Coffee With a Stranger

By @TayH

Chapter 1


Coffee with cream swirled on top,

hands folded on the edge of the table,

smile plastered on a little too thick,

empty words spilling out of our mouths.

Crowded café, restless restaurant,

fearful eyes avoiding a gaze.

I swear I knew her,

the pale cheeks, brown eyes.

I knew her quirks, held her when she cried.

Half drunk coffee, jackets still on,

legs bouncing under the table,

so many words but so little is said.

The couple in the booth behind me begins to fight,

I wish I had their passion.

I swear I loved her,

the bubbling laughter, slouched shoulders too.

I loved her smile, held her hands.

Empty coffee mugs, empty smiles.

Nothing but a stranger in the seat across from me.

I swear I knew her, loved her, missed her,

but now I’m not so sure.

She stands, says she’ll see me around.

I agree with a swift embrace

Empty promises, empty goodbyes

I feel a little empty too.

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