Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

“Shhh!” I slowly open my eyes to see Paige and Philip’s big blue eyes starring at me.

“Good morning.” I giggle as Philip blushes.

“Can we hug you?” Why? What the heck is going on?

“Sure come on in.” I open up my blanket and they hop in and snuggle up to me and they are freezing!

“Wow you are really hot!” Paige touches my forehead, “Close your eyes!”

I close my eyes and I hear them giggling and I smile.

“What are you children doing?” I open my eyes to see Julius starring at Paige mad.

“Nothing, she’s sick.” I am?

“Really? Did it work?” He asks me and I laugh.

“What my little doctor here?” I tickle paige and she laughs really hard and Philip jumps on me and I scream.

“I feel fine, thank you but lets go get some breakfast.” I hurry them off and they laugh and run past Julius.

I get up and make my bed and Julius is just starring at me. I stop as he walks up to me and touches my forehead.

“You are a little warm..” He frowns slightly.

“Or maybe your hands are a little too cold.” I smirk and he chuckles, “Seriously, the twins were freezing when they crawled into the blankets and your hands and everyone in this place are so cold…”

“Don’t worry you will eventually get use to it, the twins are new to the cold but they are finally getting that living in Alaska you will be very cold and soon enough you will too.” He pokes my nose and I grin.

“True, does it snow here?” I ask walking into my closet.

“Indeed it does. It looks like a beautiful snow globe. Everyone loves it when it snows, I’ll see you downstairs for breakfast.” He walks away.

I bet the snow is very beautiful, I’ve heard that the snow here sticks to the ground so fast and the snow mountains up so high. I really can’t wait for the snow also.

I get dressed in something casual and head downstairs.

“Morning Princess.” Evandor winks at me and I frown.

“How did you sleep well?” Arias winks at me.

“Sorry, did you put me to sleep?” I blush as he winks at me.

“Yup, I did. You fell asleep while I played the piano and let me say you telling me that it’s beautiful and falling sleep during it doesn’t give me high hopes” He smirks.

“Oh come on! I fell asleep because it was so peaceful! You songs are beautiful!” I wink at him and Evandor says something under his breath and shoots out of his chair.

“Where are you going?” Julius asks me.

“Out, I’m not hungry.” He snaps and he walks away mad.

“Was it me or was he mad?” I ask them grabbing some cut up fruit they had in the middle.

“Nah he was mad. High five!” He extends his hand and I give him a high five and the little kids laugh and we do too.

“You two are horrible.” Julius laughs helping Philip cut up his pancakes.

“He’s the bipolar one.” I shrug and Paige asks for some fruit and I give her a little bit.

“Speaking of which what happened yesterday at school?” Julius gets serious.

“Nothing I was talking to Gray and…

“Grayson West?” Both Arias and Julius ask surprised.

“Yea…” I give them a look.

“I thought you guys hated each other by the way you guys fought..” Arias explains and Julius stares at me and I glare at Arias and he mouths sorry.

“You fought at school?” Julius sighs.

“No! I….I just stood my ground. He was talking bad about you guys and …”

“When doesn’t he.” Arias chuckles.

“So are you guys close?” Julius asks me.

“Well we talk and hang out and he’s a really nice person… He was friends with my roommate and I hang out with my roommate I hang out with him..” Why am I explaining everything to them exactly?

“I see but I wouldn’t get to close to that boy.” Julius warns me.

“Why?” I ask him curiously.

“Just because I’ve heard he can pretty rude and you saw how he treated you at the beginning of school. I rather not have him hurting you and that will make me very angry. “

“Yea but I can still be friends with him right? I mean I’ll be careful, I’m a big girl here not some idiot and if I see something I don’t like then I’ll stop being friends with him.” I reassure him.

He looks at Arias and Arias makes a face like they were talking to each other, what is this? A democracy I can hang out with whoever I want.

“Okay look just be very…”

“Very…” Arias adds in.

