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By @Murdernerd3

Chapter 2

Ok, throw the ball. Nice and calm. What is Em doing? Ugh still with stupid Gi. No, Gi isn’t stupid that is not nice. Just ugh.

Why are they doing this? Em was talking to me until lunch. Was it Al that said something? Today is a mess.

The day is blurring. It’s been so eventful yet so… simple. 

They are playing ******** with the boys now. I swear. What if they never talk to me again. What if they leave me like Brooke. Ugh, that won’t happen. NO!

Ugh, nervous stims. Stop it. No freaking more. There is a literal pit in my stomach. My anxiety has been too high for too long. I could go to the school counselor. Well, she might not be free.

I need to recollect my thoughts. I’ll just zone out.

You’re not good enough for Em! That’s why they left you. Just like Brooke. Just like everyone. You aren’t good enough. Think of Al, shes never thought you were good enough.


Ugh, why are my thoughts racing like that. It’s so overwhelming. Why can’t I have a normal mind?! I’m on the verge of tears ugh.

Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. DON’T CRY!

Maybe I really should go to the counselor’s office. Maybe she can help me. Let’s go over to Kay. Get my mind off everything.

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