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Community Follies, The Musical

By @nickisaboi

Act I

Community Follies the Musical Act I

Scene I – Tuesday Afternoon in the Park

Song 1: Candy in the Park

TONY: Can you say….

RACHEL: Candy?

CARMEN: Candy!

TONY: And cookies!

RACHEL: And ice cream!

JACOB: All in the park!

ALL WALKERS (excluding Laura): Yay!

TONY: So, who’s ready for dinner?

CARMEN: I think we are! So when do we get candy?

RACHEL: Say, kids, let’s get going.

CARMEN: But we don’t get any candy? That doesn’t make sense.

JACOB: It’s called “Candy in the Park” for a reason.

RACHEL: It doesn’t say “Give your kids Candy in the Park.”

TONY: We will explain it at home to you guys.

RACHEL: I hope Laura gets home soon.

Scene II – Tuesday Evening Dinner in the Walker house

TONY: Candy, ice cream & cookies all in the park!

RACHEL: Who would’ve ever guessed that!

JACOB: Yeah, except there’s one small problem.

JACOB/CARMEN: We didn’t get any candy!!!

CARMEN: Yeah, or cookies or ice cream!

JACOB: How do you explain that?

Rachel sighs

TONY: Well, kids, I think it’s time that your mother and I explain to you something important.

RACHEL: Yes. Kids, this isn’t easy to say. And you are probably going to think we’re crazy for telling you this.

TONY: Indeed. Kids, we need to say…

Laura enters dramatically from Stage Left.

LAURA: Oh, hello! Hello blessed family! How are we all doing?

RACHEL: Where the heck have you been, young lady? You know 5:30 is dinner call time.

Rachel points at the clock. It is clearly 6 p.m.

CARMEN: You missed Candy in the Park!

JACOB: But we didn’t get any candy.

LAURA: Oh dang. Sorry about missing that, but Concert Choir had a special rehearsal.

RACHEL: Oh, that’s right.

TONY: You’re lucky this time. Take a seat. You’re missing dinner.

LAURA: Terribely sorry father.

Laura takes a seat at the empty chair.

TONY: Dear, how’s Concert Choir going?

LAURA: Oh, it’s going marvelous, dad! We just started working on our new song Little Birdie.

ALL FAMILY MEMBERS EXCLUDING LAURA: Oh great!/Wonderful!/Can’t wait to hear it!/etc

RACHEL: How about you, Carmen?

CARMEN: Oh, lovely. You know, life in Standard Chorus is good.

Heavy sigh from Carmen

RACHEL: Oh honey, I know you’re disappointed about the Concert Choir decision.

LAURA: Yeah, sis. We don’t have any freshmen in the Concert Choir usually.

JACOB: Yeah, and the Concert Choir is supposed to have good singers, right?


TONY: Jacob Allan Walker!

JACOB: Sorry. 

RACHEL: Young man, what’s new in your life?

JACOB: Nothing. The drums are still in good condition. I practice every day.


JACOB: It’s not that bad. Anyway, I’m also working on a big music project.

RACHEL: What is it?

JACOB: Don’t know yet, but it’ll be great!

CARMEN: We’ll see.

LAURA: Oh, parents, this dinner is lovely!

JACOB: Amen to that!

LAURA: Hey parents, I have a question.

RACHEL: Oh, what is it?

LAURA: How’d you guys meet?

CARMEN: Yeah, how come you guys never tell us this?

JACOB: Amen to that too.

TONY: Do you really want to hear it?


TONY: OK then. Well, I wasn’t expecting this.

RACHEL: Oh, me neither.

CARMEN: What weren’t you expecting?

TONY: Well, we kind of have to explain it in song.

JACOB: Song?

RACHEL: Yes, song.

Song 2: Meet at the Theater on Broadway

LAURA: Well, that was fun! May I be excused to take a walk?

RACHEL: Of course, dear! Be back by 7:30!

Last part of Meet at the Theater on Broadway

TONY: Now go on that walk!

Laura exits Stage Right, all other family members wave as she leaves.

Scene III – Outside Mr. Warsaw’s House

LAURA: Oh, beautiful life, everything is wonderful right now. 

MR. WARSAW: Young lady, what are you doing?

LAURA: Ma… Ma…. Ma….. Mr. Warsaw! Is there a problem?

MR. WARSAW: Do you know where you are standing?

