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By @melonmonster27

The night before the choosing, I am wide awake. I sit on the window ledge, peering out into the restless city of Tendem. The city is alive in that special sort of way. The way that steals your breath with the beauty of it all. The lights of the spiral skyscrapers wink their silver eyes at me, and a calm smile spreads across my face. I close my eyes and rest my head on the chipped wall of the orphanage bedroom. There is nothing but the distant hum of hovercrafts from above. My head floods with thoughts about the coming day. Choosing day.

Each year, all the kids in the orphanage write their name down on a bright blue slip of paper and place it in a glass jar. The next day, President Thorn comes to the orphanage and gives a long, stupid speech about giving one of us a brand new, glorious home is his gigantic manor. He then draws a name out of the jar, and whoever’s name is on it gets whisked off to President Thorn’s big manor to live a life of glamour.

Honestly, I don’t even know why he wants to adopt any of us freaks.

You see, most of the kids at Meadow View Orphanage have special “talents”. Kiara can shapeshift into a lion. Mike could probably lift this whole entire building. I am telekinetic. That means I can lift thing with my mind. Most of us were abandoned on the steps of this dumb orphanage because of our powers. We’ve learned to live pretty normal lives, if you don’t include the occasional setting of bedsheets on fire, or tidal waves coming out of the dining room.

I slowly open my eyes, and I take in one more glance at the beautiful, bustling city that is in front of me. My eye catches on President Thorn’s manor, and I don’t realize that I’m staring at it until the final light in the building shuts off, enclosing the whole house in darkness.

I slide off the window ledge and sluggishly walk towards the bunk bed I share with my best friend, Cindy. Cindy and I are inseparable. We clean together, eat together, and laugh together. We make our treacherous days of cleaning enjoyable, the two of us. A year ago, there were three of us.

Cindy, Kimberly, and I all got abandoned on the same day, and have been best friends ever since. Kimberly was always getting into trouble. Just imagine how hard it is to control a baby who can produce fire. Anyways, last year on choosing day, the president drew Kimberly’s name out of the jar. She was taken away before Cindy and I ever got a chance to say goodbye.

My mind fills with memories of Kimberly, and a wave of emotion washes over me. I drop to the floor, crying.

I know Cindy has heard me when a gentle hand lands on my shoulder. “We all miss her, Anika.” Cindy said, in a calm tone. I looked up, and saw Cindy’s sweet, round face, with ice blue eyes looking back at me. Her flat, platinum blond hair felt soft against my cheek as she gave me an encouraging hug. It always surprised me at how well she used her gift of being able to read minds.

Cindy stayed by my side until my crying slowed, and I was able to stand up. She walked me to our bed, and I pulled myself up the ladder to the top bunk while Cindy crawled into the lower.

It’s not long until we both fall asleep, dreaming about the day to come.

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