Clare, Saviour of Draigaria

By @SabeneRizvi
Clare, Saviour of Draigaria

Clare is an army commander and chief executioner at the royal palace. However, the king has died and the kingdom has been split into two between his two heirs. Clare finds herself and her people under the command of an oppressive vindictive queen. She is helpless as she finds out what to do but deep dark secrets of Clare's past reveal themselves as she fights to save Draigaria and it's people.

Chapter 1

Lucifer's Incarnate

I raised my head to the queen sitting before me, I did not honor her with my heart. No one in this town did. She was evil, rude, wicked. Our town had been split into two between the two children of our beloved king shortly after his death; the kingdom had to be split 50/50 and our town was the heart of the kingdom; right in the middle. His son was a mighty, kind ruler and so was his son’s wife but our queen, well she… let’s just say that in front of her, the devil seemed like a saint. She hated the lenience her father had showed to our town, she believed that when people feared you, they respected you and when they respected you, they would obey. Her cruel wickedness began to show shortly after the town was split and when we attempted to move to the other side of town, we were told that a clause of the treaty signed between the queen and the new king stated that people from the other’s territory could not move into the other sibling’s territory. Well great, we were stuck! She ordered that all new inventions were to be approved by her and that all unauthorized items were to be given up willingly or would be forcefully taken. The unauthorized items included electricity and sure enough, when we woke up from our sleep the next day, the guards had cut of all electricity on our part of the town. To an outsider, it would seem that a natural disaster had rid the town of modern day devices, indeed a natural disaster had done so, and that natural disaster was the woman, I was bowing before.

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