Creatures of the Night

By @Lourdes
Creatures of the Night

We all want to find ourselves but sometimes it's best to leave things in the past and it's probably best to not find out who we are. ******COMPLETED*** ****

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Kamaria you must remember….” I hear from a distance. I look around and I am in the middle of these creepy woods. All I see is grey and black.

“Who’s there!” I yell and a gush of wind hits my entire body making me freeze as I hear footsteps and the pine trees brushing and moving.

I look around and all I hear is a sinister laugh.

“It’s almost time my dear…” I a gush of wind makes my hairs stand up and I am terrified to turn around.

“Ww what?” I stutter.

“Look at me my daughter!” I feel myself turning out of my will, I feel frozen to the ground.

I turn to see a really dark figure with bright red eyes and fear washes over me and I want to or even scream but I can’t.. All of a sudden he grabs me by my throat and picks me up and I am now floating and I am struggling to breath.

This burning sensation in my chest is growing and now I am starting to feel coldness like if I just jumped into a frozen lake.

“My beautiful child, your mother couldn’t hide you from me and now it’s your turn to die!” He opens his mouth and all I see is sharp teeth.


I wake up screaming and I slash around and I stop when I notice it was a nightmare..

“Kam are you okay honey?” My mom runs into my room..

“Ye..yea. I just had a nightmare.” I sigh feeling my hair it’s all sweaty.

“Again?” She asks surprised.

“Yea but this one was more vivid and terrifying.” I cry.

“It’s okay, it was just a dream.” She caresses my face sitting next to me and I hug her.

“Mom it was terrifying…I..I swear I couldn’t breath. This shadow wanted to hurt me and he called me daughter.” I cry into her lap.

“Kam. That’s why you were having a nightmare, you wish to know who your parent’s were..” She sounds sad.

“I don’t know. I feel something coming.” I whisper looking up at her.

“Yes indeed, you are right it’s your birthday in a couple of days.” She winks at me and I smile.

“So what do you want this year?” She asks me.

“Nothing, sleep. A good dream for once?” I smile.

“Well I am not a dream fairy but maybe a cake?” She looks out my window.

“A cake should be fine. Thank you mom. Plus my happiness is making floral arrangements for the shop. So let me shower and get dressed so I can help you with the shop today.” I jump out of bed and run into the bathroom and take a nice hot shower.

I can’t help it but play back my dream in my head.

“Look at me daughter.”

Daughter? the way he said that makes me cringe and my heart starts beating. I have been having nightmares for the past two weeks and it’s either with this shadow or me being chased or stalked but the worse one is when I see this beautiful angel being killed and shredded to pieces.

I get out of the shower and I dry myself and wipe away the steam from the mirror and I look at my awful eye bags under my hazel, green eyes.

I get dressed and brush my brown ,long, curly hair…well my tips are curly so kinda wannabe curly.

I head downstairs and I grab a green apple and I head to the shop and I flip the close sign to open and I start putting out the arrangements mom and I made last night and then I start making new arrangements.

“Good morning Kamaria!” I look up too see the town priest.

“Good morning father. picking up some flowers for church?” I smile as he comes up.

“Yes, dear.” He hands me the money as I peck at the cash register.

“So what brings you here today and not Sister Molly?” I ask him as I grab his special arrangements.

“Oh she stayed with the children at the orphanage. How’s your mother?” He asks me, He’s a very talkative person.

“She’s well, she just left to get some stuff from Sir Thomas.” I wrap up his flowers in newspaper.

“Well greet her for me.” He grabs the flowers and I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it.

“Father!” I blurt out before he leaves.

“Yes dear? Is something bothering you?” He turns back around and I run over to him.

“Father I have been dreaming these terrible dreams and I must know who were my parents..” I whisper and I see his face turn pale and his gaze can’t or doesn’t meet mine anymore.

“Kamaria this isn’t the place to talk about personal things but come to the church and we can talk then.” He states pretty quick.

“When would be fine?” I ask him.

“How about Tuesday?” He looks at the flowers.

“I can’t Tuesday it’s my birthday. How about Wednesday?” I try meeting his gaze but I think I have better luck looking at his ear because he won’t face me.

“Wednesday afternoon then, see you there dear.” He runs off.

“Have a blessed day fath..” I don’t have the chance to finish because he was long gone and he passes my best friends Nyx and pushes her slightly.

“Sorry Nyx, excuse me.” He stops for a second and looks back and runs off again.

“Yo what did you say to the priest?” Nyx comes up to me..

“Nothing, I just asked him a question.” I sigh and I walk back in the shop and Nyx follows me.

“Well to me it seems like you talked to him about your virginity and strippers and ***.” She picks up a rose and smells it.

“First of all if I talked about my virginity with him he would probably consider adding me to the nuns.” I smirk.

“Yea well, if I talked about mine…”

“He would run so fast that I’d believe he could just jump and fly..” I finish her sentence and we laugh.

