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Color Council: Sneak peek!

By @ActressMawuena


 My jacket conceals my fair skin. My brown eyes blink.

“Ria, today’s the day!” I say. Ria looks confused.

“You know… the day where they take a strand of hair, your spit, a drop of blood, test you, and determine your future job!” I say.

Ria freaks out. “OMG! I heard that the Color Council was coming today!” She says.

I freak out now. “All fifty-eight of them, even the secret one who never shows his face?” I screech. “I need to do more research on all of them! Names aren’t enough!”

Ria rolls her eyes. “You’ve read every book about them and know everyone’s name. Plus, it’s too late now.”

I sigh, “You’re right,” And we both stroll into the huge school.

“What color, or colors is your hair today?” Ria asks before I even Have the chance to take off my jacket hood.

I laugh. “Velvet,” I say.

“And your nails?” She asks.

“Mint Green,” I say.

My hair and nails change colors everyday- I don’t know how. Some days I’m a redhead like Ria and some days I have brown hair, like my father.

I swie off my hood, my red hair shimmering in the light and my milk chocolate skin dancing in the sight of…

“Papers,” Ria says. “It’s papers everywhere!” She says.

Just then, Nia, Ria’s twin, comes into the building.

“Your father,” She breathes.

I widen my eyes. “What about him?” I say.

“I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem good.”

“I’ll break the news to you,” Ria says.


“Your father…” Ria starts.

“…Is the secret color council member!” Nia finishes.

I squeal. “This raises my chance by ninety-eight percent!”


“They’re here!” I say. I rip apart the paper and read the hologram.

Dear Talia of Purple Council,

Your results: Color Council. 

Training begins next week.

-Color Council

I squeal and run to Ria’s house.

“I got a rogue council,” She says.

No way. The only time Ria broke the rules was when she was five and snuck to another council. And that’s only strongly unadvised. And that was 9 years ago.

“What- it was just a glitch!” She says. “I’m in… judge council!!!”

Nia looks sad. “I got rogue.”

That makes sense. She snuck past curfew to date a guy five years older than us, she’s broken almost every law there is.

“It’s okay,” I say. “All they do is send you out of the system.” I pat her head.

“Easy for you to say!” She yells. “There are monsters out there!”

“Maybe it was a glitch,” I say, reaching for her hologram. “yeah, see, it says, ‘Sorry Ms. Nia of Purple Council, it was a glitch. Your new council is the Dance Council.’ “

“That’s even worse!” She wails. “I don’t even know how to dance!”

For a fourteen year old, she’s really immature.

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