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By @Crittergirl98

No one questioned why our world was black and white. Everyone had been told that it was just the way the world was. My sister’s eyes were grey, mine were black. They mirrored mother’s and father’s. We didn’t understand hues, because black, white, and grey were the only colors we knew.

We knew there was a drug. A color drug. But only the wealthy could pay for color. Color was a luxury that only they could afford.

And why waste money on color?

Those were my thoughts, until a man came to our village who knew the truth. He came on a behemoth horse. His long hair hung to shoulders and blew gently against his cheeks. His smile was kind, yet demanded attention.

I was drawing water for our evening meal as he approached, “Excuse me, miss.”

I glanced up, and almost screamed in fright. For this stranger, his eyes were not the typical shade of grey or black that all of ours were. They were unlike anything I’d ever seen. I imagined that that color was what water felt like. Bright, cool, and refreshing.

“Excuse me?” He repeated, a puzzled yet knowing look on his face. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from his.

“I beg your pardon.” I swallowed, “Did you need something?”

“I’m looking for the house of Delmonte. Could you be so kind as to show me it?”

“Gladly.” I smiled, nervously, “May I beg a name, sir?”

“Lukas.” He nodded, the smile never faultering, “and, who might you be?”

“Annette. But you may call me Anne.” I brushed back a strained of my hair, forcing myself to stop looking at his eyes.

“Are you alright?” He swung off his horse, “You look frightened by me.”

I laughed, but it sounded forced, even to my own ears, “Nay, I’ve just never meet anyone quite like you.”

I held onto my full bucket of water, motioning for Lukas to follow me. “Where do you hail from, Sir Lukas?”

He laughed, and it was almost as bright as his unusual eyes, “I am no sir. I’m plain Lukas.”

I shrugged, “It matters not your title. You are still above me in position, I’m sure.”

He cocked his head, “And how would you know that? We’ve only just met, and you know not a thing about me.”

“You have a horse,” I pointed out. “That is more than what half of this village has.”

His smile fell, “If you knew why I had this horse, you would understand why I am no sir.”

A shiver rain up my spine. Who was this strange man, whose eyes were a color I’d never seen? Could he be trusted?

I motioned to the two story house in the center of the town square. The Delmontes were our leading family. Davin Delmonte was the viscount, and answered to the king himself. They could just afford the color drug every month, much to the lesser nobility’s frustration. The color drug was a sign of wealth and prosperity, something some people killed to try just once.

Lukas whistled. “Doing pretty well for a village of your size, eh?”

“The Delmontes are doing well,” I rubbed a hand up my bare arm as the wind blew again. It wasn’t cold enough to chill me yet, but the summer weather was starting to morph into fall evenings. “The rest of us are just surviving. And barely at that.”

His brows lowered and he muttered something I couldn’t distinguish before clearing his throat. “Where do you live, Annette?”

His wonderfully bright eyes locked on mine, and before I could form a word, he smiled, “You’re special.”

“No, I’m a poor farmer’s daughter.”

“You see what others cannot.” He cocked his head, as if listening to something, “You have been chosen.”

I took a step back, “What do you mean? Chosen by who?”

“Chosen by the Creator. He loves you, Annette. He did not create His people to live in darkness.”

“Do you mean our colorless world?”

Lukas reached out and touched my shoulder, his warm hand sending a tingle down my arm, “That is only a mirror of the darkness inside of all of us. The rich, they try to create a world of color by a pill. It is not true color. The true color of life can only come by the one who created it.”

As he spoke, the dullness of our world begin to melt away. Colors I’d never imagined, let alone seen begin to appear, filling my mind with brightness and warmth.

“I … it’s … ” I began to shake. An overwhelming need to cry overtook me and I sank to my knees. “Its beautiful.”

Lukas knelt before he reached out and gripped my other shoulder. “Listen. It’s not safe for you to remain here. You must come with me.”

The daze of the colors and the vividness of it all caused me to barely hear his words, “The colors …”


I turned finally meeting his eyes, “Lukas it’s …”

“It’s overwhelming. I know. So is the Creator’s love for you. He has a plan for you. He sent me here to find you and to deliver a message to the Delmontes. Now, come with me to deliver this message.”

I shook my head, feeling the weight of the water bucket in my hand, “I have a family to care for. A home to help run.”

Lukas looked like he wanted to protest, but something – or Someone – held him back. “If you change your mind, I will meet you on the western road at dusk.”

I nodded once, before scrambling back up to my feet. A pulsing sensation pounded my temples, making my stomach churn. Lukas was right. It was overwhelming. The colors were making me dizzy. I stumbled as I walked along, my head whirling at the brightness of our once dull world.

I leaned against the door frame, my stomach heaved. Thankfully, it was empty. I hadn’t had a thing to eat all day.

“Annette. Let me help you.”

Lukas’s warn voice enveloped me, and the pulsing lessened. I shook my head, “I cannot. This is home and I must -”

“You must answer your Creator. He is calling for you. This gift of color, it’s His calling card. Do you answer the call?”

“If they knew …” I shook my head again, “I could die if I stay here. They could think that I stole drugs.”

“And if you come with me, you could die as well. People like us are hated everywhere, not just here in your village.”

“People like us? So … you’re a color seer too?”

“Aye, I am.” Lukas touched my arm again. “And I’ve vowed to the Creator that I’ll protect you. You have a very special mission, Annette. I’m honored to serve you, if you will allow me.”

And with those words, Lukas dropped to a knee, his right fist against his heart, head bowed as he showed me his loyalty.

“This is too much.” I laid my fingers against my temples, “I …”

Go. Trust me, my child. I shall care for all you hold dear. This is not the end for you, but a new beginning.

I looked around for the warm, loving voice, but no one was around. Lukas was still kneeling and made no sign that he had heard the voice.

Is it … the Creator? I wondered in awe.

Tis I. I love you, my child. Will you accept that love and follow Me?

“Aye. I will go.”

Lukas looked up, his eyes shining, “Then let’s go deliver a message.”

I grabbed his hand before he could move on, “I have one question before we start.”

“What is it?” He raised a brow.

“What color are your eyes?”

He smiled and then answered, “They are …”


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