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Community Follies, The Musical

By @nickisaboi

Introduction & Permissions

Let me explain what this is, as I’m sure some of you are confused of why it says “The Musical” at the end of the title.

I thought I’d try something different. Instead of writing a book, I thought I’d write a musical on Underlined and see the feedback and if this works! If you guys like this concept, I will write more plays and musicals on here in the future! I am a HUGE musical fan! (Personal favorites include Mary Poppins, Wizard of Oz, Hamilton, Newsies, Curtains, and The Music Man.) Again, while this is not what Underlined is meant for, I thought I’d give it a try!

In these types of adventures, I will usually have four “chapters.” Chapter 1 is dedicated to the Introduction of the Play and “Permissions” (you’ll see what that is in a few moments), chapter 2 is the Cast List, chapter 3 is Act I and chapter 4 is Act II. (More chapters may be added for plays with more acts.)

While this a new concept for Underlined, I hope that you will all enjoy this musical (and potential future plays and musicals.) ????


Laura Walker is a typically, happy 16 year old, in the reigns of Portland, Maine, with the most astonishing voice anyone could ever hear. Everything seems to be perfect for the young Ms. Walker, when all of a sudden, trouble spears up with the grouch himself Mr. Warsaw. Struggling to come up with the funds to pay him back for her accident, Laura thinks she’s doomed, but then she hears about Community Follies, the hot new talent show of Maine. And she may meet the love of her life along the way.


ALL REQUESTS TO USE THIS MUSICAL IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA must be sent via email to underlinedplays@gmail.com with a the following information: Reason for Performance, (i.e. Community Fundraiser, Church, etc.), Venue, Number of Seats in Venue, Estimated Attendance, Ticket Prices, or in the case of an Audition Usage, the specific passage and the number auditioning.

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