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By @Caleb-L

Enjoy my writing! Well, now you can have me personally write for you!

$20 per 1000 words

$5 to proofread your writing

I will write whatever your heart desires: short stories, the backstory for your ocs (original characters), nonfiction, or anything else

Rules: (Most of these are set in stone, but some can be discussed further for exceptions)

  • No pornographic or sexually explicit topics.
  • No vivid and embellished gore.
  • Nothing overtly political or religious, please. (can be discussed further)
  • No fan-fiction of established media, but this can be discussed further.
  • No school assignments when it comes to projects. I will have you explicitly state that it is not for school for legal purposes.
  • Nonfiction projects require YOU to do research and to supply me with your sources. I am writing, not studying.
  • I am a busy person so commissions might take probably a week or so.
  • Word count to the exact word will be charged, so you will not be overpriced.
  • I do not require payment up front, but I require it when I finish. This way if things don’t work out no hassle will occur.
  • When I finish the product you must pay me before I give you the writing.
  • I reserve the right to refuse my services according to these rules or anything otherwise, and I do not have to establish reasons for my refusal.

Email me for a commission and more information

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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