Chronicles of the Chosen Ones

By @star1714
Chronicles of the Chosen Ones

When two sisters go through a horrible accident they find that they have powers. When unleashing those powers they've unlocked powers of four other girls. They going through horrible accidents as well and together they will take on the world.

Chapter 2

Chapter two: “ Mommy?”


My name is Logan Elizabeth Neal and before you ask I am a girl. I know, weird name for a girl. I honestly don’t know how I got my name, nor do I care. Now, I’m here to tell you a story, a story about how my life got turned upside down. It started when I was riding my bike around the streets of Hawaii, the wind through my straight black hair, the grief of my father’s death still hitting me hard. You see, my father was in the military, and so is my mom. That’s how I met my two best friends, Abby and Eryn. Both of their fathers were military too. We went to a school for military kids at Fort Belvoir, a army base in Fairfax, Virginia. Eryn’s dad retired from the army after he got diagnosed with cancer about a few years ago. Abby’s dad, died along with my dad.

They were both deployed to South korea and died in a bombing. Real “Hunger Games” if you ask me. ‘Sorry Eryn’s a real book nerd and got that in my head’. Being a military kid is also the reason why I’m here in Hawaii, which reminds me-.

I’m home!’, I thought to myself

Can you hear the sarcasm dripping from my voice’ Man I’ve been spending too much time chatting with Eryn.’

It’s not that my home is horrible it’s what’s inside that is. You see my mom was fine before my dad died. All happy and caring, but when he died she got depressed and sad. I guess that’s what happens when your love dies. She started resulting to alcohol, the military gave her some time off to grieve, but I don’t think that’s going to be enough. My sister and I are the only reasons she’s still alive right now . If not she would’ve killed herself.

“ You’re home.”, my mom muttered when I entered the house

“ Where else would I go, practice is tomorrow.”, I whispered

“ Is Elizabeth home?”

“ No she’s staying after for some club in school.”

“ Good for her.”, she slurred

“ But not for me.”, I whispered quietly

“ I heard that.”, she slurred loudly “ Logi, can you get me another beer?”

“ Ok.”, I sighed

I walk up to her and take her beer which still has some alcohol in it.

“ You can take a sip if you want.”, she whispered

I went to the trash can to throw away the beer, but before I did I thought about it. I thought about drink the beer. I wondered if it would make the pain go away like my mom says. ‘ No, dad wouldn’t want that’, I thought. So I threw away the beer and got her a new one from the fridge.

“ Here”, I told her coldly

“ Thanks sweetie”, she took the beer eagerly.

I then walked up stairs to my room and did my homework, ate, and the went to bed.


The next was the same, I went to school, went to basketball practice, and rode back home.When I got home something didn’t feel right.

Once I got home I noticed it was two things: One, it was eerily silent. Two, mom wasn’t on the couch like usual.’She must’ve gotten drunk and went to bed’ I shrugged it off and went to take my pain pills. I only take them after basketball because it makes me sore.

I walk into the bathroom and open the cabinet. I went to find my pain pills only to find them already opened and empty.

That’s weird’

Then sudden realization hits me. I run up stairs and to my mom’s room. I knock on the door.

“ Mom?”

No answer.

“Mom?!?”. I say louder

I still don’t get an answer. I start getting sacred sweat dripping through my tan skin.


When I get no answers, I start hitting the door trying to knock it down.  When the door bolts open I’m met with a terrifying sight.

Mommy?”, I whisper trying to choke down a sob

I knelt to the ground where she laid on her bed

“Mama? Mommy please don’t leave me.”, I say tears running down my face still trying to deny the truth.

“ Mom, mommy please!”, I choke out

I start shaking her.

“Mama”, I cry” Please don’t leave me, don’t leave us!”

I don’t know what happened after that. All I remember is screaming out her name again and a blast that shatters the windows.


I’m sitting on the bay window in my room. All the child services and police cars outside. I know they’re going to take me and my sister away, I’m only 13.

My sister walks in the room, she’s 15 about a 1 and a ½ older than me. She looks at me with a sad smile, I know she wants to cry. I’ve been doing it since I saw mom’s body, but she’s trying to be strong. I can tell, she’s trying to be strong for the both of us.

“ Hey”, she tells me

“ Hi”, I mutter to her

“ Everything is going to be alright”, she says smoothly

“ No it’s not”, I mutter sternly

She nods, “ Maybe.”

