I feel that fatherly protection.

I pats my head and hugs me harder.

“Everything will be alright, Kam. They are all just dream. You are strong and a big girl, you will be able to go through all of it.” He reassures me and I hug him harder. I’m missing something in me though… 

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