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A 17-year-old male by the name of Jason lives the rules and the same routine as everyone else, until one particular day, The Connection Ceremony changed Jason's routine forever. He loses his memories, forgetting everyone he once knew, even himself. He must recover his memories and figure out who he was and what happened... Or is he sure he wants to remember? Jason will have to sacrifice everything, which may end up hurting those he used to care about. (This story is also on Wattpad!)

Chapter 1


I can’t move.

I can’t recall anything about myself or what situation I’m currently in. I see nothing but darkness. I am also surprisingly calm and my heart slowly beats in my chest. It sort of makes me feel sluggish. Wouldn’t my heart race in this type of situation? 

“What is his state of mind right now?” I hear a female voice echo around me. I try to move, or at least open my eyes but nothing happens. I am stuck in this perpetual hell.

“His vital signs are stable. His consciousness is active but due to the medication they gave him, he cannot move. He is also suffering from small trauma to the hippocampus. It is possible he has no memories of anything that has happened, but he does have some basic memories, like how to write, read, and tell what animal he is looking at. He only lost major memories that make him… well him.” Another voice speaks and it’s a male this time. So it’s true. My memories are gone. How could someone do this to me? I wondered what I did to deserve this. Besides losing my memories, things were starting to come together, giving me details of what is going on. Maybe if I tried hard enough, I could get my memories back. I have to stay positive, it’s the only thing driving my will to live.

What I know right now is that a male and a female, possibly doctors, are examining me. They only have gone into my vitals and state of mind. I was also put on medication that made me completely immobile. It could’ve made me lose my memories too. Or maybe something else had happened. For someone to do that, I must’ve done something terrible to them. 

“Oh dear… this is not good at all. At least he is alive and breathing, but we need him. He has to remember or this whole plan will go to waste. Is there anything we could do?” The female asks, curiously. They ignore me as if I am asleep. The guy just said my mind was active, didn’t that mean I was awake? They haven’t directed a word toward me, so was I supposed to hear this? 

She sounded distraught. There was a plan and I was a part of it. Losing my memories have set them back and… was that bad? If these people are bad then I was helping them in some kind of scheme. What was the old me doing? The man clears his throat and there’s a bit of nervous shuffling.

“There is not much for us to do except put him back. He has friends that could help him regain his memories but there is a chance he may never get them back. That device caused a lot of damage in his medial temporal lobe. If that spread any further–” 

“Shush, you may scare the boy. He can hear us after all.” At least she finally acknowledged my presence. But… I might’ve lost more than just my memories? There is that chance that I could’ve became a vegetable… or I could have died.

It grows quiet and stillness fills the air, making me uncomfortable. It was better when they were talking about my brain. I don’t like how silent it is!

When the lady finally speaks for what seemed forever but she speaks quickly, as if she is running out of time, “Jason, you’ll wake up soon in an unfamiliar place, with chaos all around you. You need your memories back but you have to be careful of who you trust because not everyone is as they seem. You will know where to go when you recover your memories. I wish I can explain more to you but I’m afraid we are running out of time. Please stay safe.”

After those words, I actually feel something enter my arm. It doesn’t hurt, and I can feel whatever entered my veins course through, then making me feel drowsy. I want to know more, she can’t leave me like this! I want to panic, but I still feel nothing, just the sluggishness I felt earlier. It increases, causing me to feel sleepier and sleepier. 

As my mind falls further and further into sleep, I hear a loud crash, followed by a scream. And then, I slip into unconsciousness. 

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