“Careful with that boy. If you guys remain friends I’ll be fine but if I see something that seems more than friends than I will not be happy.” Julius continues.

“Why am I getting scolded for having friends?” I snap at him and Arias breathes in pretty big and Julius makes a fist I guess I’m getting him angry but hey it’s my life I can befriend whoever I want.

“I am not scolding you Kamaria, I’m warning you. That boy does not have good intentions with this family and you are part of our family now and I know he will hurt you in the future and I am being easy on you by letting you be friends but hear right now if I see more than a friendship it’s all over! And that’s final!” He gets up from his chair and walks away..

What the actual ****?

Arias whistles and I glare at him, “Hey don’t kill me but he has a point there.. Be careful Kam.” He walks away and I look around and see that paige and Philip were gone and my job has started time to go find them.

I sigh and go up the stairs and look for them..

“Paige? Philip?” I yell out and I hear them giggle and I go into their room and holy ****! My eyes widen they have a play house in the room… I am not saying like those little cute house with tea cups or a mini slide..No!

This thing is huge and it has a full slide and a ball pit! It’s a castle for kids with a drop door and bridges and differents side to run around in it and I can even stand in it…

“Wow….” These kids are spoiled as ****!

“Come find us!” I hear paige yells inside the play castle and I groan, great I have to climb in this thing but the inner child of me is actually pretty excited.

I climb into and the interior is huge and you have to slide into the ball pit.

I close my eyes and slide down and I am engulfed in the ball pit the thing is deep!

“Guys?” I yell and they giggle. I climb out of the pit and inside the dungeon and they actually have swords and shields and spikes and what kind of kids are these! They even have a stretcher! I have to talk to Julius about this..

“Paige? Philip come out! How big and long is this thing!” I yell getting tired and kinda creeped out.

“Attack!” I hear and I get a net thrown on me and I fell to the ground and I scream.

“Wait! Wait! No..stop it!” I say as they tie the net and I am in a ball..literally.

“We caught a human!” Oh they are playing role play, how cute!

“Indeed sister, We shall drink her blood!” Ah they are vampires.

“No don’t do that! I rather keep my blood!” I beg them and they laugh as they see I’m playing with them.

“Hmm maybe we should torture her. ” Paige pokes me with her sword and I winch okay that hurted.

“Nope nevermind I rather you guys take my blood.” I say quickly..

“To the Dungeon!” They both say in sync and they start dragging me and I yelp.. These kids are strong for their age.

We make it to the ball pit.

“Sister I am bored.” Philip whines.

“Okay lets throw her in the ball pit.” Paige says.

“Wait guys no! Let me go and we can play something else!” I try convincing them but Paige just pushes me into the ball pit and I submerged in the balls and it gets quite..

“Guys?” I yell and no one answers.

“Paige Philip come back! Guys let me out of here!” I scream but nothing….great! I’m going to kill those two. I start wiggling around and I find the knot and I untie it and climb out of the play castle and I feel dizzy all of a sudden and I grab onto the wall and all I see is the room moving around…

Am I going to pass out? I start walking to the stairs and I reach the middle of the stairs and I see Arias and Evan and they stop and stare at me.

“Gosh you look like ****!” Evan says.

“She’s probably getting a cold thank to your stupid ideas.” They fight each other but I can’t handle it anymore, my head starts pounding and I feel my body heating up and burning, My blood feels like its boiling and I see black spots.

“Kam are you okay?” Arias and Evan look worried at me and I try to move but all I feel is my body floating and I see Evan all blurry and reaches my body so fast up the stairs so I would hit my head and roll down the stairs.

“Kamaria?” He sounds worried but I can’t see anything all I see are shadows. How did he reach me so fast? He was at the bottom of the stairs…. I finally see darkness and everything goes quiet.


“Kamaria….Kamaria…Kamaria! Wake up..wake up!” I open my eyes to see I’m in the woods covered of snow again and I look down at what I’m wearing and I’m wearing a red, long dress with a **** on the side.

