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Confine me

By @srivarshini

chapter one

Confine me

Hazel’s pov:

                                                       Chapter one


I opened my eyes and found out that I was surrounded by sheets. No kidding. Tons of sheets wrapped in plastics. It was dark and cold. The floor was hard and wet. I tried to get up but couldn’t feel my legs. Am I drugged up? I had no idea where I am or with whom. The last part I remember is walking towards a car. And blue eyes.

Yes… someone asked for directions and I walked towards the car but could not remember anything else. I do remember sharp, clear blue eyes. Was that a guy? Am I kidnapped? I hear voices. It sounds like 3 men are arguing. I hear a thud. Did someone fall? Oh ****, they are talking about me. They say “she can’t be disturbed. That was the deal. Don’t see her as a girl. It’s money”

Okay, now I am sure I am kidnapped. I hoping that it wasn’t the blue eyes guy because if it’s him I have no hope of escaping. He was huge. I should check out my options for escape. There is a window but it has a steel grill. It looks like its evening. Holy ****!!! Someone is coming. I lie down.

“Hey cutie, are u cold?” his accent was fake and he smelled like stale beer. I pretend to be unconscious praying that he would leave me be.

He walks closer and crouches near me. I am very sure he is going to touch me and I inwardly cringe when I hear another voice:

“I said leave the girl ALONE” this voice is deep and I imagine it belongs to the blue-eyed guy. I tighten my hands into fists and perfect my act of staying unconscious. I hear the retracting footsteps of the first guy. But I am sure the second guy is still here.

“Hey, he left. You can relax.” I stay as I am.

“I can tell you are not out. Your hands are shaking.”

I slowly open my eyes. And meet the most alluring bluish pair of eyes in my life. He is staring right at me. He is tall and lean. I wouldn’t say he is huge. But you can tell he is stronger than any average guy by the way he carries it. He is wearing a black button down shirt and casual acid wash jean. Wait! What am I wearing? Where is my jacket?

I am wearing a black thermal sweatshirt and leopard print capris. He is still looking at me.

“Who are you?” I try to sound confident but it comes out confusing with my hoarse voice. I need water.

He looks at me as I if I am an alien.

“Wrong question, why don’t you go back to your sleep?”

“No, wait! What’s going on? Where is this place? Who are you? Why am I here? “I no longer try to sound confident. I am on the verge of tears.

“You are here because I need you,” he says with an exasperated breath.

“I don’t even know you,” I say.

“True…” he says with a cocky tone.


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