By @BubblySparkles

Sofia just finds that she has a clone from birth.

Chapter 1


It was a nice cozy evening for Sofia. She and her best friend, Bonnie, had planned a facetime party. It was around 7:30pm and Sofia facetimes Bonnie. Bonnie’s cheerful face pops on the screen. “What’s up Sof?” “Nothing unusual” There was a long pause. “I want to tell you something” said Bonnie with a serious face. Sofia thought she was being sarcastic and laughed, “Go on and tell me something serious…” “This is not a joke. I just found out something!” Bonnie whisper-screamed. “Whoa, calm down girl. I bet it is not that bad. What did you find out, mummys and zombies are real?” she laughed. “Nooooo, why can’t you just show a little seriousness in things?” Bonnie raged with anger. “Ok, ok, go on. I’m listening” Sofia showed some interest. “I was scrolling through my insta feed and suddenly a girl caught my eye” Bonnie had started and Sofia interrupted and laughed, “So you are telling me you are gay now?” “No, now don’t interrupt me and listen” This made Sofia shut up.

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