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By @UnknownWriter227

Jeffery’s Return

“A what?” I asked kind of scared but excited.

“A shockwave you eejit girl,” Offender snarled at me. 

“Well, maybe you’ll think twice about trying to touch a girl.” Quietly I added, “Perverted octopus.”

“What! What did you just call me,” he knows I’ll tell him what I said without hesitation. Before I could respond though, a female voice cut in.

“She called you a perverted octopus. I couldn’t have said it better myself,” she said. I turned around and there at the porch, a female with jet-black hair that was to her mid-back and a smile carved into her cheeks. It reminded me of Jeffery. “What’s your name, new girl?”

“It’s-” I faltered. It’s hard to speak to her when I haven’t been able to see Jeffery for so long and all she did was remind me of him. “It’s Elizabeth. E-Elizabeth Everest.” 

“Ah, the girl Jeff is head-over-heels for. Well, that makes sense why you stuttered. At first I thought you were scared or disgusted. Anyways,” she smiled and shrugged off the thought of what other reasons I would have stuttered, “I’m Jane, nice to meet you.” She pointed to her face, “this is Jeff’s doing. He wanted me to be ‘beautiful’ or something.” She looked at everyone’s faces, “What the hell happened before I came out here?”

“Take a guess, child,” Slender grunted. I could tell he was still recovering from the shockwave, I sent him an apologetic glance.

“You did this? What’d you do? Cause a shockwave?”

“Ding ding ding. First try,” Ben growled sarcastically. I looked at him and was going to send a glare when I noticed that there was a figure in the woods far behind him. It was barely dawn so it was hard to make much out. I did notice something familiar though.

“Guys,” I slowly warned them so that the man in the woods wouldn’t hear me. “White hoodie in the woods behind Ben. What do I do?” I started to panic. No matter how much I wanted to see him, I didn’t want to see him like this. It wasn’t the right time. 

“Shh, it’s okay, stay close to me and you’ll be fine, Chipmunk. We’ll take care of him,” I know that all he was trying to do was calm and reassure me but it didn’t help.

Silent tears trailed my cheeks, I know how his anger fits used to be. From what I’ve been told, though, it’s so much worse now. He goes into a mode where he will destroy—or kill—anything in his way of getting what he wants. There’s no way of getting through to him. He goes on a killing spree and if he’s not better by the time he gets back, Slender has to drug him and chain him to a table. I’ve been told that the only safe place is Slender’s office. I was turned around by Jane and she hugged me tight.

“I can’t imagine what it must be like to love someone who is ready to kill others you love. I’m so sorry, if you’d like, I’d gladly take care of you.” She sounded so sincere, I know she means what she says. I don’t know if I can choose between her or Ben, though.

“Could, um, could both of you stay with me? It’s pathetic, I know. One minute everyone is terrified of me and the next, I’m asking for your protection.” I paused and then muttered so that only I could hear myself, “I’m pathetic.” 

“Elizabeth, you’re fine. It’s normal. I will have the both of them stay with you in my office. Rake, distract him. Offender, warn the others. We need to put him down before anyone gets hurt. Now go.” Slender had a demanding authority in his voice. I admire his courage. I’m being hurried towards the house. With a quick glance backwards, I see that Jeffery is too close. I can see every detail, twisted in madness and insanity. That’s not my Jeffery.

He terrifies me…

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