Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

“My daughter its almost time!” I look around and its pitch black and I can’t see a thing.

“****o?” I yell and it only echos back to me.

“Can you feel it?”

“Feel what? Who is there?”

“You will find out soon my daughter..” Could this be the same shadow as before?

I look around and now I’m at the school park.

“Babe are you okay.” Babe..

I look next to me and it’s Grayson, he’s smiling at me.

“Yea what’s going on?” I look at him intently.

“Well I was wondering what are you thinking about?”

“Nothing, just thinking about how lucky I got to meet you and have you in my life.” I say seriously.

“Ew, your being sensitive and very cliche.” He ruins the mood and I laugh and push him down and straddle him and I look down at him into his red eyes.

He caresses my cheek,”You know I’m happy that we found each other too. Even though you live under that families protection….” He winks at me and we both laugh.

“Shut up because even then you still fell for me.” I push him and he caresses my thigh and his eyes turn into lust and passion and I grab his shirt and smirk.

“You seem like you want something.” His voice got very low.

“Yea there is something I want.” I bite my lip and start lowering myself to his lips.

“What do you want?” He asks me.

“You.” I say and our lips faintly touch.


I open my eyes and I sit up to see its one 5 am again….

What the **** was that dream? It was beautiful, and I felt so…so happy but why? At least it wasn’t a nightmare…

I get up and I go to take a hot shower to see if maybe that helps calm my head and clear it but it only makes things worse because I just think about it the whole time…I think about Grayson.

I get out to see its already 6 am and I get ready for school and just go outside to the campus park.

“Hey morning bird.” I turn around to see Grayson and my heart starts beating really hard and fast.

“Hi.” I smile and he hugs me and I feel spark of electricity between us and grow straight through me.

“What couldn’t sleep?” He asks me and I smile, only dreamt of kissing and wanting you..

“No, I woke up early and decided to take a stroll. What about you?”

“Same, I’ve seen you up so early everyday this week are you feeling okay?”

“Yea, just lately my head has been hurting and I think I might be getting sick because I keep getting a small fever.”

“Well hey that makes two of us because I’ve been feeling the same.” He smiles.

“Well at least I know I’m not going crazy.” I giggle.

“So what are you doing this weekend?” My heart flutters is he asking me to go out with him.

“Um I have to take care of the twins…..”

“And stay over at my house.” I get caught off by a very rough and possessive voice.

“Who brought you into this Night.” Grayson snaps at Evan but it’s true.

“I have to talk to Kamaria.” Evan says rudely.

“Well I was talking to Gray don’t be rude you ***!” I snap at him and Gray smirks.

“Move it before I make that smirk go away. West boy.” Evan wans Gray.

“Careful Night, keep talking and I won’t hold back. I’ll see you in cl*** Kam.” Gray walks away, glaring at Evan.

“What the ****?!” I smack Evan on the chest.

“Did you just hit me?” He smirks.

“What do you need to talk about?” I sigh.

“Nothing…I just don’t like you talking to him that’s all.”

“What? So you were really doing all this because you wanted to mess around?” I smack him again.

“Hit me one more time!” His eyes turn black but I don’t care he ruined my conversation with Gray! I raise my hand ready to swing and he grabs and throws me over his shoulder and I scream and the little bit of people that are outside start starring at us and I am turning redder than a tomato.

“Evan put me down! Evan!” I yell and he starts walking passed the fountain.

“Fine shall I throw you into the fountain?” He gestures it and I cling onto his back.

“NO! But let me go!” I yell and he chuckles.

“No I got an idea. Nobody is aloud to talk to my girl” He smirks and passes by the gate for his dorm room and the other students start watching us intently and I see Arias.

“Arias help me!” I yell and he looks worried, “Evan put me down! Where are you going?”

“Look I am just teaching you that I am not a punching bag.” He shushes me.

I look around and I can smell it pool water.

“No stop it! Evan stop it right now!” I yell and laughs.

“Beg..” He whispers into my ear.

“**** you!” I snap at him.

“Wrong words!” He laughs and he throws me into the pool and I close my eyes and I am really beyond ******.

I want to kill him..I want to kill him! I am going to kill him.

“**** princess calm your emotions.” He smirks.

I feel heat around me and all of a sudden I see the pool starts throwing up steam like if it were boiling and everyone starts screaming.

“Kam get out of there!” Arias yells and I start swimming to the edge and the water is turning really hot and you can’t see the pool anymore from so much steam.

Arias gets me out and Evan helps him and the pool starts popping like boiling water does and we are all in shock starring at the pool.. What the **** happened to the pool? Why did it start burning up like that? Should I throw Evan in there? No I will calm down and go home.

“What is going on here!” We all jump as we hear Julius strong powerful voice, “All of you except for Night and Kurro better move it or else you will all be punished!” She yells and they all disappear faster than lighting and my mouth drops….how did they move that fast?

“What is going on?” He says sternly.

“Ask this *******! I’m going home, and oh excuse me headmaster.” I say sarcastically and Arias just follows me to the gates.

“Kam what the **** happened?” Julie and Grayson run up to me.

“Nothing just fell into the pool but I got sent home by the headmaster and um I’ll see you guys Monday. Either way both of you have my number so just call if anything.” I smile at them and they nod and Arias walks me to his car and we head home.

I walk into the house and I go and decide to take a long bubble bath. I get in it and close my eyes.

“Nobody get to talk to my girl..” He said that? He really said that? Who does he think he is to say my girl? First of all he threw me into the fountain! What kind of guy does that?

Why do I feel happy he called me my girl? Kamaria you are seriously a masochist! Maybe I am… I’ve been through so much in the past couple of months and maybe that’s all I deserve. Is pain all I really deserve?

I get out of the shower and put on something comfy and I hear piano playing in Arias’ room and he has it open and he stops as soon as he notices I am looking.

“No keep playing, it’s beautiful.” I walk into his room and sit next to him.

“Some say it’s depressing.” He whispers sadly.

“The most saddest ballots are the most beautiful ones want to know why?” I look at him.


“Because those are the ones that are personal. Those come from the heart.” I smile.

“You know how to play Miss, Philosophical?” He makes me giggle.

“I did when I was younger but I forgot but I just want you to play for me.” I whisper and I lay my head on his shoulder and like his brother he freezes for a second but then relaxes and starts playing these soothing, peaceful notes and I close my eyes.

The saddest Ballots bring back the past, for me it brings back my mom. 

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