Laura pauses for a moment, realizes she is on his property

LAURA: Oh, goodness, I’m on your property! Dearest apologies, Mr. Warsaw! I’ll be leaving right now

Laura steps away, flowers and plants are crushed. Mr. Warsaw gasps.

MR. WARSAW: You! Freeze!

LAURA: Yes, Mr. Warsaw?

MR. WARSAW: You ruined my flowers and plants! All of them! Not a single one survived!

LAURA: Oh, I’m dearly sorry, sir. I can fix it….

MR. WARSAW: And you will! I want you to repay for a whole bunch of new flowers and compensation for trespassing, or I’m calling the police!

LAURA: But, but, Mr. Warsaw! I don’t have any money or new flowers!

MR. WARSAW: Well, you better find a way! I’ll give you until Sunday to pay! Or your parents and the police get told! Got it?

LAURA: Y.. y… Yes, sir.

MR. WARSAW: Watch where you step.

Mr. Warsaw returns inside his home.

LAURA: Oh, oh, dear. I thought today was going to be a wonderful day. A superb day. But, but, it’s just become awful. I didn’t mean to wreck his flowers. I mean, no one likes him, but I would never want to wreck them on purpose. Oh, what do I do?

Song 3: What Do I Do?

HANNAH: Laura, is that you?

LAURA: Hannah! Oh my, how have you been? 

Hannah and Laura hug.

HANNAH: Oh, lovely, my dear friend. And you?

LAURA: Not so well.

Hannah notices Mr. Warsaw’s flowers are wrecked.

HANNAH: Woah, who wrecked Mr. Warsaw’s flowers?

LAURA: Me, accidentally!

HANNAH: Does he know? He’s going to kill you!

LAURA: Yes, he already knows.

HANNAH: What happened?

LAURA: Come with me, I’ll explain on the way.

Both exit Stage Left

Scene IV – Walker Kitchen

RACHEL: Hello, dear. How was your walk?

LAURA: Um, fine.

RACHEL: Dear, you don’t sound like it was fine.

LAURA: It was fine, mom. Don’t worry.

RACHEL: Are you sure? You know, we can always talk about anything?

LAURA: I know. And my walk was fine, don’t worry.

RACHEL: Well, ok, if you’re sure. Anyway, dear, I’m going to head to bed. I’m exhausted.

LAURA: OK, mom. Good night.

Rachel exits stage right.

LAURA: Oh, dear me. I just lied to my own mother. What kind of sick person have I turned into? I didn’t wreck Mr. Warsaw’s flowers on purpose. And if I tell her I was on that side of town, I’ll get grounded. I’m not supposed to go over there. Oh, what do I do? 

Song 4: What Do I Do? Reprise (Laura solo)

LAURA: Oh, dear. I’ve got some figuring out to accomplish!

Laura exits stage left.

Scene V – Passing Scene – In front of curtain (Nicole & Hannah duet)

Song 5: Center Stage

Scene VI – Opening Scene of George Stevens, in Chorus Room, Wednesday Afternoon

Concert Choir finishing up Little Birdie song

MRS. ABRAHAM: Oh lovely, peeps! Just lovely! Remember to harmonize. And energize. Great job today! Don’t forget about our concert next week! Laura and George, can I see you for a moment?

Students start to disband, all leave stage except Laura and George

MRS. ABRAHAM: You two have lovely voices. This is why I’m giving you the solos.

LAURA: Oh, amazing!

GEORGE: Hey, hey!

MRS. ABRAHAM: Make sure you rehearse those parts.

Mrs. Abraham walks off stage

GEORGE: I don’t believe we know each other very well. Name is George. George Stevens. 

LAURA: Laura Walker. I know exactly who you are, George.

GEORGE: You do?

LAURA: Of course, I’ve noticed you in chorus. I love your vocal performance.

GEORGE: Ah, well, blessings to you, my dear. But it is really your voice that I admire. It has the perfect harmony and I think you could do anything with your voice.

LAURA: Oh, George! You are a joy!

GEORGE: Well, you know, I just try to be me.

LAURA: I think you do a pretty good job at that.

GEORGE: Thanks. And you know something?

LAURA: What?

GEORGE: I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

LAURA: Me too.

GEORGE: Listen, I’d love to stay, but I must get home to assist my folks.

LAURA: Of course. I understand completely.

