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Graphics Studio: 1000 Paper Cranes

By @cocophony

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There is a Japanese legend where if you fold one thousand paper cranes (aka origami cranes, one of the easiest origami models to make), it is supposed to grant the folder eternal good luck and happiness. One girl, who’s name as 佐々木 禎子 (Sadako Sasaki),was diagnosed with Leukemia as many were who lived through the tragedy of Hiroshima (she was two when the bombs hit).

A friend told her about the legend, and in an effort to save herself she started working on these cranes. According to the book Sadoko and the Thousand Paper Cranes, she only made 644 cranes before her death. However, according to other sources, she exceeded the 1000 paper cranes.

Whatever the case, the full story touched mine, and between my love for the story (I read the book at a young age), and my love for origami (avid folder since 12), I decided to name my shop after the story.

When you order from me, you will have an “account” where you can earn “paper cranes”, AKA points. If you accumulate these points, you can use them towards free stuff! COOL, RIGHT???

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No advertisements here. If you want to post advertisements, leave it in my comments on the book I have set aside for comments and swaps, if the advertisement is for swaps.

Nothing graphic. I mean, this is obvious, but nothing super gorey or sexual. Mainly because of the site’s rules, haha.

Don’t pester me about your order unless it has been over a week. I am busy as I also write, have other orders, and have a job. Thanks!

All items are one item per story/chapter/poem you read of mine. That is my final price. No negotiations.


For each thing you order, you gain “paper cranes”. If you order a…

Desktop Wallpaper, you earn 150 paper cranes

Cover or Cellphone Wallpaper, you earn 100 paper cranes

Profile picture, or Chapter Graphic (either a header or any art, which can be placed in books with HTML, complete with code), you earn 75 paper cranes

Signatures or Other Graphics earn you 50 paper cranes

View the second chapter for the points shop!

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