Chronicles of the Chosen Ones

By @star1714
Chronicles of the Chosen Ones

When two sisters go through a horrible accident they find that they have powers. When unleashing those powers they've unlocked powers of four other girls. They going through horrible accidents as well and together they will take on the world.

Chapter 3

Chapter three: Area 51

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I wasn’t supposed to end up like this, but here I am. In this torture chamber that experiments me like I’m some monster or alien. Last time I checked I wasn’t some lab rab. To think it all started when my mom discovered these powers. Mom, she used to be my friend, but once she found what I could do she sent me away so quickly. I don’t even consider her my mom anymore. I’ll never forgive her, but I do know one thing from being here.

There’s no escape from this Area 51 like horror.

1 month ago:

I am at church right now like I always am on sundays. After church I stay a little longer. My mom doesn’t mind she knows I need this. I go up to the front and kneel down and take a moment to think. ‘ I miss you dad, I hope you’re listening’. A few tears run down my face at the thought of my dad. He died in a bombing along with one of my friends, Logan’s, dad.

I’ve been meaning to talk to her, but I don’t know where to start.

‘ Hey Logan we just lost our dads, twinsies!’, hear the sarcasm. Once I left the church I went inside the car. I look at my little sister who’s sleeping from lack of sleep last night. She had another nightmare, the same one she always does. She has gotten them since the day they told us dad had passed away. I look ahead and come into eye contact with my mom.

She hasn’t been talking that much, not since dad has died. ‘Now why does that remind me of Katniss’ mom from the hunger games, dang it Eryn!’. I sigh and look out the window waiting for this ride to be over and to get home.

We shortly get home,’finally!’, and I head straight to my room. Once I’m in my room I close the blinds and sit down indian style on my bed. I stare from the mirror in room and stare at the star shaped birthmark on my collarbone.  I then concentrate on hand and will myself to release the magic. Sparks start to fly out of my hand and I grin in amazement. I found about these powers a few weeks after dad died and been practicing ever since. I look at the ABC blocks that my sister left in my room. An idea struck in my mind. While looking at the blocks I concentrate and release a red-ish haze that then makes the blocks float. I float them towards me and I start playing around with them. In the middle of playing around I heard the door open, but I was too concentrated to look.

A gasp was let out and I look to see my mother looking at me with horror. She runs before I have time to explain. ‘I guess I forgot to lock the door, uh-oh.’ I try to listen closely with my improved hearing. “Yes, tomorrow?, yeah okay tomorrow is fine-perfect actually”. ‘Huh?’


The next day I was coming back from school when I see strange men in uniform talking with my mom.

“Um”, They then all look up to stare at me “ Who are you people?”

One of the men grinned and answered,”We’ve come to take you away.”

I looked at my mom in horror not believing what they were saying. Only all I saw was certainty in her face.

“Mom?”, I whispered

“ They’re right Abby they are going to take you away.”, She said with a stone cold face.

“ But why?”, I said on the verge of tears.

“ Because you’re a monster a worshiper of the devil you are NOT the child I’ve raised.”, I see tear streaming down her face but I don’t care. Does she really think that just because have some magic powers that I worship Satan?!?!

“And you are not the mother I grew up with!”, I fired back at her

“ Take her away.”, she said stone cold


They started hauling me to what I now see to be a truck with a cell in the back. I start moving trying to break out of their hold.

“ Stop moving mutt.”

Mutt, that’s what I am to them. The push me inside the cell. I try to run out only for the door to slammed at my face.

“MOM, mom don’t do this.”

She didn’t even look me in the eyes.

I slumped to ground looking out a far my house getting smaller and smaller. That’s the last thought I have until my eyelids droop and I fall asleep.


Present day:

1 month of torture later and I’m here. Don’t know what here is but it’s scary. They give me injections everyday and examine me. As much as I don’t them to.

“ How’s the little monster?”, the man I recognize and I now know as William Stryker.

I don’t respond, I will never answer to questions as stupid as these.Next thing I knew I felt a stinging sensation. He slapped me.

“Answer me mutt!”, he told me with one of the many nicknames he calls me

I look at him with disgust and anger. I still don’t respond to him.

“ Okay if that’s how it’s going to be.”, he then grabs my chin making me look at me

“ Listen here, I’m in charge, you do as I say and don’t look at me like that I can do whatever I want to you!”

That alone sent shivers down my spine of what he would do and not in a good way.

“ Then again you won’t be having to listen to me for long.”, he began

“ You’ll be put death today for an analyzation on your brain.”

Terror. That was the only emotion I was showing. In my brain and in my body right now.

“Enjoy your last day alive.”, he then leave my cell

I look up to the white ceiling tears forming in my eyes. Then looking to my all white cell. ‘ I’m going to die tomorrow’. I close my eyes thinking of happy thought so it can fill into my dreams. Wanting to at least have a good night sleep before death.


The next day soldiers come out and pull me up for extraction.

I’m taken to the lab and I see a table out in the center. Tools are in a tray and I look up to see a round electric saw. It was hanging like a claw machine, like it was ready to claw the life out of me.

“ Lay her on the table and strap her.”

I couldn’t resist if I wanted to I am too weak from lack of food. My white skin, all pale. My light brown hair in knots. They lay me on the table and strap me on. They turn on the power dampener on the straps. I hear William’s voice and look up to see them through a see-through wall.

“ So Abigail we’re are going to slice through your skull open to start and examine your brain.”, says the doctor who has a hook-like mustache.

“ And to make you suffer we are not going to put you sleep.”, William grinned.

I breathe in deeply, scared to death I did not want my life to end. At least not like this.

The electric saw then turns on. Slowly moving towards me, buzzing and I watch as the blades move closer to me. Just as the saw about to slice into my skin and into my skull-

A red-ish haze stopped it. I look to my right and see Logan inside the lab. The haze flowing through her fingers stopping the saw from killing me. I stare at her in amazement, she then throws the saw across the room.

Soldier then start entering the lab, ready to attack, I then see Eryn come in and I see her start using magic to knock down all the soldiers. They then unlock me and began lifting me up. I put my weight on them, being too weak to walk.

We exit the lab and all I see is bodies on the ground, not dead but knocked out. At least I think or at least hope so.

Once we’re out of the facility I finally see sunlight for the first time in a month.

“Sunlight, I thought I’d never see it again.”, they look at me in pity

We walk further in out when I hear-

“ What took you guys so long?”, I turned to look and see a familiar face.

“ Eloise?”, I said

“ That’s me, long time no see.”, she cheered

I smiled weakly, still not having  a lot of energy.

“ We need to get her food.”, I heard Eryn mutter

“ How did you guys do that?”, I asked

“ Do what?”, Logan looked at me questionly

“ The… the red haze, are you magical too?”

They all shared a knowing smirk.

“ There’s a lot we need to catch you up on.”, Logan told me

“ But first food”, Eryn told me while looking at me

“ Then you guys will explain.”, I muttered starting to get sleepy

“ Yes then we’ll tell you”, I heard Eryn say before I fell right to sleep.

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