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Change for Change- YallWest Teen Writing Contest Entry

By @elliottjames

Change for Change

Change for Change

The meat sauce in my spaghetti tastes different than it did before

A small difference, a minimal change, than it was when I was four

The news claims our animals eat plastic and that is honestly why-

I have microscopic plastic in my very own meat pie.

That was my story, but I wanted a different one

I researched ways to prevent these things to happen to my friends

But starting to recycle plastics at home is not where it ends

If you look around you’ll see there is plastic everywhere

So if you want to make a difference it’s time to start to care.

The glass you drink from at your favorite place is garnished with a straw

They fall in oceans, end up in noses, and scratch them, scrape them raw.

You bring your lunch to work and think that this is a safer way

But this container is made from plastic you realize in dismay.

Your toothbrush that you are told to change every half of a year

Is just like other plastics and end up on the pier

You snacks, your tools, your toys and more are all familiar to

The plastics that they’re packaged in and then thrown in the blue.

Every second thirty one thousand seven hundred and nine plastic bags

Are used all over the world and are then turned into gags

I want to see a change I cry, but I can’t do it alone

You have to realize that this beautiful place is our one and only home.

Changes in the way you live are small but help a lot

Anyone can teach you, I’m technically self taught.

Find a bag that is made of plants and use it in the store.

When you go back sometime next week, you can use it more

Save the bees, they’re very kind, and make delicious honey

Plant some flowers that they’ll like and keep them somewhere sunny

Pick up litter if it’s yours or mine or even a random stranger’s

You’ll prevent birds from getting hurt and from other scary dangers

Alternatives to many items that are safer for you to use

Are made with greens, and plants, and even bamboos

When you have some scraps left over from eating Do Not throw them out,

Instead make some compost to turn it into a sprout.

Pass on straws when you’re out to eat

And eat organic, healthy wheat

Carpool to work

Don’t be a jerk

And of course don’t forget to smile

It’s easier than you think to go that extra mile.

Soon friends will see how easy it is to live their life this way

So that kids won’t grow up and watch their world decay

Lions, giraffes and seals are thing we all take for granted

But in the future they’ll be here thanks to trees that we had planted.

I know it sounds scary to make these changes very super fast-

But I promise you these differences will help our planet last.

-Elliott April 2018

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