Circuses Treat Animals Dreadfully!!!

By @scoupienne26

Circuses Treat Animals Dreadfully!!!

By @scoupienne26

Circuses don't care about the animals. They care about the money. Are there animals in the circus you are going to? Just say no!

Chapter 1

October 21st 2020

Dear Garden Bros circus,

My name is Sarah and I am writing to you to make circuses a happier place for animals.

Wouldn’t Garden Bros circus have more people coming if they knew that you had no animals waiting in cages until the show?

No elephants in pain on the cement floor? No lions that do tricks because they are scared of what will happen if they don’t?

These beautiful creatures that are supposed to be in the wild munching on fresh leaves are instead standing on the cement floor, chains on their feet. says: “Virtually 96% of a circus animal’s life is spent in chains or cages.” Do is a website where there are 5.5 million people wanting to make a positive change online or offline in 131 countries. This is why I find this website reliable.

This way of treating animals and just shoving them in cages is dreadful and inhumane!

 We humans talk about putting each other in people’s shoes but aren’t animals living organisms? Animals have feelings and we should put ourselves in their shoes! 

We do not even realize that there are these helpless creatures staring at you from inside their cage because you are too busy counting how much money you earned.

 Keeping animals in your circus doesn’t just affect them. It affects you, your colleagues, and also your customers.

So many people get hurt and even die because of the animals that are tired of suffering. According to “ Elephants have bolted from circuses, run amok through streets, crashed into buildings, attacked members of the public, and injured and killed handlers.” There has been more than 35 dangerous incidents since 2000. According to “Since 1990, there have been more than 123 documented attacks on humans by captive large cats in the United States, 13 of which resulted in fatal injuries.”

Would you like to be taken away from your mom when you were just so young? No. But those baby elephants get taken away.

Would you like to be kept in chains and cages for the rest of your life? No. But those elephants, cats, camels, horses, and so much more animals get kept in cages and chains!

Would you like to be tortured and given commands every day? No. But all these animals are tortured and given things to do!

You can’t assume how an animal is feeling and just say: “ Ya it’s ok she/he is fine.” Because there is a very high chance that the animal is not fine! You can only do that if you have experienced what it is like to be an animal in a circus! You haven’t experienced their pain every day. But they cannot do anything about it because they will get hurt even more. These animals get taken away from the place where their whole family is and where they belong to be tortured every day for the rest of their life.

Hopefully, You will let these animals be free again and let them have great lives.

Animals in circuses? Just say no.


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