Chest Pain

By @adwoa
Chest Pain

The thought of Adrian giving up his baby to his depressed baby mama seems unimaginable. Eventually, he succeeds and now that he had the chance to be a good father to his son, hell break loose. His boss the leader of a mafia squad tries to kill him because he goes against him. When everything seems lost, he meets her; the stunning sexy Willa Johnson. His will is to win this fight with her and also win her heart in the process.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Is it it today?


The informant had told him that Aria will take away the life they made together to the east coast where she dreamed of staying. The hell he was ****** that she will try to pull something like that. He didn’t want his son to be caught in the middle all of this.

He had less than 30 minute to save his little one hence he had to get his head straight. The naked blonde on his bed was no were close to leaving. Their clothes from yesterday lay on the marble ash floor with no care. 

What was he supposed to do now? He didn’t want to kick her out after they’ve had a good time. Truth is, he wanted her here till he gets back from the rescue but things might get a bit complicated plus his room had to be cleaned up before he brings his son back. He called the local cleaning agent just across the street.

“Street 33 Avenue, room 4. I need everything in my room ****. Will be back in 4 hours’ time. Alright.” He ended with a sign. 

 “Hey baby”. The blond seductively called him.

 “Ain’t you going to go? He asked annoyed. She just shrugged.

“Do you really want me out Adrian? I thought we had a good time”.

She pouted. 

“Liza, I have business to attend to soon and you will be a disadvantage to me if you keep lying down without a care in the world”. He retorted without looking at her.


Those words had hurt her. She sat up on the bed covering her naked body with the old blanket. Like she feels exposed now. She kept blinking as if she would cry any moment. Seems she had wanted to stay till late again but he was less than interested.

Adrian checked his face in his half broken mirror. His beard needed to be shaved so did some part of his body. He was visibly handsome with a buildup athletic body. His chin was chiseled like a model who has walked just out of a magazine. From the kind of work he does, his body had scars and for some reason, it turns the ladies on. They would start touching it till he stops them. 

His hair is a deep black color. Silky and soft and always curled up. He took a quick shower after assessing himself which was the first time he did that. I bet he wants to look his best when he saw his son for the first time.

 When Andy was born, he wasn’t allowed to see him so he had to get one of the boys to take pictures of his child for him and these pictures where with him wherever we went. When Andy turned one, he decided that he had had enough of Arias stubbornness. 

She will not allow him to be close to his own son but would allow her boyfriend to father the little boy? That was unacceptable to him. The person he worked for did not know about his other family since he kept it a secret for so long and he is going to protect him even if it’s from him. 

He had never had to take care of anyone but his son has brought out the man in him. He was no longer that young boy.

He quickly wore his ‘bull’ neckline t. shirt and a pair of black jeans. His muscles revealed even in the t. shirt.


“Are you going to stare at me all day?” The blonde’s eyes never left his after he took his shower. He wondered why he hasn’t kicked her out already while she was staring. 

“Am going…. am going… Just call me if you want me”. She eyed him till he chuckled. He found it funny that she still wanted him even after he was being a jerk.

He paid no attention to her as she picked up her clothes and went out after getting dressed. She wasn’t a girl he will pay attention to a second time. 

She had helped him release stress which he was grateful for but he made up his mind not to call for her again. He locked up his apartment and went for his old bulky bike in his made up garage. He couldn’t afford one so he perched with a stranger who lives next to his apartment. He liked people to believe that he is broke so he could keep a low profile.

The guy he shared the garage with is a stranger to him because he didn’t know what he did for a living or his family. Same applied to him. The scotching sun was intense because of summer and surprisingly, few people were going about their duties. 

The rest where either on a summer break on the beach or had locked themselves up in their rooms to watch their favorite TV shows on Netflix if they could afford. Adrian drove away to avoid talking to anyone who might waste his precious time.

Alabama airport.

A nervous young lady sat on the wooden bench with a young man beside him and a little boy of about one sat on his laps. 

Stress seem to hang on her neck and she looks like she might collapse any moment because of her fragile body

and messy blonde hair. The lady seems to be lost in thought while the man’s eyes wandered around the airport, oblivious to what the child was doing.

 They will soon be far away from judgmental eyes. Some people called her bad names for having a baby at a young age of 19. 

Why should she stay here when there was nothing in Alabama? No future for her and her toddler. She is convinced that her life will be better when she leaves here with her boyfriend. Suddenly, her whole body shook and she had a confused look on her face. What has she seen to be in that state? 

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