By @TheReaper


By @TheReaper

It's about a Artist who lost the love of his life in a car wreck. He looses all hope and tries to end his life. His friends get help for him but it wasn't until he met Raven Whittaker that puts the pieces back together. Raven his a young woman who has had a troubling past. That she refuses to tell anyone. Her friends grew concerned as her condition worsened. Eventually they sign her up to a group therapy session. Where the girl who doesn't speak meets Abraham Johnson.

Chapter 1

A Walking Shadow

“Abraham, Abraham, open the door Abraham”. I yelled. I heard crashing from inside the apartment. “Abraham”. I yelled again. I took a step back form the door and kicked it. I was about to kick it again when Ellie showed up holding the spare key. I watched as she unlocked the door and opened it. I looked around the room until I found him. He was setting on the floor with his back to the wall. He was holding a piece of broken glass from a brown beer bottle in his left hand. As he pressed it into his pale skin. A red liquid ran down his limb. I stood there shocked as Ellie ran over to him and took the glass from his shaking hands. He watched as the blood ran down his arm and onto the wooden floor. Ellie was freaking out from the blood. She called his mother Adriana. I looked around for anything that could stop the bleeding. I saw a white hand towel on the counter top nearby. I grabbed it and wrapped it around his wrist and applied pressure. “We need to get him to a hospital”. Ellie was still on the phone with his mother. I looked on the counter and saw Abraham’s car keys. I got up and grabbed them. I quickly went back to his side and lifted him up off the floor. Ellie helped me hold him up. I was on his right while Ellie was on his left. We drug Abraham out of his apartment.

We ran down the stairs carrying him like a dead weight. I applied pressure to his wrist as Ellie tried not to drop the phone. Once we got out of the building I let go of Abraham and walked to the gray Durango. I unlocked the car and opened the back door on the passenger’s side. Ellie helped him in and shut the car door. I got in the driver’s seat and started the car. Ellie ran around to the other side of the car and got in. I drove to the closest hospital in a panic. Ellie put the phone on speaker so she could apply pressure. I heard Abraham’s mother on the phone freaking out. I was trying to focus on the road. I quickly glanced back at Abraham to see if he was okay. He was paler than a ghost.

Ellie was trying to calm Adriana down. I pulled into the hospital parking lot and parked as close as I could to the entrance. I got out of the car and opened Abraham’s door for him. I helped him out while Ellie got out and ran to the entrance door. She held the door as I led Abraham into the building. I walked toward the front desk when a nurse walked by. “I need help”. I said as I grabbed her wrist. She looked at me and yelled for a nurse. Another nurse showed up. She asked the nurse for a wheel chair. The nurse then left to go get one. The first nurse walked up to us and looked at the wound. The second nurse came back with the chair and helped me put Abraham into it. The first nurse applied pressure as the second rushed him down the hallway and into a room.

After the nurses took Abraham.

I took the phone from Ellie and put it in my pocket. I could tell she was on the brink of tears. I wrapped her in my arms. I could feel her pull on the back of my shirt. I held her tighter and kissed the top of her head. I could feel her tears fall on to my shirt. “It’s okay, everything will be okay”. I whispered softly. Abraham’s mom walked in the room and ran over to us. Ellie released me from her grip and wiped the remaining tears away. Adriana slapped me across the face and screamed, “You were suppose to watch him”. Her lips quivered and her breath was shaky. Makeup and tears streamed down her face as she covered her mouth. I grabbed her by her shoulders and sat her down in a chair nearby. Ellie sat in the chair next to her and held her hand and calmed her down.

After about three hours it was silent. Adriana stopped crying but her face was still puffy. I stood up and said, “I’m going to go get some coffee”. I walked out of the room and down the hall. Once I found the cafeteria I grabbed two cups and pored the coffee. I grabbed the cups and walked over to the vending machines. I sat the coffees down at a table and grabbed my wallet. I had a five dollar bill and three ones. I pulled out a dollar and put it into the machine. I pressed E7 and grabbed my coke. I put the coke between my arm and body while I grabbed the two cups of coffee. I walked back to the waiting room and waited.

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