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Children of The Winter

By @IsabellaAnn125

The Dare

Chapter 1

Far away, in the Milky Way, orbited the planet of Galour. Now there was something interesting about this planet: the land looked half green and half white. See, in the planet of Galour, all seasons existed but not like on planet earth. Spring, summer, and fall only and always existed on the green side of the planet; but there was an everlasting winter on the white side of the planet. Nothing lived there. Nothing grew there. All the waters were frozen over. People were scared of the Winter land for to them it represented death and a cursed land. The people of the Spring, summer, and fall land never ventured out into the Winter land for, even though nothing lived there, there were rumors of giant monsters living deep within the forest of dead trees. Those monsters ate all of those who, thousands of years ago, would venture therein; so for thousands of years nobody would even dare step foot in the land of Winter. Nobody saw these monsters but the people who all those years ago did go in were never seen again. At least that is what everybody was taught for all these long years.

Now, in the land of Spring, summer, and fall, there lived a young man, twenty-two to be exact, named Kallier. He was a leaned build young man, with medium length, black hair, which he kept slicked back except for his bangs; and his brown eyes showed through them.

That day he was walking on the borderline between the two worlds with his friends. They were joking around, doing what young people do, when they stopped and looked towards the white horizon. The land was all covered in layers and layers of white snow. The braches of the dead trees as well. The only color that you could see in the whiteness was the brown on the trunks and branches. Some of the branches had icicles hanging from them. Kallier stared hypnotized at the frozen land. His best friend, Lars, smiled and gave give a slap on the back of his head. Kallier’s stare broke and he caress the place he got slapped at. Then they both looked at the land of winter together.

“Always dreaming huh?” Lars began. “You know we are not allowed to go in there.” He finished, crossing his arms and standing facing him, a little to the side, not wanting to get in the way of Kallier’s view.

“You wonder what is out there?” Lars asked, but Kallier stayed quite. Lars turned around and nodded at the Winter land. “From what I heard, monsters. We were both taught that remember. Growing up that was all we heard.” He continued.

“I know.” Kal, as he was called, said.

Lars looked at him and smiled. “Hey, I dare ya to go.” He said with a smirk. Kal looked at him and said, “In there?” pointing at the barren land. “Tempting.” He said smiling.

Kal and Lars, as many towns people called them. They tended to dare each other to do things ever since they were little. They grew up together. They first met when they were six years old. Lars was very outgoing and Kallier was the little adventurer. Ever since they were very small they began to be known as Kal and Lars, but not for just for the fact that they were inseparable, but for the fact that they were always together when they got in trouble.

Lars was slightly taller than Kal, but both were tall young man. Lars had dark brown hair that he kept short; and had brown eyes as well. He was more muscular than Kal was though, and Lars like to bug him to lift some weight as well. Now he knows that Lars would not stop bugging him until he does the dare, just like he would not stop bugging Lars if he made the daring himself.

He sighed. “I’ll think about it, but you know we’ll get in trouble for this.” He said to him.

“Oh, I know.” He said smirking and trilled that he was going to think about it. Kallier turned towards him, suspicion on him face. “If I go down, you go down with me. Remember our nickname. Kal and Lars. Together we go down.” He said. Lars laughed and grabbed Kallier’s head and gave him a noogie. They both then joined their other friends and left since the sun was setting down.

The town that they lived in was one of many thruoughout the land of spring, summer, and fall. It was ruled by a government and their ruler was one that was loved by the people. The streets of the town were like of the moderned cities of earth. Other towns had dirt roads but not where Kal and Lars lived. They even lived near each other. Kallier’s house was medium and decent. He lived with his father and mother. No siblings since he was an only child. He loved his parents. They never forgot to tell him an “I love you” or an “I’m so proud of you.” He felt their love all his life and even though his parents weren’t rich or high class, he didn’t need it. He was proud of the family he had.

He enter his house and yelled, “Mom! Dad! I’m home!” He then took off his shoes and went through the living room and into the kitchen. They were there waiting for him. His father was in the dining table and his mother was holding a bowl full of vegetables on the other side of the kitchen’s counter.

“Heeeey! My boy! How has your day been?” He said. His mom laughed. Kallier responded with “Good. And yours?” Kallier went around the squared table and went to kiss his father’s cheek. “Mine was fine my boy. Had to work like always.” His father responded. “Yeah? I had fun on my day off today.” Kallier said. He worked for the town’s baker, who wasn’t so warming but baked delicious goods. It wasn’t his dream job but that’s all he could find at his age. He really wanted to be a Galourian government worker but you couldn’t work for them until you were twenty-five years old.

He then went to his mom and kissed her on the cheek. His mother hugged him and kissed him on his forehead. Then they proceeded to eat.


They ate dinner. It was nightime already and since he had to get up early in the morning to go to work at the bakery, he tried to sleep early but Lars voice kept repeating over and over in his head. ‘I dare you to go in.’ He twisted and turned but not a wink of sleep he got. He looked at the clock next to him that read that a couple of hours had past by. Then he sighed and thought, “I’m gonna regret doing this.”

He then uncovered himself, got dressed, and snuck out his window, since it was a one story house. He made sure to get his phone before he left and on his way to the borderline between the lands, he texted Lars saying, I’m going in tonight. I hope I don’t regret this.

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