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By @UnknownWriter227


   Ben and I were hanging out more and more. I like hanging out with Ben, I can actually laugh and talk to someone because they want to talk to me. I haven’t actually smiled since 4th grade, it feels nice. It’s already been a week and I told him the “puppy-dogging” is not necessary anymore but he insists. It doesn’t bother me, but it’ll have to be avoided after Monday. Maya, Christy and Dalias would be back from suspension and no doubt they wanted to make me pay for being a snitch. I just need to figure out how to get him off my tail. He doesn’t deserve to be a part of my torture.

   Over the weekend, Ben and I were having a lot of fun. The only thing was that I had to pretend that I was saying bye to my ‘Dad’ because I’m legally not supposed to be living alone. The Headmaster is the closest thing I have to a guardian, he knows I live alone and has promised to keep that a secret. It’s Monday now and I need to keep away from Ben around lunchtime. The Vultures are back and ready for their first meal. They’ve had eyes on me all day, not always directly one of them, but some of their minions, too. Anyways, It shouldn’t be too hard to get away from Ben today, somehow, the girls barely noticed his presence and are all over him. I can see why, but have they noticed his eye? It’s right there, in the open. No one seems to see it, not even the headmaster. If I had something like that people would be disgusted. I don’t care how he looks, though. It’s more of how he acts, he treats me normally. Like I’m no different from him.The bell rang, school started. I’ll see him in 2nd period but not in 3rd, he’ll be on the other side of the school. That allows me to deal with the vultures before he sees me. During 2nd period, he seemed worried about me for some reason. I told him everything was fine when he asked, after all, it’s not new and they’re too scared to do anything. He still has no idea what I go through, heck, he doesn’t even know I’m being ‘bullied’. I’d prefer to keep it that way. After 3rd period, I went straight to my locker and put my things away. Once that was done, I listened carefully for the familiar footsteps. Nothing, it seemed like everyone was already at lunch. I headed towards the lunch hall because I thought maybe they were done with their usual thing. Boy was I wrong. I had walked past an open classroom door and was yanked in by my arm and tossed on the floor. The door slammed behind me and when I turned around and saw my captor, he had messy dark brown hair and black eyes (of course not like Ben’s eye). He was wearing a black V-neck and tan shorts. He had a smirk on his face and hovered over me.

“Well, well, well. Would you look at this, the little beauty everyone’s talking about.” His laugh was forced and uncanny. He placed his knees on the ground on either side of my waist. I struggled to throw him off and was unsuccessful. I threw my hands in his face but he pinned them above my head with one hand and caressed my face with the other. I turned my head away only to have it jerked back to facing him. I blocked everything out and closed my eyes. I didn’t want this to go any further. 

“Get off.” I whispered.


“Get off,” I repeated.

“No,” he retorted.

Get off,” I snarled in his face. I wriggled around trying to slip through his grip. I froze when he groaned, his grip tightened and I whimpered against my own will. His eyes had a terrifying glint, one that brought back forbidden memories. Tears formed in my eyes so I sealed them shut. As he gripped my face again, the door flew open and the weight was relieved of my body, I scrambled to the wall and buried my head in my arms while I hugged my knees and cried. There were sounds of struggle in the middle of the room, It seemed someone was attacking my captor. It stopped and the sound of footsteps leaving the room was followed by the slamming of a door. 

“Hey, you okay?” Someone asked from beside me.

“No, nothing is okay,” I mumbled through my arms and started crying again.

“Shh, it’s alright. I’m here,” he reassured me. I threw myself at him and crumpled in his lap, shaking and whimpering. He rubbed my back and held me close, it was comforting.

“Thank you, Ben,” I whispered. 

“It’s nothing, Chipmunk.” Ben held me and I cuddled closer. He called the Headmaster and told him what happened. The Headmaster said we could have however much time I needed and that we’d be excused from any homework for the day. Ben told him to look for anyone who didn’t look so good to find the offender. I wonder what he did.

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