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By @howmanykeys


Elden was surrounded, he thought to himself This is it… But before he would be taken by Death, a blast of fire obliterates everything around him, and a woman in red appears from the flames, “You’d better get out of here before anything else tries to kill you” the woman said, Elden did just that, running straight to his home, looking only back to see who the woman was as he only had a glimpse of the woman’s face when he ran, but the woman was nowhere to be found.

Elden Spellbane, a man in a faction of all things that are against magic, had fallen for a girl his complete opposite, a mage. “You don’t even know her name” His friend said, “Names are no problem in the face of true love” Elden replied.


As the day reaches noon, Elden and his friend, Stun, set out for adventure. “Where are we going off to this time?” Stun curiously asked, “There’s a bunch of orcs causing trouble at a village nearby and they’re looking for someone to drive them away” Stun looked at Elden, “Orcs? We’re a two-man team, you think we can scare a bunch of orcs?!” Stun said in an angered manner, “Come on, it can’t be that difficult” Elden said as he stepped back from Stun, “Besides, we aren’t the only ones going” Elden then points at a group nearby, “If you say so, but if we’re outnumbered, the orcs aren’t going to be the ones to kill you” Stun said as they continued their journey forward.


Elden was willing to do a lot of things to impress his chosen maiden, even if his faction abhors him for his decisions, he thinks its his life, he should live it in a way he wants.

His despise for magic began over the simplest thing, he was too dumb to understand how to use them. No matter how many times he’d train, study, or any other things he’d try, he’d always fail, from this, he decided to give it up entirely and just train in the ways of the blade.


He’s always envious of those who can cast magic, he wonders what they have that he doesn’t. What could he be missing that completely stops him from using magic? He hates the fact that he has studied for years but it would always just fail, yet some people are just born to fire lightning from their fingers.

Once they arrive at the village, it was quiet. Just dead silence. The two, along with the other adventurers who arrived, rushed into the village to look for the villagers.


A majority of the villagers had either been killed, kidnapped, or severely injured, Elden approached one of them and asked “Where did the orcs go?” The man replied in a soft, almost inaudible, voice, “They went north, into the forest” Elden, thinking of the things that could be, asks “Did you hear if they were planning anything?” The man replies “Sorry, but I did not, I feared for my life and simply ran to my home to hide in the cellar” Elden thanks the man and goes back to Stun, “We should stay, the village is surprisingly intact, they probably fought the orcs, there’s no doubt they’ll be back to destroy this place with a larger group”, Stun told him “If that’s your idea, you probably should tell everyone and not just me. I’ll go help the villagers” Stun went on with his tasks and joined the others with tending to the wounded.


Elden gathered everyone’s attention and announced his thought, “These brutes usually do that, just like other monsters when they fight something that tries to defend themselves” Elden said, “All I’m trying to say is, are any of you willing to stay here for a bit and see if that is what’s going to happen, at least that way we won’t be extremely outnumbered”

There are those who decided to stay, and those who decided to leave. The villagers had been moved to the center portion of the village and the remaining adventurers stood there waiting for the orcs return. As night rolls in, the footsteps start to come. Tens? No, there’s probably a hundred, Elden thinks to himself, Maybe I shouldn’t have played hero…


The adventurers gather in the center, ready to die for the village, when suddenly, a hail of arrows fall from the sky, the adventurers scatter looking for cover as the orcs charge into the village. Elden and Stun, after they leave cover, run into the nearest house they could as to process the situation, “Our numbers we’re small as it was, and now there’s even less!” Stun said, “Look, we can still escape, this village has done nothing for us, why should we care?” Elden looked at Stun with disgust, “Escape? We took this job so we could help them, not provide false hope, so if you’re escaping, then go, I’m staying” Elden said, as he walked towards the door, unsheathing his sword, “I can never get to you, can I, Sir White Knight?” Stun said jokingly, “I don’t want to adventure alone, and I don’t want to die poor” Stun said, “Let’s see what we can do, but if it comes to it, you’re dying with me” Stun said, They get ready to open the door, “On the count of three…” 1… 2… 3… They open the door to the sight of their fallen comrades, “No time to be sad, unless you want to join them” Stun said. It’s at this moment when Elden spots his first kill, he rushes toward it and thrusts his sword into the orc’s chest, “I don’t know what bit me” Elden said “But I think I like being the hero”


Elden and Stun fought and fought until they were surrounded by the raiders “There are finer ways to die” Stun said, “Loosing hope already? Some healer you are” Elden replied, the raiders rushed them from every side when a sudden blast of fire enters the scene. Is that… Elden, focusing on the person who had just saved them, …It is!

“You should really get out of here while you can, we’ll handle these orcs” The woman tells them. While Elden was completely speechless, Stun spoke, “Thank you, we thought we were done for” Stun said, “I’ll be taking me and my friend back now” Stun added. While on their way back Elden said “That’s her, that’s the one!” Stun laughed at Elden “You think you can get someone like her to be with you? Not in a million years” Elden frowned at Stun “It’s not too much to hear good things come from you every so often is it?” Elden said, “I’m just saying, you’re going to hurt yourself if you aim too-” Elden suddenly cuts Stun “I forgot to get her name!” Stun looks at Elden, “As I was saying-” Elden, once more cutting off Stun “This was my second chance!”


As they return to their home, Elden asks Stun, “Do you think we’ll ever see her again?” Stun replies “It’s a small world”. Elden goes to his room and wonders to himself, Have I really fallen, for a magic user?, He goes to change to his night attire and falls on his bed. Its never too much to hope, right? He closes his eyes. Oh well, life is full of surprises.

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