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Children of The Winter

By @IsabellaAnn125

Warm Clothes for Kallier

Chapter 6

Miyuki took Kallier to another tent and there she talked with one of the girls that Kallier thought must have worked there. Miyuki later came back with a pile of folded clothes. She approached Kallier and offered the clothing to him.

“For me?” He asked her.

“Of course. You can’t stay in those clothes covered by that quilt all the time.” She said grabbing the corner of the quilt and pulling it from him a little, cold air rushing in to his chest. “Plus you need to be dressed properly in order to be at the dinner tonight. It gets colder at night.”

“Oh. True. Can’t stand the cold air that much.” Kallier said shivering a little. “Where do I get dress?” He asked.

Miyuki signaled for him to follow her. He did. She took him to the back of the tent she got the clothing from and there were what look like changing rooms in the back of the tent.

“Here.” Miyuki said opening the curtains and revealing a small room built with more curtains inside, a light hanging from the top, and a little bank for sitting on the side wall. He smiled at her and went inside. Miyuki closed the curtain and left to talk to the one who gave her the clothes.

Behind the curtain, Kallier sat down and took off the quilt, the cold making him shiver even more. He took off his shirt and quickly got dressed in the outfit that Miyuki gave him which was super warm. It had different types of fur and had some arrays stripes of colors on one side. He then proceeded to taking off his light clothing pants and putting on the fur pants Miyuki gave him. When he looked there was even a pair of warm furred leather boots as well to go with the outfit.

Kallier unfolded a very warm hooded cape that made him even more warm. ‘Wow! They really know how to dress for this extreme living in the cold.’ He thought.

He came out from behind the curtain and Miyuki turned around and looked at Kallier who happened to be looking around searching for her.

“Wow! You look like one of us now.” She began her arms crossed as she began walking up to him.”WELL, except the black hair and brown eyes.” She finished saying.

Kallier laughed, “Yeah? Cool.” He said.

“Yeah, look at yourself.” Miyuki said and show him the full view mirror standing next to the changing rooms. His eyes went wide and he smiled. “I must admit that your outfits are really cool.” He said modeling in the mirror. Miyuki laughed.

“Come on. I’ll show you around.” Miyuki said and soon they began to walked in the cold winter snow of the village.

The village was bigger and expanded into the forrest a lot deeper in then he thought. There were houses made with logs, which a nice fire must have been inside since smoke was coming out of the chimney. There were even some gardens infront of the houses which certain weird but beautiful crystal like flowers grew. They looked like they were made with ice. “Those are beautiful flowers. They look like flowers made of ice though.” He said.

“I know, that is because they really are made of ice. Nobody knows the mystery but they are beautiful right?” Kallier looked at her and wondered at what a mystery it was indeed.

There were patches of frozen over lakes in which the children looked like they were roller skating on but he had no idea how that worked on ice. The children seemed to be enjoying themselves while chasing each other on the ice. Some would almost fall, while others would fall.

In the far distance of the lake there seemed to be more people who had fishing poles and were fishing fish out of holes in the ice. A cart was right next to them full of fish.

“What are they doing?” Kallier wondered, for he had never seen fishing before.

“They are getting fish.” Miyuki aswered.

“Fish? That is how they fish?” He wondered looking at the men fishing.

“You do know what fishes are, right?” Miyuki asked with a look.

“Yes, but I never seen people get the fish before. We usually just go to the store and buy them. Never had to work getting the fish from the water before.” He informed Miyuki.

“Oh! Well now you know. They get it for the whole village. This frozen lake is one of many. There is even a river here which has not frozen over but runs wildly. There are yummy fish over there. ” She said. “Come on. I’ll show you more.”

Pretty soon they went to the marketplace where there was all kinds of different shops for food. From fresh bread that Kallier saw being made; to fish, fruits, vegetables, spices, and different kinds of meats. Kallier wondered where they got all these foods from since these were some foods he saw back home.

“Hey, Miyuki. Do you all grow these foods or do you get them from us?” He asked her.

“The meats and fish we get here. But everything else we get from you all. Except the bread. We make it here but even those ingredients we get from you all.” She answered.

“Interesting.” Kallier said. “By the way, do you all eat together everytime. You know like the dinner tonight or do you eat seperatly?” He asked.

“No. We always eat together. All of us are like a huge family. We always gather where we will be having dinner tonight for breakfast and lunch as well.” Miyuki informed as they walked.

This all fascinated Kallier. Their lifestyles were so different.

Miyuki continued to show him around and he saw different scenes. From older ladies, to young ones, making the different clothing pieces. He saw people making tents and building them. He guess those were new shops. He saw people making houses with the logs. As well as some children gathered around the older men who were telling stories to them. They were really into it, all amazed and fascinated by it.

Soon it was getting dark and dinner time was approaching.

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