Cold Blooded

By @Ginger2019

Cold Blooded

By @Ginger2019

At 17, Nixie Parker, or the “Shade Assassin” is already Astroria’s most wanted villain. Nothing and no one gets past her impenetrable walls of steel, especially now as she is on a mission to avenge her father. Then she meets Atlas Rivero, who gets in the way of her plan in every way possible. As feelings between the two grow, so does the tangled web of secrets between them. When secrets come to light, both are faced with seemingly impossible choices; ones that will change their lives forever.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

“Password?” A gruff voice grunts from behind the metal door of the dilapidated building at the end of the dark alley.

“legacy” I reply, keeping my voice low.

The door squeaks open slowly and I look around the alley to make sure no one is following me, though I’m pretty sure I would know if someone was. After all, I am not exactly a newbie in these types of situations.

I step into a dark, dank room, with nothing in it but a rickety desk and another metal door on the back wall.


The voice now has a body to go along with it. A huge woman, with sallow skin and stands at at least six feet tall, towers over me with her arms crossed, obviously trying to intimidate me. It doesn’t work.

“The Shade Assassin”

A flicker of fear registers across the woman’s face, but it’s too late. I leap on top of the desk and almost as soon as both of my feet hit the desk, I am jumping onto the woman’s back and wrapping my legs and one arm around her, while the other pulls out my trusty dagger from my boot and slits her throat. The whole jumping thing wasn’t my original plan, but once I saw how tall she was, I had to go to plan B. God, I hate being short. Of course, killing her was always a necessary part of the plan. Morbid, but necessary.

The gigantic woman topples forwards before I have time to leap off of her back. I am able to unwrap my one leg from around her before the lady hits the floor, but my other leg was not as lucky. My foot gets driven into the floor by the woman’s heavy body and twists 90 degrees to the right. Pain shoots up my leg and I think I may have heard a couple cracks. Maybe leaping on her back was not such a good idea.

I yank my leg out from under the woman’s ginormous stomach, trying not to cry out with the pain coming from my right ankle. I then tuck my dagger into my boot, but not before wiping it off with the rag that was also in my boot. I stumble over to the desk and push myself onto the top of it. Grimacing, I gently pull my right leg toward me so that I can examine my ankle and catch my breath. I don’t think it’s broken, but it sure as hell hurts as if it is.

Ugh!* I don’t have time for this! I have to be to school in a half hour, and if I am tardy one more time I’m going to get i big-time trouble. Getting in trouble means unnecessary attention pointed at me, and attention is not a good thing when you are 17 and already a wanted villain nicknamed the “Shade Assassin”.

It’s not like I want to be a villain. I do what I have to do to survive. I don’t have those fancy superpowers that those superheroes and villains have in the stories. Here in Astroria, there’s just highly trained people-mainly *********- who form gangs and squads. I’m not part of a gang. I ride solo, and so far it’s worked out pretty good for me.

I take a deep breath and steel myself before hopping down from the desk. As quickly as I can on one foot, I make my way to the door on the back wall of the room. I stop in front of it to pull my phone out my pocket. I pull off my gloves and turn on my phone’s flashlight, pulling them back on when I’m done.

I turn the door handle, shining the light into the dark room. I spot the small package I was coming for sitting all alone on top of an empty lab table. I have been waiting weeks to get this package of black market tranquilizing darts and it cost me a whole months wage of pickpocketed money.

I cautiously stagger over to the package, not quite believing it was that easy. I ****** the brown paper bag wrapped package and bolt as quickly as I can through the door and out the door leading into the alley. Before I shut the metal door behind me, I get a glance of the nameless woman whom I had just killed, and a spike of regret runs through my body.

    God! When did I get so soft? I am the Shade Assassin. Assassins don’t mourn their victims. Get it together Nixie!

I slam the door behind me, stuff my gloves into my back pocket, and check the time. Yikes! I only have 15 more minutes to get to school. Half hobbling, half running, I head over to the nearby dumpster where I had stashed my satchel with my change of clothes. I grab it, put the package inside of it, and put on the heavy pea coat that was inside. Throwing the satchel over my shoulder, I start on my way to Astroria High School. Thank God it’s not that far from my location. On my way I call my best friend, Selene, to let her know I am on my way and to meet me in front of the locker rooms next to the gym.

Every step is excruciating pain. My ankle is the main spot of pain, my foot is just numb and tingly now. Damit. This is not good at all. I have a job to do that can’t be done in a cast. My livelihood depends on this job. I can’t fail.

I’m going as fast as I can through the busy streets and sky-scraper lined allies, but between the crowds of tourists, gawking and snapping photos of everything, and my ankle, I’m not sure if I’m going to make it.

Selene is there at the lockers when I finally arrive, my backpack in one of her hands, looking like a nervous wreck.

“Thank God! I thought you would never show up. You have five minutes until the tardy bell rings,” she scolds, handing me my backpack as I rush past her and into the locker rooms to change.

“Yea sorry, I had something slow me down a bit,” I reply, shutting myself into a stall and frantically trading my tight fitting black leggings and tunic for light jeans and a white floral peasant blouse.

“And don’t think I didn’t notice your major limp Nix. What exactly were you doing that couldn’t wait until after school? It better have been worth it.”

“I’ll tell you later,” I answer, opening the stall door and standing next to her in the mirror, making sure my high ponytail is still tight and neat. “Right now we need to focus on getting to class.”

“Fine,” she says letting the matter drop. We exit the locker room and go our separate ways.

I barely make it to class in time, and I probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for Selene. Smiling to myself, I take my seat. Selene is that rare person that comes into your life, and you’re not exactly sure how they got there, but you just know that they are there to stay. I really don’t deserve to have such an amazing person like Selene I’m my life, but man, am I glad she is.

Me and Selene have been friends for 4 years, since freshman year. Neither one were watching were we were going and ran into each other. That was how we first met each other and then I remember after that it was like wherever I turned, she was there. Selene kept reaching out to me-I was the ultimate lone wolf back then-and I kept pushing her away. Finally I gave in to her irritating offers of friendship and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

She was my first, and only, friend in a long time. She taught me how to be normal-well as normal as I can get-and what friendship was like. She has always been there for me, even when I don’t want her to be. I would gladly die for her. No, scratch that, I would kill for her.

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