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Cottage safety

By @ashfires

The man

Wandering through the graveyard it felt like something was watching me. I was scared to walk or even breath. I was walking as quiet as possible, but the winter leaves on the ground gave me away.

I felt eyes staring at me but no one was around. I heard breathing behind me but I was for sure the night guard had left by now. I remember him getting into his black chevrolet, I spin around just to be sure nobody was around. And I was right. No cars or people anywhere in sight as far as I could see. I realised I was holding my breath and I gasped for air as I heard something crunch behind me, I spun around scared for my life. I saw a man in the shadows, he was tall and slim and had no face, just empty eye sockets and a bloody grin across his face. I started to run as fast as I could. I ran into the woods and kept running. My legs were giving up on me but I forced myself to keep running. After thirty minutes of running I was lost in the woods. I tripped over something and slammed my face into a rock. I saw someone wander above me. And then everything went black.

I woke up in the morning. I tried to check my phone but it was dead so I had no clue what time it was, but something was different, something about where I was.I suddenly realised I was a tent with a bag beside me with a note attached to it. “I heard you fall last night so i took you to a nearbuy cottage i’ve been staying at, I was in a graveyard and i saw a man. He was tall and slim and had no face, he was frighteningly familiar though. I saw you there too, you were in the air though. I was confused and then I got knocked out by something hitting my head. I woke up in the cottage you are currently in. in the bag to your left is everything you will need to survive. I am in the kitchen, feel free to leave, but before you do, there is something you might want to know first.” the note read. I was confused. Who was this person? Had I met them before? How do they know me?

I got out of the small tent that was actually a fort. I wandered into the kitchen and peaked around the wall. I saw a guy, who looked around my age, he was slim and had longish brown hair slicked back with a butt-load of hair gel. He was handsome. I walked in and stared at him. “Hello, sorry for taking you in, but there’s something we need to talk about Ash.” he said.

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