The Charmers: The Magical Mirror

By @writerofolympus
The Charmers: The Magical Mirror

6 friends & 1 evil businessman with 6 charms & 1 magical mirror stir up enough trouble to last a decade. When Jenny, Amanda, Sarah, Rachel, Shania & Michelle find the magical charms, they are unaware of the powers, secrets and troubles they bring them. Each charm holds powers beyond compare & threat follows closes after. Experience a story about friendship, fun, adventure & magic...

Chapter 1

The Introduction

Friendship. What is the definition of friendship? Is it the feeling before love, or the feeling after? It is neither. It is the feeling we create with people we love and care about. It is the relationship we create with those who love and care for us. But do we always really value that sacred bond of friendship?

Hi, my name is Jenny Pride. I am a sixteen year old brunette with greyish-blue eyes and clear-framed glasses. I study in Eureka High School, Eureka, California. I lost my mom in a road accident seven years ago. My dad remarried, and I have a six year old half-brother. My step-mother is not like the step-mothers in all the other stories. She is a kind-hearted woman who never let me feel my mother’s absence.

My step-mom’s name is Suzanne Pride. She is a thirty seven year old brunette with brown eyes. She is a surgeon at local hospital.

My dad’s name is Erick Pride. He is a forty year old red-head with brown eyes. He is a resident at the hospital.

My step-brother’s name is Jackson ‘Jack’ Pride. He is a six year old brunette with brown eyes. He studies in Eureka Elementary School.

I love my family. They are all I could ask for. But this story isn’t about my family. It is about my wonderful group friends. I’ll introduce them to you when I get to school.


“Mom! Where’s my lunch?” I asked

“Mine too!” Jack followed

“Jenny’s is on the table. Jack, come and get yours; it’s with me.” Mom replied

“Thanks Mom.” I grabbed my lunch, kissed Mom and Dad goodbye and ran to my bus stop.

The bus came a few minutes late, thus helping me reach on time. I jumped on to the bus scanning the back for the five familiar faces.

The first was a brunette with brown eyes and her head in a book. That was Rachel Pruitt. Rachel loved books and anything told to her had to be filled with logic.

The next was a blonde girl with greenish-grey eyes listening to music on her I-Pod. That was Shania Sancter. Shania loved listening and producing music. She was the only one in our group who was filled with enough common sense.

The next was redhead with storm-grey eyes who was busy doodling in her book. That was Amanda ‘Mandy’ Brown. Amanda was a quiet girl who only spoke when the time arose. She was the only one who could argue properly.

The next was a girl with dark black hair and blue eyes who was on her laptop, probably hacking into something. That was Michelle Abbott. Michelle is always on her laptop. She usually hacks into the school database informing us on upcoming tests.

The last was a red-head with sky-blue eyes who was busy designing a dress. She was Sarah Vane. Sarah was the one filled with optimism, never letting us feel lonely and sad.

I went and occupied the seat next to them.

“Hey guys” I said. No one paid attention to me. “Hi!” I yelled, and then they realized they were not alone.

“Oh, hi Jenny.” Rachel went back to her book

“Yeah, hi” Michelle followed

“So, what are you making Sarah?” I asked her

“I’m designing outfits for us.”

“What outfits?”

“For if we ever get super powers.”

“Yeah, like that’s ever going to happen.” Shania taunted

“They are pretty good actually.” Mandy said

“Thanks Mandy.”

“So… which song Shania?” I asked her

“Restless spirit aren’t ya?” Shania taunted. I just smiled at that, still waiting for an answer. “Born Ready.” she replied.


“So… anybody found any charms?” I asked

“No.” they all replied.

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