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By @UnknownWriter227

Crazy Idea

Ben teleported to the office to unlock it before Jane and I arrived. We were racing through the halls that seemed to get longer and longer. Jane told me to stop dreading the situation and start thinking about where we’re headed. Once I actually could, the halls got shorter and we were there in no time. Sorcery most likely. As soon as we were inside, Ben closed the door with every single lock that was on it. I counted 23. I could tell that he’d done this several times before because he did it in about 5 seconds. Tears were still streaming down my cheeks but I made no noise. I sat in Slender’s chair and hugged my knees. I listened to Ben and Jane’s conversation. I heard their hushed urgency. 

“Do you think she’ll be alright?”

“Yeah, but what do you think he’ll do if he saw her?” I lifted my head slightly.

“He’d either go even crazier or he’ll calm down. It’s too risky to try though.” I looked down at the floor upset that they wouldn’t even let me try but kept listening.

“I think she’d be able to handle him, he loves her more than anything in the world. Even us. Even Smile Dog. If he doesn’t calm down, though, she could easily beat him and help us.” It made me smile knowing that Ben believed in me.

“You’re right, but get Slender’s permission, first.” I looked and Jane and she smiled at me, telling me I wasn’t in this alone. Ben waved and teleported away. I watched as Jane moved closer and sat on one of the other chairs across me. 

“I can do it, you know. We used to fight when we were kids and I always won. Even in his anger fits. I know he’s changed and is stronger now, but so am I. Please let me try,” I tried to convince her to let me try. 

“Look, I know you can do it. I sent Ben because I wanted to talk to you about what you’re going to do. First, you need to have your emotions under control. You can’t go into battle and expect to cry your eyes out, can you? I think you can do it. No, I know you can. When did you break?”

“I first broke when I was left in the woods and later was raped. I-” I paused to swallow and continued. “I put myself back together after I met Jeffery, he helped me. Then I was heartbroken when he left. I was fine after a while, though. Even after getting pushed around and shoved into lockers and flushed in toilets. Just yesterday, I was attacked by a pervert who tried… stuff. Ben saved me and I think he nearly killed the guy—which explains a lot now—but let him run.” I felt some sort of relief from my chest and shoulders.

“Oh god, that’s… actually, that explains why you did what you did to Offender. I can’t expect you to forgive and forget but I want you to try not to think about it before or during battle. Okay?” She obviously didn’t want to come across as rude, but she still got the message across. 

“Okay, thanks.” 

“Guys, Slender said if we’re going to try, we need to do it now!” Ben just popped into existence and was panicked. I laughed and stood up. 

“Let’s get a move on then,” I said and they both just stared. I sighed and undid the locks myself with the tentacles that now protruded out of my back. I turned around when they were done and gestured for them to come. They both stood immediately and rushed to the door as I was jogging out. 

“You’re sure about this?” Slender was worrying about me, especially after what happened in my past and just recently.

“Slender, I get that you’re worried, but I’m not even a pasta yet! Calm down, please,” I know this won’t be too hard. I just need to remember what Jane told me earlier. “He would never hurt me or vice versa.”

“I’m not worried about physical harm and you know that,” he put his hand on my shoulder and turned me around. I could hear Jeffery coming down the stairs. “I want you to be okay, I want you to be one of my pastas, Elizabeth. Please, be careful,” Slender sounded so sad. He was to the point where he sounded like he would cry if things didn’t go right. 

“What’s so important about me? I’m just another girl. Just another killer. Another octopus person,” I didn’t like his silence. He was driving me to the edge.

“My dear… You are more than that. You… You are my child. I didn’t notice it until you returned from inside the house with Offender. You remind me of your mother. I will explain more later,” he sighed. “Just promise me you’ll come back.”

“I promise… Dad.” I was so happy but sad but scared. What would this mean? He’s my father, but does that mean his brothers are my uncles? I will ask him my questions later. I watched as Jeffery tore the door down and was racing towards us. I wasn’t about to have this hurt anyone, I ran for the woods and he came after me. As I ran I heard Slender call for me, I kept going. I ran for a little while and then used a tentacle to swing into a tree. I watched as Jeffery ran past me and stopped about 10 yards away. I swung down from my tree and stood there for a second. 

“Jeffery Woods,” I announced and he swirled around to face me. “My name is Elizabeth Everest. I was 11 and you were 13 the last time we saw one another,” I saw his eyes soften against his will. “You gave me this locket,” I pulled it out again to show him, “and told me you’d come back for me when you left. I know that you were out looking for me. Did you stop to think that I wouldn’t want to see you like this? I would have run,” I paused when I saw his hurt expression. “I would have thought you wanted to kill me. No doubt I would have recognized you, but it wouldn’t have mattered.”

“E-Elizabeth…” he tested the name.

“Yes, I- I was attacked yesterday, Jeffery. A kid at my school tried to touch me in ways that he shouldn’t have. Ben helped me and was walking me home when we came across Rake and soon after, Slender. I visited the mansion. Please, stop this fit. I know that you can do it without the seductive, please don’t make me use it,” I pleaded. This was still my Jeffery. I would do whatever I needed to do to keep him safe. I know he’d do the same in return. I watched him turn around and watched his shoulders rise and fall at a steady rate. I inched toward him and the closer I got, the more I could see that his shoulders were shaking, I think he’s crying. The thought that I did that much damage made my eyes tear up. “J-Jeffery?”

“Sunshine,” he whispered in his raspy voice. Then he spun around and hugged me in the tightest hug I’ve ever endured. “I’ve missed you so much, Sunshine! I’m so sorry you had to see me like this. I shouldn’t have… I could have…” his voice quavered, I hugged him closer and buried my face in his chest. 

“Let’s go home, Jeffery,” I mumbled into his chest. “Let’s go so the others don’t think we’ve killed each other.” 

He laughed, “Why would they think that? Besides, who says you can kill me,” he laughed at the thought. 

“Is that a challenge? Even Slender’s afraid of me. Especially after what happened,” I put him on edge and started to walk back to the mansion.

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