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Children of The Winter

By @IsabellaAnn125

A Child of The Winter

Chapter 2

Kallier stood at the borderline of the two lands. He took a deep breath and proceeded forward. He stepped on the snow and it was the weirdest feeling. So soft but cold. He stopped. “I’m definetely going to regret this.” He whispered, but forward he went.

It was hard walking on snow. The land had piles and piles of snow. Deeper and deeper he went thru the forest. The trees eerily were decorated with icicles and snow. The moonlight dancing on them and making them seem to glow in the dark with its light. He could see his breath as he breathe the cold air then exhaled. He was cold but he continued, crossing his arms and rubbing his arms with his hand to get warmth from them. “Definetely regreting this.” He said. He was very deep into the forest and he saw nothing. No signs of any birds or any kind of animals. His lips turned blue. His tanned skin pale. Then his world went from under him and he collapse on the snow. What was he suppose to do now? Who would even dare come into this land to rescue him? How come he didn’t stop and turned back? What was the purpose of dying in this land?

He opened his eyes. Beside him was a fire. He looked at it confused. He then went to move his arm but he realized that he was wrapped in a very warm comforter. ‘Who did this?’ He thought as he touched the comforter. He turned his head to the other side and he notice that there was a girl beside him sitting on a log. She looked scared at him. She was very beautiful but he had never seen a girl like her before. She had pale skin. Almost as white as the snow itself. She also had long silvery white hair. Her eyes were blue! Where he came from such a being didn’t exist. All had, tanned skin, brown eyes, and brown or black hair. He looked curiously at her. She also had a sorta glowing tattoo around her face and body that gave sorta like an aura glow of purple and blue. It made her look so majestic. She was small in frame and had such beautiful eyes, her eyelashes full, making her look like a doll. She was dressed in a tan colored warm short sleeve shirt, where you could see the tattoo continue to glow down her arm, her shirt decorated with red embroidery. She had a tanned colored skirt that flowed all the way below her knees. You could also see that she was wearing warm ankle black boots.

Their eyes locked on each other. She was so beautiful, he thought. And she thought, What a handsome man. He came back to himself and got up. He realized how cold it was and grabbed the comforter and wrapped it around his back, sorta like a cape, then around the front.

“Hello.” He said. “My name is Kallier.” He introduced himself. She looked at him wondering if she could trust him. “Miyuki. My name is Miyuki.” She said. Kallier smiled. She looked away from him shyly and smiled.

“Do you live here in the forest?” Kallier asked her curious. He thought there was no life, so to see someone else here was like a miracle to him. Especially with the harsh conditions here. Miyuki nodded.

“Are there more of you or are you the only one?” Kallier asked a little excited.

Miyuki was silent for a few seconds, deciding whether or not to tell the truth. “…There is a whole tribe of us.”

“Do they all look like you?” He asked. Miyuki looked at him taken aback.

“If you mean is there a difference between your people and my people, then yes. They all look like me.” Miyuki replied.

Kallier blushed realizing that he may have sounded rude with that question. In that moment of embarrassment things got even more weirder. Kallier’s stomach growled. His eyes widened, Miyuki laughed. Her laugh was cute, he thought.

“Come on, I’ll introduce you to my people. You’ll get some food there. It is Saturday after all, so it’s safe.” Miyuki said. Kallier wondered what she meant by that but he didn’t asked. She then threw some snow on the fire and extinguished it. She began gathering her things and motioned for him to follow her. She pulled her bag’s straps over her shoulders and off they went. They began to converse and getting to know each other more. Miyuki was mostly curious about Kallier’s world. She has never been there cause it was forbidden. Kallier said that it was also forbidden for them to come here as well. Miyuki stopped and asked, “Why are you here then?” They stopped for a few seconds. “My best friend Lars and I are always daring each other to do things and he dared me to come here, so I did.” He said. Miyuki stopped, looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “You realized you almost died right? If I hadn’t found you, you would have died for a dumb dare.” She reprimanded him. Kallier sighed, “I know.”

Then they continued through the trees. They must have been walking for a good half an hour when they arrive at what seems to be a village.

“We’re here.” Miyuku said.

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