Cosmic Commanders

By @Titus_Everfrost

Cosmic Commanders

By @Titus_Everfrost

Cosmic Commanders is an odd take on aliens and how they are normally portrayed in media. Follow a group of four soldiers as they fight back an alien invasion and come across something that will change Earth forever.

Chapter 1


So wait…what am I supposed to do again? Aaron just told me-(Sir can you just take a seat?) you want me to take a seat here? (Yes.) Okay…now what, Aaron just told me to come here. (Yes, also to not ask any questions.) Well, it’s kinda hard not to when you get no information about what you’re doing. (Can I just…can I just start asking questions?) Yeah sure kid, what ya want to know? (Well, the only question is…where did you story begin?) My story? Yer gonna have to be more specific, what does “my story” mean? (I think it means, how did we get where we are now) Oh…that story. Jesus Christ, that’s a long one. You sure we need to tell it? What about the others, or is it just me? (The others are also telling their story in different rooms, hopefully they’re actually telling it by now.) Okay okay, the start of everything. Where do I begin?…

I’d say my story started out on an old wooden dock, loading boxes on a boat. The dock was old and wooden, one that the government didn’t regulate because either unions or mobs used them and paid them to look the other way. It was most likely eleven o’clock, meaning it was dark out. However, the moon was fully revealing itself, so it was actually pretty bright out. I don’t even know why I was hired to move boxes onto a boat. It didn’t make that much sense for a hired gun, but the money was good. I was loading one of the boxes, which was only a small cardboard box but weighed a ton onto the boat when I heard a noise. It sounded like a car pulling up. I heard tires squeak to a halt, “so it was a car after all,” I thought to myself. I lightly and carefully set down the box and looked out to see what the car was doing. It was make out the color of it in the moonlight. It appeared to be a red two-seater truck, it looked like there were two people sitting in the truck bed. To be honest, the red could’ve been rust since it also had some yellow on it, or maybe the yellow was rust? Both of the doors to the truck opened at the same time, the people jumped to the ground and slammed the door shut. Two people climbed out of the back, and they reached back in for something.

The two who were in the back tossed something at the others who were in the truck, and started to approach the dock. I could tell by the way they were walking and how they were approaching with possible weapons meant a fight was about to break out. I looked around for something to defend myself with. I looked around the boat and found a long, metal pipe lying on the floor. It looked to be around two feet and I grabbed it. I looked out towards where the men were coming from, they got closer so I could see what they actually holding, baseball bats. Either the mob, or some ****** off fishermen. I walked onto the dock and started walking towards them.

“Oi, what ya doin’ on this dock, bloke?!” One of them yelled in a very obvious British accent. I stopped walking toward them and pointed to the boat. 

“Moving boxes for someone, I just gotta move some more than I’ll be outta your hair,” I said. I knew I could easily beat them, but I didn’t feel like it since I was almost done with loading. 

“No one is supposed to be on this dock, we only allow the fishermen and a few deliveries,” one of them said. He had a more sophisticated sound to his voice, as if he was royal.

“Ya can’t let me finish this? I’m almost done,” I said. They got close enough so I could see their faces, at this point they stopped walking. 

“No means no, are you going to leave, or should we break your legs instead?” The sophisticated one said.

“If you guys aren’t gonna let me finish, I guess I’ll just have to deal with you blokes first,” I said. They just smiled and looked at each other.

“Four against one? I do so love the odds. Gents, show this miscreant why no one should **** with us!” He said and the other three began to approach. I readied myself with the pipe, I prefered my odds anyway. The Brit took a swing at me and I blocked it with the pipe. As soon as he prepared for another swing, a car horn blared behind us. The attacks stopped and we looked to where it was, and saw that there was another vehicle with their lights on full blast. It was close to the truck. This time it was a small car, and it was pure silver. The door crawled open and a person got out of the car, but left the lights on. The person appeared to be a man and he closed the door and began approaching us. The gang members turned around to face him and they started to walk over towards him. 

“Excuse me sirs, but I need him alive,” the man said, as he pointed to me. He had a voice of an older gentleman, but it wasn’t coarse and gravelly, it was smooth like a businessman. They looked at me, then back at him. The man became much more visible as he approached, he wore a black suit with no tie and black pants, he also wore black sunglasses. The man had grayish hair, but it was hard to tell.

“Wott you want? This man is our business, not yours, so BUZZ OFF!” The British guy said. The man in all black stopped and so did the gang members. The man put his hand in his suit, and the men readied their bats. He slowly pulled out a gun of some sort. It didn’t look like any normal pistol they or I have ever seen.

“What kind of gun is that?” The leader said. The man smiled and pointed the gun at him.

“This kind,” he said, as he suddenly swung around toward their truck and shot. The truck then appeared to swell up and it imploded. The man’s car wasn’t touched at all. The gang looked at their truck wreck in awe, then the man. They sprinted towards the vehicle, looked at the remains, and ran off somewhere. He then approached me. 

“Keeping busy are we?” He said. I put down my pipe and returned the smile.

“Here and there, the jobs vary. How you going Ed?” I said. He stopped moving when we were two feet apart. 

“Aaron needs you, it’s of the utmost importance you join.”

“More alien trouble?” I said, and he nodded.

“Yeah, he’s getting you guys back together.”

“Us? Do you mean…” I said.

“Shhhhhh…Aaron likes to reveal the details, so I will spare you of that bore and bother,” he said. He began walking towards his car and I followed.

“Is there anyway I can have that gun you got?” I asked.

“This one? No, this is my personal…self-defense weapon he gave me. But there should be others like it back at HQ,” he said with a chuckle.

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