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By @Murdernerd3

Chapter 1

Em seems to be mad at me so I should give them their space. Just go up to them it’s not that hard. But it is. Just… ok let’s go, what’s the worst that could happen. You’re walking up to them, it’s not that hard. 

“Uh-” I get cut off as Em passes me. 

What, wait why. Ok so now I know they are mad at me but seriously why? What did I do? I notice something. Em, they are walking to the girls’ locker room. Without me. With two other girls. Am I not relevant. Ugh. I don’t know. Ugh. Whatever. Should I go in and see what they’re doing? No, that’s eavesdropping. I shouldn’t do that. 

Kay starts walking up to me. Say hi. 



Ugh, I’m so mad at Em. Whatever. I don’t even know what I did wrong. This is so unfair. Let’s just go play.

Kay and I are passing the ball. Why do they have just ugh.

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