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By @maaria_pizzaria

Entry #1

Saturday, September 18th, 2021 Time Unknown EST

You know that moment when you feel like you were just punched in the stomach? Before you ask, no, not like the sorry-my-finger-slipped kind of punch, well not even a punch, rather, a swift elbow jam to the diaphragm. We’ve all had this occur at some point in our lives. At that peak of our lives when we finally grasp an “aha!” moment, or (plot twist!) the girl rejects the guy, and the reader gets a whole summarized inside story on her life afterward. For me, the climax (defined: the turning point in a character’s story) in my life was when we found out a member of family was sick. This was the deepest and most gut-wrenching thing I’d ever felt in my life, even worse than when my biological dad decided not to care for us anymore. After this unusual turn of events, the character must take a few slow deep breaths, and find the best ways to navigate around the problem, and look on the brighter side. So my friends, if you came here looking for the typical teenage “‘Dear Diary’” kind of story, allow me to interest you in something that’s found quite rare in most journals. Grab that faux fur blanket of yours, pop a few kernels of popcorn, (I highly advise bringing a large bowl) and prepare to laugh your butt off ( If you don’t laugh, you’ll at least smile!)

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