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By @UnknownWriter227

*Flashback* Promises

   The girl and the smiling boy were constantly looking out for each other. They were there in the abandoned house for about a year now. Taking trips out to get food together and the girl would beg for money while the boy watched for danger and the police or anyone suspicious. The two got closer over the time they spent together. They didn’t understand what happened but they became inseparable, they were in love… There was a day when the smiling boy had very sad news. He was being summoned by someone he could not deny the right of. He had to leave the girl for a very long time, but he promised the girl they would see each other someday and that he would come back for her. Before his departure, he gave the girl a black duffle bag and a beautiful black locket necklace. In the duffle bag there was lots of cash, they were so the girl could take care of herself. The locket had a picture of the two of them on one side and a mirror on the other. The boy claimed it was magic, that she just had to think of him and the mirror would allow them to see and speak to each other. As he was about to go the girl had one more question.

“What’s your name? When we grow older I want to be able to remember you, you’ll look different then.” He hesitated for a second.

“It’s Jeffery Woods, just promise never to speak about it in public, please.” 

“I promise,” she declared. Before the boy left she ran to him and gave him a loving hug. The boy pulled away and kissed her forehead.

“And I promise to come back for you. Stay safe and remember to keep your allies close, but keep your enemies closer. Willow’s Word,” he told her.

“Willow’s Word,” she responded. The bond was made, the promises could not be broken under Willow’s Word.

(Sorry it’s so short, I figured I should post before I can’t)

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