“I bet you he would probably grow wings and fly.” She winks and we laugh and I start cutting up some stems and Nyx starts spraying some flowers with water.

“What did you ask him in the first place?” She asks me.

“I just asked him about my original birth parent’s.” I frown.

“Well with that reaction I bet he knows a little too much and by the running I don’t think it’s something good.. Sorry babe.” She hugs me and I shed a tear.

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” I play with a rose and I ***** my finger with a rose and I winch and I see the blood and I exam it.

It’s a silky red and I look closely and I see a shine in it and something in me starts craving it. It….it looks so appealing and good.

I bring it up to my lips and I slowly lick it.

“What the **** are you doing?” I hear Nyx say in disgust.

“Nothing I pricked myself…” I look at her innocently.

“Yea well here’s a piece of paper don’t lick it.” She hands me the paper and I roll my eyes at her.

“Hello Nyx.” My mom walks into the store and hugs Nyx and kisses my cheek.

“Hi mommy.” I smile and I put the latest arrangement behind the window for show.

“How’s business going?” She puts on an apron on and starts sweeping.

“No mom I got it.” I take away the broom from her and she grunts at me.

“Well your daughter here is scaring away a regular costumer and is turning into a vampire.” Nyx shouts and I glare at her.

“What do you mean?” My mom asks confused.

“Nothing mom, just the priest came today and I asked him about my parents and he ran off.” I sigh.

“Baby don’t get sad maybe he was just in a hurry.” She tries to make me feel better.

“Maybe….” I look out the door and see a stray black cat with piercing yellow eyes.

I stare at it and it stares back. I think I’m going crazy but I think the cat and I are connecting with our eyes, we stare intently at each other and I swear to god I see it smile and my eyes widen. What the **…..

“Hello? Earth to Kam!” I snap out of it and the cat runs off.

“You are seriously acting weird today.” Nyx seems worried as she seems my confused look.

“It’s been a weird morning okay.” I rub my eyes and put the broom away.

“Speaking of morning how about you girls go and enroll into the university.” Both Nyx and I slowly turn to my mom and glare at her.

“Why?” We both say in union.

“Are you sure Nyx’s mom didn’t give birth to you and gave u up?” My mom winks at us.

“HAHA!” Nyx and I say again in union and we both stare at each other and shrug.

“Well I just think both of you should go back to college, it would be best if you girls get a degree and actually make a living for yourselves.”

“Nah I think she’s trying to get rid of us.” Nyx informs.

“Why? Mom I can just stay at home, take care of you and the shop and make a living off of this.” I state to my mom but she makes a face.

“Kam this isn’t what you want.” She’s right. I love my mom to death but sometimes I’m terrified to leave her side because I feel something might happen to her and she needs me.

“To be quite honest mom I have no clue what I want either way so I might as well do something and help you with the shop.” I hug her from behind and rock us side to side.

“Exactly I want you to do something but in college, who knows maybe during it you find a nice boy or you find out what exactly is what you want. That’s college, it’s not for smart people nor for rich people, it’s for people to find out what they want and who they want to be.” Her words get to me and I nuzzle my head against hers.

“I still think she’s just trying to get rid of us!” Nyx breaks the silence and we all laugh.

“Alright mom, just for you I’ll give it go and tomorrow morning I’ll go with Nyx to the college and take a glimpse.” I reassure her.

“Exactly we first got to see if there’s any cute boys there.” I widen my eyes and my mom starts chasing Nyx around with the broom and Nyx scream and runs around.

“Hello.” I look up and I see a very charming man in front of me and he hands me a banquet of roses.

“Just the roses?” I ask him and he smiles charmingly and nods. I start clicking on the register but I can’t help to think about how charming and gentleman like his personality must be and I see him chuckle from the corner of my eyes and I scrunch my nose what is he laughing at? It’s like if he’s reading my mind.

I clear my throat and I start wrapping the roses.

“Um do you want newpaper or um..” Shoot brain ****! I blush and hold up the other paper.

“Newspaper should be fine.” He smirks at my blushing. Kill me! Now he has something to laugh about.

“Here you go.” I hand him the roses and he smiles, “Thank, have a good day Miss.” He walks away and nyx and my mom come up running back in pointing at him and gawking.

“He was hot a ****! Did you get the digits?” She asks me.

“No, he’s a customer. I don’t flirt with them, I have to stay professional.” I defend myself.

“Well honey even I would of loved to get some of him.” Nyx and I both stare at my mom flabbergasted that she really said that.

“Well look at that even your mom has better taste than you.” Nyx high fives my mom.

“Whatever!” I roll my eyes and attend to another customer.

“Hey he might come back and then maybe mama bear hear can get her freak on.” Nyx winks at my mom.

“You think? Maybe I should go and put on my sexy outfit.” My mom runs off and my mouth drops as Nyx starts dying of laughter.

Kill me. 

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