“Kamaria” I hear my name from the distance and I look around.

“Follow me.” I see the Angel leading me and I follow and I see some man sucking the life out of this girl and she is covered in blood wearing all white.

“Help me.” She reach out for me and I gasp.

“Let her go! What are you doing?” I shout and the man laughs and his eyes are bloodshot red and he stares at me.

“You want some? I know you do! Come..” He whispers to me and I walk slowly to him and see the blood running down her neck and I fall on my knees and touch it.. Something in me is craving…wanting to taste it. I get this burning sensation and I can’t control myself I want it!

“Take it! Feel her powers my daughter.” He pushes the girl onto me and the smell..her blood smells so good, so tempting. NO! I can’t.

I touch the blood and the smell is hypnotizing me, I slowly bring up to my red lips and I suck on my finger and moan as I taste the sweetness of her blood, she’s a virgin! I bite my lips hard enough to draw blood and I look at the man and he is smiling proud.

“Taste it my daughter, I saved her just for you…” He whispers and I grab the girls body and hold her up to my lips and I feel my fangs pop out and I am about to bite her neck but something pushes me away from her.

“NO!” I hear someone scream. I hit a tree and I winch.

“You can’t save her! Look at her! She craves the blood! She’s just like her father and if I can I will get her!” The shadow appears and he smiles at me and fear comes back into me and I get up and start running but my vision gets blurry and the woods seem the same over and over again and I feel like I am just going in a circle.

I stop as I see the snow turning into crimson red and I see the shadow just starring at me with his dark red eyes and all of a sudden my throat tighten and it gets dry and it starts burning and I fall on the snow and I scream from the excruciating pain and grab my throat and I start crying.

“Stop this! Please stop it! I can’t take this pain!” I plead looking at the Demon because that’s what he is, how can one person cause so much pain and enjoy it.

“It’s not me doing it.” He laughs and he moves closer to me and picks me up from my neck and looks into my eyes.

“Drink..Feel it!” He whispers.


“STOP IT!” I scream and I slash around and I stop as someone hugs me and I start crying..It started again! No!

“It’s okay. Are you okay?” I look up and see Evan holding me and I hug him even harder and cry.

“Make it stop!” I whisper and he hugs me harder to as if he knew what I was going through and even if he doesn’t I don’t care.

“I wish I could…” Evan whispers, does he know?

“What happened?” Julius and Arias run into the room.

“She had a nightmare.” Evan says really sad.

“****…” Julius walks away and Arias makes a worried face and follows his older brother.

“It’s okay cry.” Evan whispers in my ear as I try to stop crying but I can’t.

“I’m scared..” I admit and he kisses the top of my head and I feel so protected and warm in his arms and I don’t want him to leave.

“You just have a fever, that’s probably causing it.” He explains. I doubt that’s it.. Why is this happening?

“It’s late you should get some rest..” Evan lays me down but I don’t want to sleep! I’m scared to sleep.

I grab his shirt really quickly as he pulls away and he stares at me, “Sleep with me…please.” I whimper and his eyes go so soft and caring and I’ve never seen his face so soft and apologetic.

“Okay.” He gets in the blankets with me and he is freezing and I am on the other side just starring at his eyes as he does the same.

“You are really cold.” I whisper and he chuckles and wipes a tear away from my cheek.

“I hate seeing you in pain.” I am in shock by what he says.. How, how can he understand everything I am going through? He probably doesn’t just probably sees the fear in my eyes.

“If you only knew..” I sigh and all of a sudden he pulls me into his chest and hugs me tightly.

“But I do..” He whispers and I don’t say anything, I just relax and close my eyes, “You are really hot.” He whispers and I giggle.

“In which way?” I poke his side and he squirms a little and chuckles.

“Both.” He admits and I look up to him and he looks down at me and he just smiles at me.  

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