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Community Follies, The Musical

By @nickisaboi

Cast List

LAURA WALKER, age 16, an aspiring young girl with a dream of becoming a singer. Popular. Main actress in the musical.

CARMEN WALKER, age 12-14, Laura’s younger sister, also with a singing dream. Can be a brat to her sister and brother.

JACOB WALKER, age 10-12, pre-teen that looks up to his older sister most of the time, does killer drum solo instead of sings usually.

TONY WALKER, age 40-50, father to Laura, Carmen, and Jacob. Kind of clueless at points, but wants to help his kids any way possible.

RACHEL WALKER, age 40-50, about 2-3 years younger than Tony, mother to kids, also very supportive of kids.

GEORGE STEVENS – age 16-18, male singer, Laura’s lover. Known as the “man of many talents’ at Deering High School. Supporting/main actor in Act I, main actor in Act II.

NICOLE DUNN – age 16-18, Laura’s all time best friend. Very popular as well.

HANNAH CARTER – age 16-18, Laura’s other all time best friend. Plays saxophone and sings.

ALEX BLAKE – age 15-18, snotty kid, acts as the “Star Saxophone Player”.

MICHAEL WARSAW – age 50s-70s, known as the “Grouch of Deering”.

JENNIFIER ABRAHAM – age 30-40, band/chorus teacher at Deering.

ENSEMBLE/OTHER STUDENTS – age 15-18, acts as normal students, but do often have musical numbers.

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