I scoff, “ yeah maybe”, I sarcastically mutter

“ You’ll see”, she says then stands up and walks to the door not before leaving something.

“ This is for you”, she says then leaves

I walk up to the stuff, there’s a bag and a note. I pick the note and read it:

Dear Logan,

I know that you don’t want to hear this right now not with mom death and everything. I’m here to tell you the those policemen and child services workers are fakes. Now before say anything let me say this: We’re ‘special’, we are magical beings actually. Laugh all you want but it’s true that’s why the windows shattered. Your friend Eryn will tell you more about this. I contacted her a few minutes ago because Logi you Have. To. Run. Those people are going to experiment and kill us, maybe even kill us first. So I’m telling you this, take your bicycle and ride all the way to the airport and catch the flight to Virginia and find Eryn! I’ll be your distraction, when you hear my scream run. I don’t care what you hear Logan but you have to keep going, forget about me.

I going to miss you so much. Don’t forget I’ll always be with you and I’ll watch over you if I die. I love you!

From your loving sister,


By the end of the letter I was in tears. I start looking through the bag seeing my passport, ticket, and clothes. I see my hoodie and jeans, I’m a tomboy and the girliest thing I ever wore was a blouse. I also see my sneakers, ‘She knows me so well’ I smile at the thought.I look out the window and see them getting Lizzie. Then I hear her scream and trying to get out of their hold. I take that as my cue and run down the stairs and out the back door to my bicycle.

“ Hey!”, a ‘police officer’ yells

I don’t stop I jump on and start riding. Then I hear a gunshot, I look for a quick second to see my sister lying dead on the floor.

I will always be with you’. That thought quickly makes me keep riding quickly to the airport.

No doubt they’re chasing me. I make to the airport quickly while trying to somehow lose them. I give the flight attendent my ticket real quick and take a seat on the plane. I deeply breathe out exhausted from the day that I had. We start flying up in the air and one thing goes through my mind.

‘ Eryn I’m coming your way’


I make it to Virginia at night time walking wanderlessly. I’m on the streets trying to remember my way around. ‘Do I turn right or-’

“ Need help?”, I hear

I squeal and jump a little at that. I turn around and I’m met with a familiar face.

“ Eryn?”

“ The one and only”, she dramatically throws her hands up

“ Well you haven’t changed a bit, except you’re not wearing glasses anymore?”

“ Well you don’t need when you’re ‘magical’”, she then shows some jazz hands

I laugh, ‘She really hasn’t changed’

“ Right, so what exactly are we?”

“ My aunt will explain when we get there.”

I nod,” Are we just going to walk all the way there?”

She grins, ‘uh-oh that’s her mischievous grin’

“Actually we’re not”, she then stops walking

“ Huh?”

She Laughs

“ So remember how your favorite superhero is the ‘Flash’?”

“ Still is,why?”

“Well I-”

“Wait, no way you don’t mean-”

“Yep”, she grins

“Cool”, I say amazed “ I wish I had that”

“ From what I heard your sister said that you have sonic scream”

“So that’s what that was”, I mutter

“I’m sorry by the way”, she starts “About Elizabeth and your mom”

I nod grimmly

“ My parent died too you know”, she said sadly “ And my brother.”

“ Max?”, she nodded

“Oh”, there was nothing else to say.

We hugged and then continued going.

“ Come on get on my back, I told you we weren’t walking”, she said as she leaned back.

I got on her back and we sped off, but not before I said-

“This is going to be so cool”, I grinned


When we got to the house the door open and I immediately saw Eloise.

“ Logan right?”, she asked

I nodded, we greeted each other with a hug.I then met their aunt Leticia, Letty for short. Letty and Eryn then started speaking in spanish. My spanish is a little rusty, I only know a little from my mom whose from Puerto Rico. Even then they’re speaking way too fast for me and I think Eloise feels the same way.

“ So Logan.”, Letty began “ Eryn here, says you would like to know what you are”

“ Yes please.”

“ Well if you are to stay with us it’s only right.”, she says with a hint of here hispanic accent.

“ Stay here?”

“ Of course!”, she says while looking at me as if I’ve gone insane.

“ Thank you.”, I told her

“ Of course, now”, She began “ Let me begin”

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