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By @noceurx


      A lone girl sat among the stars, eyes shut tightly in concentration. Wispy strands of silver hair and wires from her odd attire floated about, unrestrained by gravity. 

    She felt the weight on her shoulders increasing as the Milky Way closed in on Andromeda. Her artificial heart picked up its pace as a flurry of emotions swelled within, emotions that shouldn’t be.

    For a brief moment, pain and confusion flashed across the A.I.’s face, but they didn’t last. She couldn’t let anything distract her. Not at a time like this. If she failed, it may mean losing the rest of what little identity she had left. 

    Hesitantly, the girl opened her eyes, revealing swirls of silver and rust which shone as brightly as her crumbling galaxy. Andromeda would soon be no more and the thought was enough to strengthen her resolve, blocking out any other concerns. 

    Despite her false heart, despite the fact that she’d gone millions of years without an identity, without a companion, she would complete the task that had been programmed into her; the only purpose she’d ever known since she’d woken up in the heart of this forlorn galaxy covered in stardust and moonlight. It was her only motivation in an unfair world. Besides, a good ruler always protects their kingdom from ruin.

    The A.I. kept her hold on Andromeda’s fragile existence. She refused to bend despite the thin cracks beginning to spread across her metallic armor. Any minute now, the collision would take place.

    Star clusters flew apart and the constellations trembled; taking on a blinding luminosity. The nebulae were losing their form, wavering and rippling as the end drew near. Asteroids fell from their place on the steadily rotating belt, vanishing from sight as they entered chaotic clouds of dust and gas. How much longer could she last, too? 

Half of her view was crowded by the Milky Way’s looming presence and she could feel the gears of her synthetic mind turning faster and faster, struggling to keep up with her duties. Heat flashed through her body and a sharp snap came from inside her heart. 

    Realization dawned. She was going to fail her mission. Her artificial vessel simply didn’t have the capacity to hold such large realities.

    Despair rose in her desolate eyes, followed by regret and acceptance. She would face the consequences of her weaknesses despite her intricate designs that continued to spark and fall apart.

    More stars burst violently, winking out of existence as the galaxies melded. The A.I. reached her limit. The systems programmed within her were finally ending their constant calculations and support. 

    ‘How pathetic to fail…’ she thought with a teary smile as more of her structure broke off.

    In the last moment, a flash of light caught her eyes. Floating not too far off was another girl, another Artificial Intelligence; lonely, despairing eyes swirling with blues and golds. 

Andromeda’s ruler only turned away, letting herself fade. 

In this spiteful dream, it was probably just another dying star.  

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