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Children of The Winter

By @IsabellaAnn125


Chapter 3

The village was opened. No walls surrounded it, seperating it from the nature around it. There were small cottages that were big enough only to hold a small family. They were spread around the village. There was a huge fire in the middle and it looked like they were cooking food.

The village was full of children and teenagers that looked a lot like Miyuki. They all had the same tattoo as her but at the same time it was different. Some of the teenage girls were busy cooking. Others were were busy talking. Most of the children were playing around chasing each other. Then they noticed that Miyuki wasn’t alone. Some of the children stopped and they stared. Then the eyes of the teenagers followed what the children were looking at. They froze.

Kallier felt uneasy as their stare staired down into his soul.

“Come on, I’ll introduce you to my father.” Miyuki said, breaking the silence.

“Your father?” Kallier said breaking his stair away from the other’s eyes.

“Yes, he is the village chief.” She said and continued walking. That shocked Kallier and he stood still.

“Your dad is the village chief?” He said surprised. Miyuki stopped and turned around, giving him a smile. She nodded, then continue walking, gesturing for him to follow her.

Through the many fields of cottages they went. There were many of them, he thought they would only be a few. “There sure is a lot of you, aren’t there.” He said.

“Sure is.” Miyuki replied.

“How did you manage to be hidden all these years from us?” Kallier began but Miyuki interrupted with a , “We’re here!”

They both stopped and Kallier saw that there was an even bigger cottage that stood behind all the many cottages. Then Kallier started seeing what look like some young adults, entering and existing the chief’s cottage. In front were fancily carved wooden pillars with an even fancier huge door. “This is your house?” Kallier asked amazed.

Miyuki laughed, “Kinda, yes.” She said. “But there are a lot of meetings here as well.”

They both entered and as they did, they went through a sea of murmuring as their eyes landed on Kallier. ‘Was I really the only one they ever seen?’ He wondered. ‘Must be.’ He concluded. They entered the cottage and they past some rooms and soon came upon some double doors.

Miyuki opened the double doors and inside were different adults that all looked like Miyuki.

‘Wow’ Kallier thought. The people inside all stopped what they were doing and all stared at who opened the door. Inside was also someone who looked like the oldest of them all. He had long white hair that reached down his back. He had a thick animal coat ontop of his very impressive fancy clothes, that had marks as though it was an ancient language.

He looked up from the scroll that someone was showing him on the table infront of them. The young adult to his left didn’t notice Miyuki coming in but continue talking. Let alone did he noticed Kallier at all. The rest looked up a little after the older one looked up. He smiled at Miyuki as she left Kallier’s side and walked up to him. Everybody surrounding him gave a little bow to the elder and then left. The young adult who happened to noticed Miyuki walking up to them, had stopped talking and smiled at her.

“Brother.” Miyuki said to him as she stood infront of him. “Sister.” He said returning the smile Miyuki gave him and then they both hugged each other. The young man had his eyes closed, embracing every moment he had with his beloved sister. As he was letting go, he opened his eyes and noticed Kallier, and a frowned spread across his face.

Miyuki let him go and went to embrace the elder. “Father.” She said.

“My daughter. How are you today?” The elder said. He was very tall and his face was full of wrinkles but his eyes looked so young but very wise, even with the big bags under them. They were the color of blue diamonds, slightly a different blue then that of Miyuki or her brother.

“I’m fine, father.” Miyuki replied.

The elder man leaned in and kissed Miyuki on her forehead, and said, “Who did you brought with you?” He asked. Miyuki turned towards Kallier and smiled. She signaled for Kallier to get closer. He nervously got closer. The elder chief’s aura was very strong and you could tell that he was not to be messed with. Miyuki’s brother gave him a judgmental look as he passed by him. Kallier smiled at him. It was not returned but with a glare. That made him even more nervous for you could tell that he was not welcomed by many in the village.

Kallier stood next to Miyuki and smiled at her father. You could tell that he was more laid-back than Miyuki’s brother for he did return the smile.

 “Father, this is Kallier. Kallier, this is my father, Ghiaccio.” Miyuki introduced them.

“He has a good heart.” Ghiaccio said. Kallier looked at Miyuki , then at him puzzled. No one has ever told him that before. “He can stay. Go and show him the village. Teach him of our ways.” Ghiaccio said to Miyuki.

Miyuki grinned and looked at Kallier. “I’ll tell you what just happened.” She said to a confused Kallier.

“Father!” Miyuki’s brother interrupted. “I think that is a very bad idea. We cannot allowed a total stranger into the village. Especially a Child of Summer, Spring, and Fall!” He said in almost a spat.

“Jalid!” Ghiaccio sternly corrected him. That is all Ghiaccio needed to say. Jalid crossed his arms and with a glared fiery look in his eyes he looked away from them and walked out of the room.

“Don’t worry about him. It’s just that he has not had very good encounters with your kind.” Ghiaccio said as he watched Jalid leave out of sight. Then with a smile he said looking at Kallier, “Join us for dinner tonight, Kallier.”

“It would be an honor. I would love too.” Kallier said in a bow.

Ghiaccio chuckled loudly and then very gently placing his arm on Miyuki’s shoulder , he said, “He is a fine boy. Now go, go. Explore the village.” Ghiaccio said then turned around and called the ones who were talking to him about the scroll on the table to come back into the meeting. They did as Kallier and Miyuki left.

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