Charming's Star

By @L-R-Battista
Charming's Star

This is the story of Delilah Letters, a nineteen-year-old college student. She aspires to be a screenwriter or director and dive into her imaginary worlds. However, life has other plans. After all, nothing really goes as planned. This is a short story right now, but it might become a long story. I know the description is vague but give it a chance. Hope you enjoy, L-R-Battista Side Note: I do not own the cover, it belongs to its rightful owner whom, I thank for creating such beautiful art.

Chapter 15

You Sooo Like Him

I was working on my screenplay based on making Disney characters realistic characters (I’ll explain another time) when my doorbell rang. I sighed and carefully placed my laptop on the coffee table. There was already a diagonal scratch on it from last week when Jeremy threw against the wall. Therefore, I didn’t want to cause any more damage. I peeped through our peephole to see a bouncing Becky and a smirking Sarah. I groaned but threw the door open. I love them, of course. They’re my best friends but I just had so much work to do on my screenplay, it was making me antsy.

     “What’s up, guys?” I asked, faking a smile.

    “What do you mean, what’s up? Did you forget what tonight is?” Sarah deadpanned.

    “Please tell me, it’s not the next Bachelor premiere?” I whined. Becky and Sarah absolutely adored the Bachelor and made me watch every episode.

 Every single, ******* episode. 

I put up with it because that meant ice cream and candy plus the promise of a better movie or show to come. However, I still hated the Bachelor with a passion.

     “No, how you could possibly forget what tonight is?!!” Becky screeched, her face turning purple.

     I covered my ears and huffed, “I don’t know. Today isn’t your birthday, is it? I thought it was in October!”

    “No, you idiot! It has to deal with a certain blued eyed boy!” Becky replied.

     I frowned and tried to think of a blue-eyed boy that I knew. No one came to mind.

    “I have no idea who you’re talking about, Becks. Just tell me.” I grumbled, throwing my hands in the air.

    “Seriously!!! Does Ryan McNight’s party ring a bell!” Sarah yelled, putting her hands on her hips.

    The color drained from my face and I shook my head.

   “I thought that was Saturday,” I stuttered, my mind reeling.

 It can’t be tonight? Can it? And if it was, how could I forget? Especially after last night?

  “Today is Saturday, dummy,” Sarah laughed, brushing past me into my house.

   “Sure, c’mon in,” I sassed and then gestured for Becky to come in.

   “I can’t believe you forgot! I had been looking forward to this all week” Becky giggled.

  “I guess I just have had a lot on my mind,” I answered, closing the door.

   “Right,” Sarah said rolling her eyes.

    “I do have a lot on my mind! I have a full screenplay due this Wednesday and I have a long way to go!” I protested.

    We walked into my living room and sat on the leather couches.

    “Really? You already have more than half of it written!” Becky argued, lifting up my laptop to show me my document.

    “I haven’t proofread it yet though,” I whined, reaching for my laptop. It wasn’t finished yet and therefore, I didn’t want anyone reading it.

    “You can do it tomorrow Lia, it won’t take long. Take it to the Writing Center,” Becky answered, passing the computer above my head to Sarah.

    “But, I have a Latin quiz Monday and a book to read for history,” I pouted, reaching for my laptop from Sarah.

     “Uh-uh, girl. All work and no play makes a boring Lia. And I know you are boring. So, tell me truthfully, did you really forget Ryan?” Sarah smirked, raising my laptop way above her head.

     I shook my head, yes  but my inflamed cheeks were a dead giveaway.

     “Liar,” Becky scoffed and Sarah laughed.

     “You sooooooo like him,” Sarah teased, pitching my now red rosy cheeks.

     “Yeah, you soooo do….” Becky began to agree and then her eyes widened.

      “OH MY GOD! I TOTALLY FORGOT TO ASK YOU ABOUT YOUR DATE LAST NIGHT! HOW DID IT GO?” she bellowed, her voice bouncing off the walls.

       “Wait, what date? I never heard about this!” Sarah demanded, her eyes alight with a dangerous fire.

       “She went on a date last night with a guy at the liquor store in exchange for his help to find alcohol for her brother,” Becky chirped, a Cheshire grin forming on her face.

       “How come I didn’t hear about this?” Sarah inquired, hurt clear in her expression.

       “I’m sorry. I didn’t really count it as a real “date” because it was essentially “payment.” And Becca only knows because I needed her help with my appearance,” I apologized.

      Sarah glared at me for a few minutes and sighed, “Fine. But fake date or not, next time you tell me,”

      “Deal,” I said, giving her a small smile.

      “Ok, now that is over, Back to the point. How did it go?” Becca interjected.

      “It’s a long story,” I murmured, tears threatening when I pictured his almost kiss and his tear-stained face.

      “Well, we have time. We have to get ready for Ryan’s party away,” Becca replied, getting up from the sofa.

      “I’m not sure I want to talk about it yet,” I said. I quite didn’t understand myself why everything happened the way it did.

      “Ok, no worries. Tell us when you’re ready Lia,” Sarah reassured, wrapping her free arm around my shoulders.

     “Thanks,” I replied.

     “Let’s go get our stuff from the car Becca and you go shower, Lia. You smell like wet dog,”

     “Thanks a lot,” I retorted.

     “What? Wouldn’t I be an awful friend if I told you otherwise?” Sarah defended.

      “You could’ve said it a nicer way maybe,” I muttered.

      “Honey, if you expect me to sugarcoat everything I say, then you have another thing coming,” she sassed and Becca laughed.

     “Honey?” I asked, forcing my myself not to laugh.

     “Would you prefer Sweetie or darling?” she taunted and I gulped, shaking my head.

     “Thought so,” Sarah said with a smug look on her face.

      I stuck my tongue out at her but didn’t say anything.

     “C’mon guys, let’s stop wasting time! We will never make it to Ryan’s party at this rate!” Becca whined.

     “It’s only noon Becky,” I stated. His party wasn’t until at least seven or eight, the earliest.

     “But we have so much to do before we go or we’re gonna be late!” she exclaimed.

      “Wouldn’t it be weird if we show up right on time?” I asked. 

It wasn’t one of those events you had to be there right on the dot.

Becca’s face turned so red that it almost matched her hair. Clearly, I had hit a nerve. I backed up from Becca placing my hands out in front of me. She narrowed her cat green eyes and clenched her fists and stepped forward. Before it could turn into all-out catfight though, Sarah stepped in, grabbing Becca’s fists.

      “Becca, relax. You’re taking this way over the top. Go get your stuff. Lia, just go get a shower,” she commanded.

       Becca shot me a glare and then walked out my front door.

       “What did I do?” I wondered aloud.

      “Nothing, Lia. She just has a lot riding on this party,” Sarah responded, her gaze fixed on the old Roman numeral clock that hung above the TV.

      “Why, it’s just a party?” I asked.

     “I’m not entirely sure, actually. But it’s definitely more than seeing hot lax boys.” She answered and walked out the door to grab her stuff as well. 

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