GEORGE: We shall be in touch, my dear?

LAURA: Absolutely.

George starts walks off stage left, but stops about halfway.

GEORGE: Oh, and one more thing, Laura?


GEORGE: Congratulations on your solo.

LAURA: Thanks, you too.

George exits stage left.

HANNAH: Laura, Laura, Laura!

NICOLE: What was that all about?

LAURA: I don’t know! I mean, he just started talking to me! I didn’t even think he knew I existed. But now, I know.

HANNAH: Yeah, but we know something else, too.

LAURA: What?

HANNAH/NICOLE: Singing You have a crush on him.

LAURA: Shut up guys, ok? I know I have a crush on him. You know it too. But that doesn’t mean he has one on me.

HANNAH: Well, you can dream, at least.

LAURA: Yeah. You’re right. Well, it’s getting late, I guess I should be getting home, guys.

HANNAH; OK girl. See you later.

NICOLE: Yeah, and remember… George. 

LAURA: You guys are so crazy.

Laura exits stage left.

NICOLE: You know something?


NICOLE: I think we may have Deering High School’s newest couple.

HANNAH: Now, let’s not get crazy here.

NICOLE: You can tell George likes her though, right?

HANNAH: Oh definitely. But Laura won’t believe us.

NICOLE: We’ll find a way to convince her.

Song 6: Couple o’ Lovebirds (1st part – part w/o George)

GEORGE: Indeed!

NICOLE: George, where did you come from?

HANNAH: I thought this was our special ladies song.

GEORGE: Pardon me, ladies. It is your song. I just heard you guys and I really, really like it. 

NICOLE: Oh, well, thank you George.

GEORGE: May I join in?

HANNAH: Of course! 5, 6, 7, 8!

Song 7: Couple o’ Lovebirds (2nd part – part w/ George)

GEORGE: Well, that was fun! But I must depart now!

HANNAH: Farewell, George! As we must be going too!

George exits stage right.

Nicole and Hannah hear Laura crying from stage right.

HANNAH: What’s going on?

NICOLE: Sounds like Laura. I’ll go check it out.

Hannah exits stage right, Nicole exits stage left. Set change.

Scene VII – School Hallway Wednesday Evening

Laura starts crying in the hallway.

LAURA: Oh no, no, no, no, no, no.

NICOLE: Girl, what’s wrong?

LAURA: With all the excitement that’s been going on, I’ve completely forgot!

NICOLE: What’d you forget?

LAURA: Mr. Warsaw!

NICOLE: What does that Party ****** want?

LAURA: I have to replace his flowers I accidentally ruined, but I don’t have the money to buy new ones.

NICOLE: What happens if you don’t replace them?

LAURA: Oh, parent’s get notified, and I probably get grounded and banned from Concert Choir. I’m not supposed to go over to that part of town.

NICOLE: What’ll you do?

LAURA: I don’t know. I just don’t know. With this, and all the performances coming up, and school, it’s just well, it’s. (pause) The Troubles of an Average High School Girl.

Song 8: The Troubles of an (Above) Average High School Girl

NEWSPAPER BOY: Extra! Extra! Community Follies!

NICOLE: Oh no. Not him again.

LAURA: What?

NEWSPAPER BOY: Extra! Read all about it!

NICOLE: It’s Joe. He is crazy in love with me. 

Newspaper Boy enters from Stage Left

NEWSPAPER BOY: Extra! Extra! Extra! Oh, hello, Laura. Hello, Nicoooole. 


NEWSPAPER BOY: Here, Laura. You may want this. I have no idea why, but I think you could use it. Hands Laura flyer. Nicole, I need your help with something. 

Newspaper Boy grabs Nicole’s hand, takes her off Stage Left. 

LAURA: (reading flyer) Community Follies Talent Show, Friday at the City Hall Auditorium. Grand prize $200 and a bunch of flowers! That’s just what I need! I can replace Mr. Warsaw’s flowers and earn some cash! Today is great! 

Song: Hooray, I’m Saved! (Laura solo)

LAURA: Oh, it says sign ups close in 30 minutes! I must get to City Hall to sign up! I need that prize! City Hall, here I come!

Laura sings the final line from “Hooray, I’m Saved!” again.

Laura runs to Stage Left to prepare for the Community Follies show.

End of Act I – 15 to 30 Minute Intermission

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