Charming's Star

By @L-R-Battista
Charming's Star

This is the story of Delilah Letters, a nineteen-year-old college student. She aspires to be a screenwriter or director and dive into her imaginary worlds. However, life has other plans. After all, nothing really goes as planned. This is a short story right now, but it might become a long story. I know the description is vague but give it a chance. Hope you enjoy, L-R-Battista Side Note: I do not own the cover, it belongs to its rightful owner whom, I thank for creating such beautiful art.

Chapter 21

His Star

 I snapped my mouth shut and sent him a deathly glare.

         \”You know, you glare like a puppy,\” he laughed and I narrowed my eyes further.

           \”Ryan…\” I began, finding my voice again.

           \”What, my star?\” he questioned, flashing me a smile that showed his cute dimples.

           Oh god save me, I thought to myself.

           \”One I am not a star and two, what the hell is this?\” I stuttered, my cheeks flushing. He called me his star! I swear this boy was going to give me a heart attack!

          \”These are all the ingredients to make my favorite cocktails. We will have a taste-testing and I will serve as your bartender! And you are so my star,\” Ryan chirped, beginning to make a drink.

          \”Why am I your star?\” I inquired, watching his hands rapidly pick up and measure amounts of alcohol and mix in some juices.

          \”Because we spent our first night together under the stars. Plus, a star just fits you,\” he replied, giving me a glass of what looked like ice tea.

         \”Well, that\’…actually sweet,\” I mumbled, staring down at my drink, my cheeks warm with embarrassment. 

Ryan gazed at me with this starry-eyed look and then became interested in the floor.

        I took a sip of the drink and actually swallowed it.

       \”Not bad,\” I commented, placing the drink beside me.

       \”That\’s a Long Island, a very popular drink with people,\” Ryan told me.

       \”Oh, really?\” I asked.

      \”Yeah, do you like it?\” he asked.

     \”It\’s…interesting,\” I stated.

     \”You don\’t like it,\” he laughed, grabbing the glass before I could protest.

     \”Ryan, it was good…\” I began but he cut me off;

     \”I\’m not offended Star, this is only the beginning,\” he reassured, giving me a small smile.

     \”Ok, sorry I didn\’t like it,\” I apologized.

     \”Please don\’t apologize,\” he pleaded, mixing something in the blender this time.

Ryan blended a couple things together in the blender then poured two glasses; one for me and one for him.

     \”This is a Pina Colada,\” he said, handing me the glass.

Hesitantly, I took a sip and gasped at the fruit flavor that overwhelmed my taste buds.

     \”You like it?\” he asked, studying my face with an amused look.

    \”It\’s amazing,\” I gushed, taking a gulp of the drink.

     \”Careful there, star. I don\’t want you drunk on your first drink,\” Ryan cautioned.

 I hid behind my hair. How do I always end up embarrassing myself?

     \”Sorry,\” I stammered, cautiously taking another step.

     \”Stop apologizing!\” he yelled, throwing his hands in the air.

     \”Sorry…\” I began but then I held my tongue when he sent me a playful glare.

We sat in silence for a little bit drinking our Pina Colada\’s and listening to Coldplay\’s \”Just like this\” playing in the distance. 

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