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Children of The Winter

By @IsabellaAnn125

The Nursery

Chapter 5

They entered a tent that was full of women who looked like Miyuki but all with different features. You could tell the difference between each one. At the distance you could see a bunch of rocking chairs, some women were seated on them, rocking back and forth.

“What are they doing?” Kalliel asked.

“They are nursing them. We have specific woman who have just given birth who are nursing the new ones which are brought here as well.” Miyuki said.

“Oh!” Kalliel said in almost a blush.

“Come on. The babies are this way.” Miyuki instructed Kallier.

They made their way to the left of the huge tent that had walls of curtains making a barrier to seperate them. Even though it was cold outside, it was so warm inside the tent.

“It’s warmer in here.” Kallier said.

Miyuki looked at him and smile. “Yes, we Children of Winter are used to the cold, but the babies are not. So even though your government doesn’t like us they invented this tent in which it’s walls of curtains have a technology in them that warms anyone inside. Since you are freezing I was hoping to lead you in here in order to warm you up. That is until we get you the proper clothing.”

“Thank you, Miyuki.” Kallier said with a smile. She returned it. She continued walking and they enter behind a curtain that had a lot of cribs made of wood inside. There must have been around a couple dozen of babies.

“That’s a lot of babies.” Kallier said shocked. “How do you take care of all of them?”

“Well, when the girls of the village turn a certain age, they are trained in taking care of the babies and children. When they are at the age of marriage and they first give birth they kinda graduate to a nursing mother.” Miyuki answered.

“Wow! This is so fascinating.” He said looking around at the babies. “Wait, they are all sleeping now?” He asked.

“Not all, some are awake.” Miyuki replied.

“That’s strange. I don’t hear crying. The babies back home cry like crazy, like all the time when awake.” Kallier said in wonder.

Miyuki laughed. “They do when they are hungry, but not like your babies. Like I said, we are kinda peaceful, even since birth. Our kind is very different. Even the babies are different. I was not kidding when I said that we just wanted to live peacufully and in harmony. There is almost no violence with us, unless provoked. Especially when it comes to defending our lives or our love ones. It’s just that now, we are under control with your government because of the fear if we were free. But they don’t understand that the problem is with them, not us. If we agreed to live in harmony we would most certainly love too and I can assure you that no revolt would come from us. But even we have our limits.”

“What do you mean?” Kallier asked curiously.

“Nothing. Here, let us get closer.” Miyuki said.

They went to the the nearest crib and there Kallier saw a very beautiful baby which was wide awake and very attentive to him. Kallier smiled at him and the baby just stared. Then he smiled in return, fluttering his little arms in excitement. His blue eyes were so beautiful. The aura like tattoo illuminating around him. It made the cutest noises as he played with a baby’s toy.

“He is so beautiful.” Kallier said mesmorized.

Miyuki looked at him and sweetly smiled. “You will make a good family man.” She said. Kallier broke his stare off the baby and looked at Miyuki, blushed and grinned. “I would?” He asked kinda embarrassed. Miyuki laughed. “Look at you, getting along with the babies, he seems to love you too.” She said.

“I guess I would then.” He said scratching his head.

“Want to hold him?” She asked. Kallier eyes went wide. “I could?” He asked and Miyuki nodded. Kallier nodded in agreement. “Okay. Kinda nervous. Never held a baby before.”

“I can assure you that you will do just fine.” Miyuki replied as she bend over the crib and carefully grabbed the baby in it that smiled at Kallier. Miyuki instructed Kallier at what to do, how to position his arms and grabbed the baby firmly. Soon the baby was in Kallier’s arms. He sweetly and gently bounced him. But all the baby did was look at Kallier and busrt into smiles and cute laughter.

“Wow! I’m actually holding a baby. He is so cute!” Kallier said excited. Kallier touched the little arm of the baby and the baby grabbed his fingers and held on tight. Kallier laughed. He began to do funny faces at him and the baby just laughed.

“Hold old is he?” Kallier asked.

“He is 3 months old.” Miyuki replied.

“What’s his name?” Kallier asked.

“Thalaj.” Miyuki said smiling.

“Thalaj.” Kallier repeated. “Beautiful name.”

“He seems to like you a lot.” She said.

“Yeah, He does.” Kallier said smiling at the baby.

“See, I told you that you would be a good family man.” Miyuki grinned and Kallier returned it.

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