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By @Murdernerd3


Sitting. The best break. No one wonders what you are doing. You just sit there

The bell rang. Ugh. Time to go. She picks up her stuff and starts walking. Wait, where is Em. Em her best friend, maybe. She just wanders. What? Em was walking out the doors with three other girls.

She walks through the massive orange and black gym. The school colors. Her eyes empty but her mind filled with thoughts. She opens the massive black gym doors into the crowded hallways. She passes the new cafeteria. She watches as Em goes to their girlfriend. Her thoughts overtake her.

I wish I was her. I mean I used to be her, but now I’m nothing. Nothing. Something in the shadows. Something that is one-time use. Something you just discard when you get tired.

She continues walking through the crowded halls. If only someone knew the pain she felt inside.

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