Charming's Star

By @L-R-Battista
Charming's Star

This is the story of Delilah Letters, a nineteen-year-old college student. She aspires to be a screenwriter or director and dive into her imaginary worlds. However, life has other plans. After all, nothing really goes as planned. This is a short story right now, but it might become a long story. I know the description is vague but give it a chance. Hope you enjoy, L-R-Battista Side Note: I do not own the cover, it belongs to its rightful owner whom, I thank for creating such beautiful art.

Chapter 22

My Charming

 You seriously need to learn to not apologize so much star,\” Ryan finally said.

      \”It\’s just a habit,\” I replied, setting the glass down. The world was starting to tilt around me.

      \”A habit we will break at a later date,\” he added, taking my glass and his and placing them back on the cart.

      \”Why did you take it away?\” I whined, suddenly sad I no longer had my Pina Colada.

      \”Because you\’re already getting tipsy and I wanted to try some other drinks,\” he answered, cleaning out the blender then throwing in some ice cream, chocolate syrup, and an Irish bailey.

      I stood up and almost fell into the pool then walked over to where Ryan was standing.

     \”Ryan?\” I murmured, steadying myself on the cart.

     \”Yes, Star?\”

     \”Can I give you a nickname since you gave me one?\” I questioned, staring at my painted red toenails.

    \”Sure, it\’s only fair I guess,\” he shrugged, pouring a milkshake looking drink into two cups.

     \”Yay!\” I squealed, jumping up and down like a crazy person.

     \”Just…dodon\’t make it stupid star, ok?\” he begged.

 I nodded absentmindedly, thinking of a good nickname. 

What could I call him? 

Maybe Pretty Boy or Princey, I thought but I crossed them out immediately.

 To cliché. 

 How about waiter boy; I asked myself. I shook my head. That sounds stupid.

 I thought maybe cuddles or honey-buns (just to annoy him) but decided that sounded too couplelily. I thought maybe Sugarplum or Casanova or even McNighty but none of them seemed to fit the angelic boy in front of me.

    Suddenly, it came to me when he placed the drink in front of me.

   \”I got it!\” I proclaimed, a goofy grin on my face.

   \”Well, was is it?\” he demanded, leaning close to my face.

   I shivered at the closeness but forced myself to focus on the task at hand:

  \”I think I will call you Charming,\” I stuttered.

  His was void of emotion for a moment and then lit up with happiness.

  \”Charming? As in Prince Charming?\” he asked, quirking an eyebrow suggestively.

  I blushed, shoot I didn\’t realize that Charming was immediately connected with a prince!

  \”That\’s not what I exactly in mind. I just thought you were charming from the first time you said hi to me at college. But, you could connect with Prince, I guess. However, I am not calling you prince, just charming.\” I rambled, trying to keep my heart from combusting inside of me.

   \”Ok, so you think I\’m charming?\” Ryan whispered in my ear.

    I backed away from him, almost tripping over my own feet.

   \”I just said that!\” I stammered my whole body on fire. Was he seriously flirting with me right now?!!! Especially since what happened with Carlos, not to mention the fact that we hardly knew each other?!!! Was he just using me or something?

   \”Jeez, no need to get so flustered! I was just kidding\” he shouted, holding his hands out to fend off an attack or something. Like I could really hurt him but whatever.

   \”Sure you were,\” I growled, stomping back to the cart, grabbing the drink he made and gulping it down.

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