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Collision: Fusion of Worlds

By @draekaan_frostaerian


Mikael steadied himself against a beam as the ship tilted to the left, sending the little furniture the cabin had sliding across the slick wood floor. He looked out the small window, admiring the rise and fall of the waves. His best friend and trusted ally, Henrohf, simply leaned to keep himself balanced. He wasn’t focused on the position of the royal vessel; he was concentrating on the thick book in his hand. Suddenly, he slammed it shut and placed it back on the shelf with several other volumes. Mikael turned back to him.

“You dragged me into this journey,” Henrohf demanded, “Because you think he managed to live those hundreds of years, break the barriers to the portals, get past Ruyon, and get into another world.”

“I don’t know anything for sure. I just know that before dying, the scout uttered several words that he may have thought were key: Tunkoh, portal, and help. It may not be the same Tunkoh, but I don’t feel like taking chances.”

“But if it is him–If–What does it matter?”

“What does it matter? I’m sure you’ve committed most of the eighth History to memory, as I have?”

“Yes. Who hasn’t? Everyone remembers the journey of your great-grandfather.”

Mikael sat down as the ship straightened itself. “You seem to have forgotten something. Let me refresh your memory. If you remember Miktalien, then do you remember Asnarei?”

“Of course. The master of our ancestors’ universe.”

Mikael leaned closer. “But there was never one master. Twelve universes. A master for each. Ethsaren, Asnarei, and the others. But there was one who was corrupt. The Night’s Edge. Open your eyes. The prophecy is being fulfilled once more.”

“Prophecies only happen once, friend. Miktalien has died; the evil was thwarted, and still is.”

Mikael shook his head. Folded his hands together above the table. “But where was it thwarted, brother? Here. This universe. We only purged the evil here. The Night’s Edge still lives. And I believe he is about to make another move.”

The ship tottered again, and Henrohf grabbed the shelf for support. “I follow you because I trust you. You’ve never steered me wrong, so I’ll help you. But I see one problem in this plan. Which universe has he gone to?”

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