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By @UnknownWriter227

Welcome Home

“Wait, what happened?” Jeffery’s enthusiasm shocked me but also made me giggle. He was scared.

“Oh, nothing much,” I shrugged my shoulders. “Just that I was able to keep both Rake and Ben from tearing each other apart. Then when Slender was explaining what happened to you and where you were, he was worried I’d attack because he knows how much you mean to me,” I glanced sideways at him and saw his face go beet red. I laughed and continued to tell what happened. “And then, I snuck into the mansion when no one was watching and came across Offender. He attempted to seduce me when I asked him why everyone told me to avoid him.”


“Let’s just say, I showed him who’s boss.” I laughed and so did he. After a while he started to ask about my life and what’s happened since I last saw him. 

Thirteen minutes or so later, the mansion came into view. I watched how Slender, Ben, Jane, and Rake reacted when they saw us walk out of the woods together. Slender had stopped mid-pace and Ben and Jane were talking to one another and silenced when they saw us. Rake was watching the woods and trying to calm Slender. Each and every owner of them waited for our return but I could tell it was by force. No one wanted to wait, not even Slender could help himself. He gave in and strode towards me. I looked at Jeffery and released his hand. As soon as he released my hand, I teleported into Slender’s arms. As soon as I was there, we were locked in a tight embrace. 

“I was so worried, no other pasta of mine has been able to calm him down that way. Are you hurt in any way, dear?” Slender pulled away and examined me, it tickled.

“Dad, I was only gone for half an hour. I’m fine! I told you he’d never hurt me. I did what I said I would and still returned safely,” I burst out laughing when I saw his expression, and then went hysterical when I saw everyone else’s faces after they heard me call him ‘dad.’ My knees buckled and I doubled over. I couldn’t help it. After a few seconds, the others joined in. First Jeffery, then Jane, then Rake and Ben, and lastly Slender cracked. It was good to hear them all laugh, I really needed it, I think.

I led Jeffery inside by dragging by the arm. After I managed to drag him upstairs, he told me where his room was. It was 6 doors to the left. When we reached the door, I opened it and he pushed me inside and slammed the door behind us. I had landed on his rug in the middle of the room. He landed on top of me and we laughed, then he started to tickle me. I squirmed under him trying to escape the tickles. I pushed his chest and flung him off and readied myself for some roughhousing. We tackled each other and shoved each other to the ground, eventually he got me pinned on the bed and started tickling me again. I laughed and pushed him off the bed. He groaned and grabbed my ankle as I made a run for the door. I kicked and shook him free, then ran for the door again. I grabbed the handle and yanked it open. I bolted down the hall and was down the stairs in a single leap and ran for the living room. With a single glance behind me, I knew Jeffery was on my tail. He tackled me on the couch. 

“What the hell am I whittnessing,” I heard Ben’s voice.

“A-A tickle… fight,” I gasped through laughs. 

“That’s good, I thought…” his voice trailed off and my blood ran cold.

“You thought?” I questioned him.

“Oh, sheesh. No, I pictured something less… innocent,” his cheeks turned baby pink. Then my face was a bright pink, too, as I registered his suggestion.

“What? N-No! I- He- We were- Ugh! Why,” I couldn’t control my stutter and I felt so embarrassed. Jeffery laughed, he seemed to enjoy me being flustered. Ben laughed, relieved.

“You know, since Slender’s your dad and all, you need to watch what you do with the other pastas. He won’t get you in trouble but he sure will get us into trouble,” Ben sounded a bit worried. I wonder what trouble they’d get into. 

“Sunshine, I think it’s time to visit Slender’s office,” Jeffery whispered into my ear. Hesitantly, I sat up and got to my feet. I followed Jeffery down the hall all the way to Slender’s office. 


“Sunshine, you can call me Jeff. But you were saying?”

“Uh, yeah… would you let me finish off the school year? I mean there’s just two weeks left, and then I graduate. I’m sure you remember, but I was able to skip two grades in 1st grade and then again in 4th grade, I was able to skip another. Since then, I’ve gone through it like everyone else. What do you say,” I did want to finish off the school year and I’d already missed two days. What’s next?

When we reached the office, Jeff said that I needed to go in alone. He then promised he’d stay right by the door. I knocked twice and heard Slender’s voice call me inside. After explaining to him what I wanted to do, he simply agreed.

“What do you mean? I- I thought that after I met you guys, there was no turning back. At least that’s what the fandom says. Oh, and apparently, it’s true. I’ve seen the walls in EJ’s hall. They aren’t pretty,” I thought I was hallucinating. There is no way that he was agreeing this easily.

“Daughter, you aren’t human. This is different, I trust you that you wouldn’t put our family in danger and all the odds are on your side. You are my child, you wouldn’t expose us and you know it. Even if you did, you’d expose yourself, too. Do you understand? I will have Ben keep going to school with you, too,” Slender sighed as he noticed my main concern about why he was letting me go so easily. “Elizabeth, would you like to officially be one of my pastas?” I nodded eagerly. “Very well. Do you have any ideas for your pasta name?” 

“Uhm, actually, I do. Would ‘Phantom’ work?” I’d been thinking about this since that opportunity even seemed remotely possible. 

“Yes, Phantom it is. What will be your signature for your kills, dear?” It was exciting how far this was going so quickly. 

“What about… a note? It’ll be written in the victim’s blood and I’d clearly be wearing gloves so that would eliminate fingerprints. After all, I’m only going to kill those who deserve it. Some, I’ll leave them on the verge of death even. They’d be insane by then and they wouldn’t even be able to see my face.” He nodded and reached for my arm and put his hand on my left deltoid. It burned for a second and then he removed his hand. I looked and smiled when I saw the same mark the others have, a circle with an ‘X’ through it. Slender stayed quiet a second too long. “Slender? I-Is something wrong? W-Was it something I did,” he was still quiet and my throat tightened. “I’m sorry,” I managed to choke out. 

“Don’t be, my dear. It’s perfectly fine, you did nothing wrong.” He paused then continued, “You have the bravery and courage of a warrior, just like your mother.” I expected more but I could tell this was a hard topic for him. “Maybe someday I can tell you more about her,” with that I was excused. I went to say goodbye to everyone else until I saw them again. Jeff was the hardest but Ben said Jeff could visit on the weekends. I’m now on my way back to my house.

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