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Collision of Fates (Updated)

By @CollisionOfFates

Chapter 7

Chapter 7


A destiny like no other.

Sure. Why not? His life was already messed up. Might as well toss in a few more crazy events.

He kind of wanted Cora to chuck a granola bar at the old guy’s head, though.

Michael crossed his arms and moved to stand in front of the group. He glared at Ravius and Destiny. “Okay, wise guy. I want answers – clear ones. No more poetic crap. Who the heck are you, and what did you mean by ‘that won’t be necessary’?”

Ravius exchanged a glance with Destiny that made Hawk seriously uncomfortable.

“Very well, all will be explained if you come with us.” Ravius motioned toward a path lit with hundreds of tiny lightning bugs.

Had that path been there before? Hawk had no idea.

Aliya stepped forward. She was obviously upset about something. He hoped she was okay, but her eyes had gone kind of puffy and her legs were shaking a little.

She didn’t say anything, but she had a desperate look on her face that seemed to be directed at the wizard guy.

Ravius held her gaze, then nodded very, very slightly. 

Aliya took a shocked step back, but as soon as Ravius gestured for them to follow him and Destiny, she was the first one to move down the path with them.

Hawk shrugged, following their lead, and Cora and Michael reluctantly obliged- Michael looking incredibly unenthusiastic, of course.

Hawk stayed behind Aliya, wanting to say something but unsure if he should.

The group carried on in silence.

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